Australia, Ireland and America

I designed this website to assist with details on the history of the DUNPHY family in Australia and
Ireland.  It would be appreciated if anyone with details on the DUNPHY family as described below would contribute so that
a more  comprehensive picture can be obtained, and hopefully  link the DUNPHYs in Australia and Ireland to those 
who migrated to the United States of America.

My ancestors were John DUNPHY and Catherine WALLIS.  They were married in Queen's County, Ireland,
in 1822.  Their 12 children and their approximate birth dates are Catherine (b. 1825), William (b. 1826), John (b. 1828),
 Joseph (b. 1830), James (b. 1833), Margaret Mary (b. 1835), Fenton (b. 1836), Mary Ann (b. 1837), Patrick (b. 1840),
 Sarah (b. 1843), Anne (b. 1846), and Edward (birth date unknown).  Edward died in Ireland before the 
family migrated to Australia.

I am not aware if John had any brothers or sisters.  Certainly, other DUNPHYs migrated to Australia
and America but the relation of those to John remains unknown.

Shipping, death and other records indicate that the family lived in the Coolkerry area close to the town of Rathdowney in 
County Laois (formerly Queen's Co.) before migration to Australia. Two possible sites have been identified, both in Coolkerry.
One is adjacent to Coneyburrow Bridge and the other is less than a kilometre from Coolkerry Bridge. The latter site is a now
renovated small house on the property called 'Erkindale'. 

John DUNPHY's (Snr.) parents are named as William and Pole(perhaps Polly) DUNPHY from one source and on his death
certificate they are named as William and Catherine DUNPHY, and DUNPHY is also given as the mother's 
maiden name.  I would appreciate any information on the family and their history prior to migration 
to Australia.

Three members of this DUNPHY family migrated to Australia in 1850 on the "Emily".  These were 
Catherine, William and Margaret.  They disembarked in Sydney, New South Wales and lived at Parramatta, near Sydney.
Catherine married Michael FLYNN in 1853, William married Catherine LADRIGAN in 1853, and Margaret married William BRADY
also in 1853.  All three marriages were in Parramatta.  William DUNPHY was a school teacher during the time he lived
in Parramatta.  Margaret and her husband moved to Buckland in Victoria, as did William and his wife and surviving child around 
1856. Catherine moved to Buckland in 1859 following the deaths of both her husband and later her mother.

It remains a mystery as to how Joseph came to Australia, but the shipping records of other members of the family indicate
that he was in Australia prior to their arrival. The parents, John and Catherine, along with the remaining 7 children arrived
in Sydney, Australia, on the "Rodney" in 1854.

John (snr) and Catherine (snr) died in Parramatta in 1856 and 1859 respectively and by that time all/most of their children
were living in north-east Victoria at Buckland, Porepunkah, Morses Creek and Wandiligong.  All the remaining unmarried children
were married in Victoria.  Joseph married Mary CASHELL, John married Jane MACKEY, James married Agnes LAWN, Fenton
married Mary Grace WALSH, Mary Ann married James GERRATY, Patrick married Arvilla LINDSAY, Sarah married Hugh HARKIN,
and Anne married James CROOK. I have virtually full details for the descendents in each of the above families right through
to the present day.

Joseph and Mary, my great grandparents, had 6 children - Emily, Catherine Maria, Emily Josephine, 
John Thomas (my grandfather), Alice Sarah and Joseph Edward.  Mary died in 1869, just 9 years after 
her marriage.  I am particularly interested in how the family were looked after as the youngest, 
Joseph Edward, was only 5 months old at the time of his mother's death.  Joseph (snr.) continued to 
live near Porepunkah until approximately 1890 when he moved to Balwyn in Melbourne, Victoria.  Here, he 
had a butcher shop on the corner of Whitehouse and Balwyn Roads.  He died in 1898.  Any details in 
regard to Joseph's life in Porepunkah and Balwyn are being sought.

John Thomas DUNPHY married Alice Sophia SMITH and they had 10 children - Thomas Vincent, 
Cyril John, Veronica Irene, Joseph Balwyn, Leo James, Stanley Joseph and William Eric (twins), Una, 
Mary Alice and Monica Edna.  Several of these children married before the family moved to Burnie, 
Tasmania around 1914.  My father, William Eric, was one of the children who moved to Burnie.  He 
married Cecily Patricia DONNELLY in 1939 and they lived in Launceston, Tasmania.  They had 3 
children - Michael, Peter and Anne.  William Eric died in 1972.  Michael and Peter still reside in 
Launceston and Anne lives in Western Australia.

There remains the lingering question of whether any of the other DUNPHYs in Australia are related to this
section of the family. Likewise, there is the question of DUNPHYs in America being related to those described in this site.

Any information to help complete the picture on the DUNPHYs would be
appreciated.  If you have any details that would assist, please contact me at the address below. All information will be
acknowledged. Queries are also requested and will be acknowledged.

email:  mdunphy@bigpond.net.au

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