1905 Report, RI Board of Agriculture - 1

Twentieth Annual Report
of the

State Board of Agriculture


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Page 5: Philip A. Money picture and brief biography Page 7: Members of the State Board of Agriculture:
George H. Utter
Frederick Jackson
Charles P. Bennett
Obadiah Brown
William Williams
C. C. Wordwell
Philip A. Money
Thomas G. Mathewson
I. L. Sherman
E. R. Anthony
John G. Clarke
Page 8: Members continued:
Obadian Brown
I. L. Sherman
William Williams
John E. Whipple
George Coggeshall
Henry S. Turner
Thritam D. Babcock
Philip A Money
John S. Pollard
John H. Edwards
Job Manchester
James A. Northup
Herbert A. Gates
Darwin Holley
Charles H. Ward
George J. Andrews
Clarence D. Wood
Martin B. Birmingham
John E. O'Neill
Page 52: Rhode Island State Grange Directory, 1904
Aaron Jones
N. J. Bachelder
Mrs. Eva McDowell
C. M. Freeman
Frank E. Marchant
Theo. S. Snow
Benj. Martin
A. F. Coggeshall
I. L. Sherman
D. S. Bushee
F. W. Voelker
F. E. Marchant
A. F. Coggeshall
Mrs. Hattie S. Voelker
Mrs. Rosalind Arnold
C. R. Magoon
A. F. Maker
Page 53: 1904 Grange Directory Continued
E. F. Crowinshield
Mrs. John S. Olney
Jennie E. Weatherhead
Lyman Aylesworth
Mrs. Rosalind R. Arnold
Wendell Phillips
Charles R. Magoon
Mrs. M. A. Magoon
Mrs. Betsie A. Spears
William H. Potter
Mrs. J. Oscar Peckham
Mrs. Jason W. Gifford
Theo. S. Snow
Mrs. Lillian E. Holley
T. T. Tucker
Page 54: 1904 Grange Directory Continued
F. W. Voelker
Lous G. K. Clarner, Jr.
Mrs. Susan F. Whipple
Mrs. Carrie Smith Beauregard
Mrs. Bertha E. Darling
Miss Kathryn F. Allen
Sayles B. Steere
Bert C. Smith
Elizabeth A. Thayer
Orville M. Messerve
L. Alice James
Wendell Phillips
Arnold H. Tefft
Mrs. Seth C. Mason
Mrs. Bertha M. Spooner
Albert E. Tood
Mrs. Lewis W. Fellett
Mrs. David C. Todd
Page 55: 1904 Grange Directory Continued
John G. Clarke
Lucy C. Tucher
Howland Burdick
Edward P. Dutemple
Annie O. Knight
Martha A. Gardner
Myron O. Aldrich
Clara E. Marsh
Ellen Mrash [sic]
B. H. Nixon
L. J. Winsor
B. F. Hall
William F. Saunders
William P. Browning
Mrs. T. D. Babcock
Benj. Martin
Mrs. Seth Wood
Miss Maria E. Martin
Page 56: 1904 Grange Directory Continued
John S. Olney
Thomas A. Perigree
Mrs. E. A. Knight
Daniel S. Bushee
Alvertur Martin
Miss Louise Mason
John E. Dawley
Mrs. A. A. Kennedy
Mrs. Ida Dawley
George W. Godfrey
Charles R. Magoon
Mrs. Ida. E. Godfrey
B. Earl Anthony
Miss Phoebe A. Coggeshall
Miss Clara L. Coggeshall
Nathaniel L. Chaplin, Jr.
Mrs. J. Oscar Peckham
Lewis R. Manchester
Page 57: 1904 Grange Directory Continued
Mrs. F. Wilcox
Mrs. John A. Hathaway
Miss Clover L. Hambly
P. H. Wilbur
Grace R. Wilbur
Mary L. Wilbur
Page 58: Miscellaneous Facts and Figures
Not just about farming - population figures, etc.
Page 59: Miscellaneous Facts and Figures Page 60: Miscellaneous Facts and Figures
Page 95: "Is Farming Prosperous in Rhode Island" by John G. Clarke, Secretary R. I. Board of Agriculture Page 96: "Is Farming Prosperous in Rhode Island"
Page 96a: Picture of Farm House and Buildings of Geo. L. Barber, Exeter. R. I.  Landscape version. Page 97: "Is Farming Prosperous in Rhode Island"
Page 98: "Is Farming Prosperous in Rhode Island" Page 99: "Is Farming Prosperous in Rhode Island"
Page 100: "Is Farming Prosperous in Rhode Island" Page 101: "Is Farming Prosperous in Rhode Island"

RI College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts 1905 Catalogue

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