ELLIS - January 2021
ELLIS - January 2021
Rick Smith
This web page is about the ELLIS families of Kiddall Hall, [Kiddal, Kiddhall, Kiddle Hall, Kidall Hall], near Leeds, Yorkshire and Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England pre 1834. Corfu, Ionian Isles, Greece. Tasmania 1834+ and New South Wales, Australia.

Charles ELLIS (1807 - 1891) came to Tasmania as a colour sergeant of the 11th North Devonshire Regiment of Foot.

According to John Bourke in “History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland”, (1863), Volume III, pages 553-555, the ELLISes [ELLYS or ELYS] came originally, with William of Normandy, into England; but no ancient documents, prior to the reign of Richard I exist.

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