Girtman William Pension
William Girtman

Bill Moore contributed the pension file of William Girtman. Also the pension file of his
                          children and Widow. It is a very large and detailed file.
                          I have included here a brief abstract of those files.
I, and I'm sure Bill also, are very anxious to hear from any descendants of William Girtman.

Invalid Pension Application No. 25689
Wm. Girtman
U.S. Navy
1. Are you a married man , and if so, what is your wife's full name, and what was
    her maiden name?
Answer: Yes, my wife's maiden name was Adia Miller before marriage.

2. When and where were you married?
Answer: Mitchell Co., NC in the year 1889

3. What record of marriage exists?
Answer: In Clerks office of Mitchell Co., NC

4. If you had been previuosly married state the name of your former wife and the
    date of her death or divorce.
Answer: Yes. Biddy Osborne She died in the year 1878.

5. If you have any children living state their names and dates of birth.
Answer: Polly 1883 America 1885 Emma 1887

Date of Reply: December 9, 1892
Post Office Address: Embreeville, Tennessee

                                                                   Wm. Girtman

Letter from Auditor to Commissioner of Claims
Dated April 16, 1894

    In response to your letter of March 29, 1894, in the case of William Girtman, you are informed that William Gertman, O.S. enlisted on the Great Western Sep.24, 1864 and served thereon to Nov.3, 1864; on the Pittsburg to Aug.24, 1865 when discharged.
                                                    Very Respectfully,
                                                    C.B. Morton

Widows Pension Application #18080
Ada McColum former widow and wife of William Girtman
She listes the birthdates of her children as follows:
Marcia and Emma are Williams children from a previous marriage.
Marcia (America) Born 1886
Emma Born 1887
Zimmon Born August 23, 1892
Allie Born December 28, 1894
Bolton Born November 22, 1896
Note: On other papers Ada gives different birthdates.

Affadavit of Mrs. Rebecca Girtman in Application #18080

State of North Carolina
County of Mitchell
Dated: June 18, 1902

Rebecca states she is 55 years old and that she was the step-mother of William Girtman.
That she married his father when the said William Girtman was quite a child and that she helped raise him. From her best information and belief he was born in Sullivan Co., Tennessee. That at the time of his enlistment he was about 5 feet 6 or 7 inches tall, had bluish eyes, light complexion, and hair rather dark.

Affadavits from Williams Son Daniel and Daniels wife Nancy C.
Dated June 1929

Says William was married 3 times. His first wife was Margaret Carrier. Margaret and William had 2 children still living-Daniel and William L. William next married Biddy Osborne and their children were Polly, Mary and Emma. Biddy Osbornes father was John Osborne Polly married Jesse Buchanan and was living at Slaw, Alabama. Mary married Leonard Collier and lived in Virginia. Emma was living in Tennessee. Williams third wife was Ada Miller.