Monumental Inscriptions for the Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, England

Monumental Inscriptions for the Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, England

Monumental Inscriptions:

Ref. 1/507 : " In loving memory of CAROLINE the beloved wife of STEPHEN DEASON who died February 5th 1888, aged 69 years. Also of CAROLINE EMMA their daughter who died April 7th 1859, aged 21 years. Also of M. A. ASHFORD who died June 4th 1888, aged 70 years. Also of the above STEPHEN DEASON who died Jany. 10th 1900, aged 83 years." Location - St Nicholas Churchyard, TRESCO. Marble upright, inset. E. Monumental mason : J. Pascoe.

Ref. 1/732 : "In memory of RICHARD DEASON, who died Nov. 13th 1874, aged 44. "We all do fade as a leaf". Also of CAROLINE wife of the above who died Jan. 19th 1885, aged 52 years. Her end was peace." Location - St Mary's, Churchyard. Marble upright, embossed. E.

Ref. 1/1112 : "In loving memory of JANIE, dearly beloved wife of ALBERT DEASON, who passed away February 14th 1938, aged 64 years. Also of the above ALBERT DEASON died 5th January 1951, aged 76 years." Location - St Mary's Churchyard. Granite upright, inset lettering.

Ref : 1/1420 : "In loving memory of HENRY DEASON the beloved husband of ANN DEASON (of St Mary's, Scilly) who died December 14th 1917, aged 59 years. Sleep a beloved sleep, and take thy rest." Location - St Mary's churchyard. Marble upright, inset letters, kerbs. Mason : Angwin.

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