1844 Directory, Providence, RI

1844 Directory, Providence, RI

Cover, 1844 Directory of Providence, RI
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Providence Directory, 1844
"Where two directions are given, the first is the place of business, the last the place of residence."
Page 11 Abbey to Adams Page 12 Adams to Aldrich
Page 13 Aldrich to Allen Page 14 Allen to Amsbury
Page 15 Anderson to Angell Page 16 Angell to Anthony
Page 17 Anthony to Armington Page 18 Armstrong to Arnold
Page 19 Arnold to Ashton Page 20 Ashton to Babbitt
Page 21 Babcock to Baker Page 22 Baker to Banks
Page 23 Barber to Barney Page 24 Barney to Barton
Page 25 Barton to Beekwith Page 26 Beckwith to Beverly
Page 27 Beverly to Blacklack Page 28 Blackman to Bogman
Page 29 Bogman to Bouke Page 30 Boutell to Bowers
Page 31 Bowers to Bradley Page 32 Brady to Briggs
Page 33 Briggs to Brown, A Page 34 Brown, A to Brown J
Page 35 Brown, J to Brown, S Page 36 Brown, S to Bucklin
Page 37 Buckin to Bullock, C Page 38 Bullock to Burges
Page 39 Burges to Burr, A Page 40 Burr to Burrows
Page 41 Burrows to Byron Page 42 Byrne to Campbell, M
Page 43 Campbell to Carpenter, D Page 44 Carpenter to Carrington, E
Page 45 Carrington to Chace, C Page 46 Chace to Chaffee, J
Page 47 Chaffee to Chatterton, G Page 48 Chatterton to Clafflin, W
Page 49 Clafflin to Clark, T Page 50 Clark to Coggeshall, H
Page 51 Coggeshall to Colson Page 52 Colvin to Conner, T
Page 53 Conner to Cornell, S Page 54 Cornell to Coyle
Page 55 Cozzens to Cross, E Page 56 Cross to Cushing, H
Page 57 Cushing to Danforth Page 58 Daniels to Davis, M
Page 59 Davis to Dee, D Page 60 Dee to Dickey, W
Page 61 Dickey to Donahow Page 62 Donly to Douglas
Page 63 Dowd to Dull Page 64 Dunbar to Dyer, C
Page 65 Dyer to Easton, J Page 66 Easton to Eddy
Page 67 Eddy, R to Ellis, A Page 68 Ellis to Fairmon
Page 69 Falconer to Fenner Page 70 Fenner, J to Field
Page 71 Field, R to Fitch Page 72 Fitton to Force
Page 73 Ford to Freeborn Page 74 Freeborn, J to Furlong
Page 75 Gage to Gardner Page 76 Gardner, H to Giddings
Page 77 Gifford to Gladding Page 78 Gladding, J to Goff
Page 79 Goff, S to Goulding Page 80 Gowdey to Grayson
Page 81 Gregory to Greene Page 82 Greene, E to Greene, W
Page 83 Greenwood to Gurney Page 84 Hacket to Hall
Page 85 Hall, T to Hammond Page 86 Hampson to Harrington
Page 87 Harrington, M to Hartley Page 88 Hartley, W to Havens
Page 89 Hawes to Hazard Page 90 Hazard, J to Henley
Page 91 Hennessy to Hidden Page 92 Hidden, J to Hodges
Page 93 Hodges, L to Holmes Page 94 Holmes, J to Hopkins
Page 95 Hopkins to Horton Page 96 Horton, S to Hubbard
Page 97 Hubbard, C to Hull Page 98 Hull, T to Hutchins
Page 99 Hutchins, L to Ives Page 100 Ives, R to Janes
Page 101 Jastram to Johnson, H Page 102 Johnson, I to Jones, J
Page 103 Jones, J to Keep Page 104 Keep, J to Kenna
Page 105 Kenna, P to King Page 106 King, N to Knight
Page 107 Knight, W to Lake Page 108 Lake, R to Lawrance
Page 109 Lawrance, L to Leonard Page 110 Leonard, S to Lincoln
Page 111 Lincoln, L to Lockwood Page 112 Lockwood, M to Luther
Page 113 Luther, J to Mahaffy Page 114 M'Anerny to M'Clellan
Page 115 M'Clintock to M'Girn Page 116 M'Girn, P to M'Key
Page 117 M'Kirdy to M'Nulty Page 118 M'Phail to Mahan
Page 119 Mallett to Manchester Page 120 Manchester, T to Martin
Page 121 Martin, H to Mason Page 122 Mason, J to Mathewson
Page 123 Mathewson, J to Medbury Page 124 Medbury, R to Miller
Page 125 Miller, C to Mitchell Page 126 Mitchell, P to Morris
Page 127 Morris, W to Mullen Page 128 Mullen, P to Murphy
Page 129 Murphy, J to Newell Page 130 Newell, A to Northup
Page 131 Northup, N to Okie Page 132 Oldfield to Ormsbee
Page 133 Ormsbee, J to Pabodie Page 134 Pabodie, W to Palmer
