Bartholomew Gartman Pension
Bartholomew Girtman

Soldier:Bartholomew Girtman
Widow:Elender Girtman
Service:Pvt. Capt.Barnets Co.,Mississippi Militia
Enlisted:September 25,1814
Discharged:December 31,1814
Residence of Widow:1852 to 1858 Pike Co.,Mississippi
                                 1872 China Grove,Pike Co.,Mississippi
Maiden name of widow:Elender O'Quinn
Marriage of Soldier & Widow:March 11,1810 Barnwell,South Carolina
Death of Soldier:March 31,1834 Pike Co.,Mississippi
Death of Widow:May 31,1875
W.O.80,632 W.C.4,585
Source:National Archives

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