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                                                                                              Wright Plot

                                                                                            AKA Cox, Upper Byrds Creek and Woodland Plot

                                                                                        Wright Plot
                                                                                      AKA Cox, Upper Byrds Creek and Woodland Plot
                                                          Richwood Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA
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SURNAME   Given Name  MAIDEN-OTHER            
AUSTIN, James W.                        1843 1872           09-15-1872
     Private Co H 5th Wis Inf - Civil War
     Married Malinda Jane Wright on March 22, 1866.
Malinda Jane Wright-COOPER in Basswood Cemetery]
     Note: No dates listed on marker! Approx. birth year from 1870 census and
           death date from wife's obituary.

COX, Anna Mariah KIGER                  1847 1876 08-21-1847 04-09-1876
     Married Benjamin Franklin Cox.
COX, James                              1799 1882            09-20-1882
     Married Matilda _____. Aged 83 years.
     Married Susan Fields-Whitesel on February 5, 1872.
Susan Fields-WHITESEL in Greenwood Cemetery] 
COX, Margaret WISE                      1831 1877 02-25-1831 03-29-1877
     Married Joseph H. Cox in 1855 in Ohio.
     Daughter of James & Lucinda "Lucy" (Carpenter) Wise.
     Note: Joseph Cox 1820-1853 died in Ohio.
     Note: Marker broken in half.

COX, Matilda                            1805 1871 05-04-1805 03-25-1871
     Married James Cox.
RAINS, James M.                         1871 1872 08-30-1871 04-17-1872
     Son of M.V. & L.M. Rains. Aged 7Ms 18Ds
SHANNON, Paul A.                        1870 1872 06-27-1870 11-27-1872
     Son of Absolum & Harrett Shannon. Aged 2Ys 5Ms 
          Note: Marker broken in half.
WHEELER, Arminda BARNES                 1850 1886 04-25-1850 08-30-1886
     Married Robert Wheeler on December 15, 1867. Aged 36Ys 4Ms 5Ds
     Daughter of Zachariah & Nancy (Wheaton) Barnes.
WRIGHT, John W.                         1870 1871 09-26-1870 01-19-1871
     Son of William T. & Mary Catherine (Barnes) Wright.
WRIGHT, Mary Catherine BARNES           1853 1874 12-13-1853 01-15-1874
     Married William T. Wright on February 25, 1869. Aged 20Ys 1Ms 2Ds
     Daughter of Zachariah & Nancy (Wheaton) Barnes.
     Note: HERE THEY SLEEP listed as William H. but this has been correctted
           by the Richland Co. History Room to Mary wife of William T.

WRIGHT, William T.                      1843 1871 03-11-1843 04-09-1871
     Private Co B 25th Wis Inf - Civil War
     Private Co I 12th Wis Inf - Civil War
Married Mary Catherine Barnes on February 25, 1869.
     Son of Isaac J. & Rhoda (Toney) Wright.
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