Alfred Girtman Pension Application
Alfred Girtman
Civil War
Pension Application

Submitted by Bill Moore

This is an abstract of the pension file which Bill Moore sent to me. The file itself is about 20 pages.

Invalid Pension Application # 449.896
  Filed May 6, 1882
Certificate #301856

Declaration for Original Invalid Pension
Alfred states he is a resident of Vienna, Johnson Co., Illinois.
He enrolled on the 29th of November, 1861 in Company K
7th Regt. of Kentucky Infantry Volunteers commanded by T.P. Caldwell.
He was honorably discharged at Baton Rouge on 11th March, 1866.
His age is 41.
He was shot in the hand about the 1st day of June, 1863 at Vicksburg, MS.
Also served in Co. B 7th Regt. Ky. as a veteran.

Claimants Affadavit
Alfred states he lived near London, Laurel Co., Kentucky for the 5 years previous to his enlistment. He also lived there after his return from the Army. In November 1871 he moved to Belle Plains Kansas and lived there for 6 months. He then moved to Cowley Co., Kansas and stayed there for 6 months. He then moved to Johnson Co., Illinois. During all this time his occupation was farming.
He was shot in the hand at Vicksburg and also contracted general debility or breaking down of the muscles in his back, hip and thighs on an expedition up Red River in 1863.

Signed November 25, 1882

Alfred was being treated by Dr.'s for this muscle ailment from 1863 onward.

In a Doctor's affadavit the Dr. states Alfred was 5 ft. 10 inches tall and weighed 145 lbs.

Widow's Pension Application # 369639
Mary Ann gives the Birthdates of her children as follows:

Sarah A. Girtman Born April 2, 1873
Alice Girtman Born April 19, 1877
Alfred Girtman Born May 5, 1880

On another page she lists those 3 children but she gives Alice's name as:
Amanda A. Born April 19, 1877

On another page Mary Ann lists the births of all her children as follows:
Elizabeth Girtman born May 20, 1862
John Girtman born October 4, 1867
Daniel Girtman born April 9, 1869
Theopolus Girtman born May 4, 1871
Sarah A. Girtman born April 7, 1873
Alice Girtman born April 18, 1877
Alfred Girtman born May 5, 1880