Page 135 Parcell to Payton Page 136 Payton, H to Pierce
Page 137 Pierce, D to Peck Page 138 Peck, H to Peckham
Page 139 Pendegrass to Pettey Page 140 Pettey, D to Pidge
Page 141 Pidge, C to Pomroy Page 142 Pond to Potter
Page 143 Potter, J to Pratt Page 144 Pratt, C to Putnam
Page 145 Queyman to Rawson Page 146 Rawson, S to Read
Page 147 Read, J to Rhodes Page 148 Rhodes, C to Richmond
Page 149 Richmond, F to Robbins Page 150 Robbins, H to Rogers
Page 151 Rogers, N to Russell Page 152 Russell, S to Salisbury
Page 153 Salisbury, R to Saunders Page 154 Saunders, R to Seamans
Page 155 Seamans, G to Shaw Page 156 Shaw, L to Sheridan
Page 157 Sheridan, E to Silloway Page 158 Simmons to Sisson
Page 159 Sisson, J to Smith Page 160 Smith, E to Smith N
Page 161 Smith O to Snow Page 162 Snow, B to Spencer
Page 163 Spencer, A to Springer Page 164 Springer, W to Stelley
Page 165 Stephens to Stone Page 166 Stone, N to Sutton
Page 167 Swales to Sweetland Page 168 Sweetland, M to Tallman
Page 169 Tallman, B to Taylor Page 170 Taylor, J to Thomas
Page 171 Thomas, C to Thurber Page 172 Thurber, F to Tilley
Page 173 Tillinghast to Tobey Page 174 Tool Trescott
Page 175 Trescott, W to Turner Page 176 Tutlow to Vaughan
Page 177 Vaughan, G to Waite Page 178 Waite, R to Wardwell
Page 179 Wardwell, S to Waterman Page 180 Waterman, B to Weaver
Page 181 Weaver, D to Weeden Page 182 Weeden, W to Westcott
Page 183 Westcott, J to Wheldon [sic] Page 184 Whelden, J to White
Page 185 White, S to Wilbur Page 186 Wilbur, M to Williams
Page 187 Williams, E to Wilson Page 188 Wilson, J to Winsor
Page 189 Winters to Woodward Page 190 Woodworth to Young
Page 191 Young, H to Young, S + Aborn to M'Larnin Page 192 Parker to Smith + Almy to Randall
"Colored Persons"
Page 193 Adams to Brown Page 194 Brown to Cozzens
Page 195 Crawford to Gardner Page 196 Gardner to Haskell
Page 197 Hazard to Johnson Page 198 Johnson to Moore
Page 199 Moore to Potter Page 200 Potter to Scott
Page 201 Schuyler to Vanderveer Page 202 Wafield to Zado
Paten Cork Legs
Click image to enlarge
Patent Cork Legs,
Ferdinand Bardeen,
Cork Leg Manufacturer, No. 3 Market Square, (third story,)
Providence, R. I.
Would respectively inform the public, that he had his leg amputated five years ago, and since that time has turned his whole attention to the above business, and warrants his work to be superior in ease and usefulness to any manufactured in this country or in Europe. The weight of the leg is from two to four and a half pounds, and is capable of sustaining a weight of 500 pounds. He has numerous references, among which are the following:
B. G. Pabodie, Providence, R. I.; F. T. Waite, Charlestown, Mass.; T. Marshall, Charlestown, Mass.; Francis Kemp, No. 6 Green street, Boston; Charles Griffin, Portland, Me; E. M. Clarke, No. 6 Massachusetts Corporation, Lowell; Orren Hall, Taunton, Mass.; James Briggs, and Francis Sylvia, Nantucket; Thomas Greene, Bristol, R. I.; Timothy Sweet, Glocester, R. I.; George F. Talbot, East Machias, Me.; James Treadwell, Boston, Mass.; E. Fuller, Warwick, R. I.; James Bates, Seekonk, Mass.; Dr. Carpenter, Attleborough, Mass.; Rev. David R. Lamson, Milford, Mass.; Solomon Bennett, Foster; Nathan Giles, Palmer; Richard Meagher, and J. Potts, Halifax, N. S.; David Hilton, Waterford, Mass.; Thomas B. Hooper, Kentucky; E. M. Hill, Rutland, N. Y.; John Lawler, Uxbridge; Thomas Towns, Monson, Me.; W. Cottrell Baltimore [sic]; James Slack, Philadelphia; Daniel E. Whitmore, Columbus, Chenango Co., N. Y.; J. P. Jewett, M. D. Lowell, Mass.; Wilet Gardner, Moravia, N. Y.; besides others too numerous to mention.

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