Bibliography for Studies of American Indians in and Around Rhode Island
Bibliography for Studies of

American Indians

in and Around Rhode Island

16th 21st Centuries

Frank Waabu O'Brien, Ph.D.

Aquidneck Indian Council
A Public Foundation Preserving the Past
June, 2004


This volume is an expanded and updated version of an unpublished manuscript produced for a project entitled, Native Journies, Intersections, and Jonnycakes, a congressionally earmarked grant funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, National Archives and Records Administration (2001-2002). The first draft of the Indian Bibliography was compiled in May, 2002 by myself as Co-Principal Investigator at Rhode Island Indian Council, Dr. Albert T. Klyberg (Co-Principal Investigator, Heritage Harbor Museum), and Kalyana S. Champlain (Researcher, Rhode Island Indian Council).

An attempt has been made to record all relevant published documents for the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, and major documents for Massachusetts and Connecticut that fall under the scholarly rubrics of history, archaeology and anthropology (including linguistics and other subcategories related to "ethnography"). There is a large body of highly specialized research on Native American linguistics relating to Indians in and around Rhode Island which we cannot capture in this volume. The reader is referred to Ives Goddard, ed., Handbook of North American Indians, Vol. 17 (Languages), Washington, D.C., Smithsonian Institution.

Three electronic Internet sources will prove invaluable to researchers. Locally, the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation maintains a website database that encompasses 15 bibliographic categories devoted to regional Native Americans; see this site. At the University of Rhode Island's Special Collections Library the reader will find a bibliographic database for Rhode Island History, and other areas; see The Federal Smithsonian Institution website is another invaluable research resource for the United States; see


The bibliography was made possible with the support of many people, organizations and institutions. The Native Journies project was strongly supported by Senators Ben Nighthorse Campbell (CO), Jack Reed (RI) and Lincoln D. Chaffee (RI) of the United States Senate. Dr. Albert T. Klyberg, former Director of Museum Programs, Heritage Harbor Museum, created the original source grant for the collaboration between Heritage Harbor Museum and the Rhode Island Indian Council.

Darrell Waldron, Executive Director of the Rhode Island Indian Council, provided a home and support for the researchers. Ray Petrarca, Council Accountant, was very helpful in coordinating expenditures and logistics. Many research and records facilities throughout the country contributed to the listings. In Rhode Island we must mention the Rhode Island Office of the Secretary of State, Division of State Archives and Public Records Administration, The Rhode Island Historical Society Library, The Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission, The Black Heritage Society, The John Carter Brown Library at Brown University, University of Rhode Island Special Collections Library, The Rhode Island Department of Education, The Providence Journal, Narragansett Indian News, Providence Public Library, and The Narragansett Indian Tribal Nation. In nearby Massachusetts we were assisted by the Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston Public Library, and Harvard University. We thank the Mashantucket Pequot Library and Research Center, and Connecticut Historical Society in Connecticut. Other academic libraries providing information include Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania and Yale University. The United States Library of Congress allowed electronic access to numerous American, Canadian and European scholarly research libraries, and the Smithsonian Institution contributed to our research efforts.


For the reader's convenience, standard abbreviations used throughout the book include:

The present volume contains 1,602 entries. We expect this listing to grow organically over the years.

Francis J. O'Brien, Jr. (AKA Frank Waabu O'Brien & Moondancer)
Newport, RI, June 9, 2004; June 24, 2004



© 2004 Francis J. O'Brien, Jr., Newport, RI

Bibliography for Studies of American Indians
in and Around Rhode Island, 16th 21st Centuries

NOTE: If you have not found a reference that suits your needs, please contact Frank, who has more information not yet listed.

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