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Bibb Co. Ga. 15 Mar 1824
Grantor. Ephraim Dickins of Bibb Co. Ga.
Grantee: John Gartman of Livingston Dist. South Carolina
$350. Lot 222, 202 1/2 acres. 3rd Dist. Houston, now Bibb Co. Ga. on Ichaeonnee Creek
Page 138
Signed: Ephraim Dickins
Witnesses: Taylor Morris, Peter Northen, J.P.
Recorded 18 May 1824

South Carolina

Bartholomew Gartman

  Book B-4 page 299-300.Bartholomew is listed as living SE of Frederick Henry and close to George Rysinger. .

Daniel Gartman
Daniel Gartman 1777 South Carolina
     From a book called South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1776-1783
Book Z-4,pages 113-115
Lease & release.25 & 26 June 1777,George Adam Keller of state of Georgia,Butcher,to Daniel Gartman of Ninety Six District,SC,Shoemaker,for $100 SC money,50 acres granted 13 March 1752 to George Adam Keller between Saluda and Broad Rivers on a branch of said river.George Adam Keller(LS),Witness:Balthasar Shaffer,George Richardson.Proved in Charleston District by the oath of George Richardson 9 Nov. 1778 before Geo.Sheed.Recorded 14 Dec.1778

From a book called Newberry County SC Deed Abstracts.

A, 75:  9 Dec. 1784  Daniel Gaurtman of Ninety Six District, planter, to
Richard Strother of same, planter, for two shillings, 300 acres
including three separate tracts, the first of 50 acres between Saludy &
Broad Rivers, the second of 100 acres adj. land of Adam George Keller,
John George Infinger, estate of Herman Geiger deceased.  Hans Jacob
Morff, and the third 150 acres in Craven County on Second Creek adj.
land granted to Maryann Smitten, John Murff, estate of Hermond Geiger,
Charles Maty.  Daniel Gartman (seal), Cateran Gartman (X) (Seal).
Recorded 5 March 1787.  Proved in open court 5 March 1787.
Submitted by  Jill Lewis

Frederick Gartman
Deed book of Lexington,SC? page 513-514 Frederick Gartman bought land from Henry Seay.Dated April 4,1842.On 18 Mile Creek.
page 655-656 Jan 17,1843 Frederick sold land.

Deed Book N page 78-79 Frederick and George Gartman were witnesses.-dated Jan.6,1843

George Gartman
From a book called Newberry County SC Deed Abstracts.
George Gartman was a witness to the sale of three negroes from Wm Boyles
to Robt. Rutherford.  2 June 1786
Submitted by  Jill Lewis

From a book called SC Lexington Co Records Vol.1
George Gartman received a land grant Nov 6,1786. on the waters of Saluda.

There is a George Gartman who was a witness on a deed in Lexington Co(page 580-582),SC on March 26,1842.The deed or mortgage was for Thomas Rawl Sr.

Deed Book N page 78-79 Frederick and George Gartman were witnesses.-dated Jan.6,1843

John Gartman
John Gartman 1753-1770 South Carolina
There is a deed in Book Q-3,pages 311-316 dated Jan.16&17,1769.In South Carolina.This is a transcript.
John Henry Freymouth,planter,of Saxegotha Township,Berkeley Co.,and Hannah,his wife,to John Gartman,smith(blacksmith),of Fork of Saluda,Craven Co.,for $300 currency,150 acres on N. side Saluda(Santee)River,granted 24 May 1749 by Gov.James Glen to Freymouth,bounding W.on Jacob Warle(now George Strother);other sides on vacant land.Witnesses:Herman Gallman,Bartholomew Gartman,Michael Leitner.Before William Arther,J.P.,on June 13,1770.Recorded 12 July,1770 by Henry Rugeley,Dep.Register

From a book called Petitions for land from South Carolina Journals-page 463 is the following petition:
    The petition of John Gartman humbly setting forth That the Petitioner is desirous of settling himself and family on the waters of Broad River,That he has a wife and two children for whom nor yet for himself hath any land been assigned him in this province,prays to lay out 200 acres as aforesaid so that he may obtain a warrant for the same.Charleston 4th day of June 1753.John Gartman.The prayer thereof was granted.
    Also at a meeting of the above council on March 6,1759 they ordered that John Gartmans plat for 100 acres on Cannon Creek be certified.
    At a meeting of the above council on Nov.1,1763 they certified a plat for John Gartman for 150 acres on Broad River

Phillip Gartman
From deed book B,page 45.Recorded April 24,1813...Philip Gartman,J.P.,witnessed as Eve Margaret Gable,wife of Valentine Gable,relinquished her dower rights on a tract of land to John Lawn...10 Dec 1803.


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