Richardson - January 2023
Richardson - January 2023
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This web page is about the RICHARDSON families Scotland pre-1620 of Ireland post-1615 and mainly northern Tasmania, Australia 1841+.

The Scottish RICHARDSONs of Smeaton and Pencaitland, Haddingtonshire, Scotland. Robert RICHARDSON (about 1514 - 1578), Commendator of St Mary's Isle and Lord High Treasurer of Scotland, was the son of Robert RICHARDSON (1490 - about 1556), burgess of Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland. Robert RICHARDSON (about 1514 - 1578)'s great grandfather moved to Scotland from England in 1424 during the reign of King James I of Scotland.

The second son of Sir James of Smeaton (before 1548 - 1625), Sir Robert (about 1589 - April 1635), was created Baronet of Nova Scotia on 13th November 1630, (RICHARDSON, later STEWART-RICHARDSON Baronets, of Pencaitland).

The Irish RICHARDSON families are descended from the first son of Sir James of Smeaton (before 1548 - 1625), Alexander RICHARDSON (about 1585 - 1630), Drum estate, Kildress, County Tyrone, Ireland by 1618-19.

Charles Evans Davis Morgan-Richardson, (1857-1913) (January 2021):
According to a Richardson family pedigree copied and accepted by Francis Green, Charles Evans Davis Morgan-Richardson was descended paternally from a Scottish family who later settled in Ireland.1 At the beginning of the 17th century the Richardsons were an influential family of Edinburgh burgesses, and Alexander Richardson left his native Scotland for northern Ireland. In 1617 he bought the estate of Craigbalk in county Tyrone and built Drum Manor or Manor Richardson as it was also known. One cannot help suspecting that the acquisition of this estate was connected in some way or another with the many grants of land made by James I to those hardworking, stable and ambitious Scotsmen who benefited from the plantations of Ulster whence the native Irish had been cleared from 1608 onwards. Alexander Richardson married Grizel Stewart sister of James Stewart of Ballymenagh in county Tyrone.

1. The primary source of the Richardson pedigree was compiled by the Reverend Hugh B. Richardson in the Francis Green MSS. Collection, Haverfordwest Public Library, Pembrokeshire, England.

The RICHARDSON, later RICHARDSON-BUNBURY Baronetcy, of Augher in the County of Tyrone, is including in this family tree. The title is in the Baronetage of Ireland. It was created on 30 August 1787 for Sir William RICHARDSON (about 1747 - 1830). The second Baronet assumed in 1822 his aunt's surname of Bunbury.

Reverend William RICHARDSON (about 1815 - 1875) lived in Dublin, Ireland pre 1841 and later was the rector at Avoca, Tasmania, Australia. Mainly northern Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia, Australia 1841+.

These records would not have been possible for the help of many contributors. Special thanks to Rachael Richardson and many others.

The RICHARDSONs are related to the Royal Stewarts of Scotland and hence related to the British and European Royal families and directly related to Charlemagne (off site). A comprehensive list of Charlemange's descendants is here. (off site).

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