Saint Anthonys Cemetery
                                                                      AKA Germantown Cemetery
                                                                          Germantown, Wisconsin

                                                 Westford Township, Richland County, Wisconsin  USA
Tales The Tombstones Tell - Republican Observer - October 24, 1957

                                                 Germantown Cemetery

    Rare indeed are the cemeteries that are laid out north and south and not east and west, but the Germantown cemetery near Cazenovia, is one of them.
    The cemetery here is in connection with St. Anthony's Catholic Church, just south across the highway. The cemetery is well kept, burials numerous, and in it are natives of lands far away, France, Ireland and Germany. We see such names as these upon the stones: Walsh, Braun, Schmitz, Wolff, Muller, Ruskoff, Zerving, Moll, Harrison, Rockweiler, Klang, Ott, Leimkueller, Berberich, Michels, Klostermeir, Bussman, Adelman, Jasper, and others.
    Frantz Braun, born September 16, 1812, and Catherine Braun, born January 7, 1815, are among the early born. Also there are Franz Beier and Mary Beier. He was born in 1825 and she in 1835. Franz lived until 1887 and Mary until 1903.
    A flag flies upon the grave of Franz Peter Lvig, who died in 1889 at the age of 73 years, five months and 12 days. Peter Jasper and his wife Elizabeth, are also among those born long ago. He first saw the light of day in 1840, and she in 1843. Herman Michels and his wife Gertrude, born in 1840 and 1843; also Anne McCann, born in 1817, are here.
    John B. Roy, born in 1820, died in 1894. He was married to Cecelia Turdat at Syracuse, New York, on June 28, 1848. She was born in 1826 and passed on in 1905.
    A few of the early born are here listed together with the years of their coming into this world. Henry Moll, 1821; Margaret Moll,1824; Karl Berberich, 1834; Mary Berberich, 1844; Josephine Rebillard, 1844; Alois Fix, 1829; Franz Dresen, 1843; Michael Lanser, 1826; Mary, his wife, 1825; Henry Michels, 1847; Catherine his wife, 1848; Hillard Rockweiler, 1822; Benedict Adelman, 1842; Arnold Bauer, 1805.
    At the bottom of the marker for John B. Roy which states that he enlisted in the U. S. Army at Schaers Harbor, New York, and served three years in the Mexican War. This war, it will be remembered, was caused by the annexation of Texas. It began in 1846, and ended in 1848 though the armed forces were in the field, for a longer period.
    There is a marker in the cemetery for a World War soldier but we could not learn his last name from the marker which gives no indication of it. The marker says:
            "James W.  1887-1950"
    We learned since that his last name was Cassidy.
    Flags are on other graves in this cemetery, one, the grave marker states, was for Mathias Leimkueller, who was a member of Co. E, 52nd Regt. He was born in 1829 and died in 1878. His wife Gertrude, is in the same lot. She was born in 1840. Joseph Braun, is another Civil War veteran buried here. He was born in 1843 and in 1899. His wife Mary, was born in 1852 and died in 1916. Joseph Moll has a flag on his grave. He was born in 1838 and died in 1920. Anna, his wife, was born in 1843 and passed away in 1922. Benedict Adelman, born in 1842, has a flag on his grave. He died in 1911.
    John Seep, who was born in 1879 is buried here. He died in 1944. Other members of the Seep family are in this cemetery. They are kin of Joseph Seep, well known farmer of Westford, and present chairman of the township.
    Joseph Zerving is an early born, his birth taking place on March 10, 1800, and his death in 1869.
    Two early day store keepers are in the Germantown cemetery. They are Alois Fix, who also operated a brewery, and Sebastian Wenker. Mr. Fix was born in 1829 and he passed on in 1880. Mr. Wenker Sr., was born in 1833. Mr. Wenker, a native of France, came to America with his parents and located with them in Dodge county. When he was 24 years of age he married Eva Derr, a native of Bavaria. They came to Cazenovia in 1865, where Mr. Wenker purchased a half interest in the store of Mr. Fix, and in 1866 became sole owner and continued in business for many years. Both he and his wife are buried here.
     Peter Vosen and Gertrude, his wife, are among the early born to be buried here. He was born in 1817 and she in 1819. Other early born are John Hanko and his wife Emma. He was born in 1849 and Emma in 1853. Theodore Klang, 1847, and Gertrude his wife in 1856. Mr. Klang died in 1922 and his wife in 1930. John Duppen and Anna Duppen were among the early born. His birth was in 1846 and his wife's in 1852. John died in 1923 and his wife preceeded him in death by a year, 1922 being the date of her death.
    World War I and II veterans are buried in the Germantown cemetery. Alfred Bauer, Staff Sgt. in the Air Corps, is one of the World War II veterans. According to his marker, he was born February 7, 1923, and died November 11, 1943.
    Edward Hanko, Private 13 Co. 161 Depot Brigade, World War I, has a marker. He was born Feb. 27, 1888, and died March 1, 1953.
    Another World War II soldier is Clarence Escher, who was a Staff Sergeant, 379th Infantry 95th Division. His birth date was June 6, 1919, and his death took place November 17, 1944.
    Fred J. Jasper, Pfc. 60th Inft. 9th Division, World War II, is also buried here. He was born October 8, 1915, and died August 12, 1943.
    One of the well known folks to be buried here is Hugh Scallon. He was born in 1859 and his wife Bertha, in 1865. Hugh died in 1936 and his wife in 1945.
    On a monument in the cemetery across the highway from the church is carved this:
    "William Duren, the last of the pioneers of St. Anthony's church, born at Austel, Germany, December 9, 1819, died March 27, 1908."  His wife Anna, is buried on the lot. She, the tombstone says, was also born in Germany; her birth date being November 20, 1822, and she died November 27, 1892. Mr. Duren, we believe, operated a sawmill on the Little Baraboo river not far from Germantown or Cazenovia. It was equipped with four saws and a turning lathe. This mill made stock for wagons, sleighs and some farm machinery. Later one run of stone for grinding feed was added.
    Also upon the monument for William and Anna Duren is this:
    "Rev. Stephen Duren, born Sept. 15, 1856. Ordained a priest June 24, 1884; died December 6, 1937."
    Two other priests are here. Rev. H. Koenig, who was born in the city of Heiligenstadt, Prussia, Germany, October 7, 1834, first studied to be a priest in his native city, finishing his education in Rome. He went to Ireland where he was ordained a Catholic priest at Carlow College on May 9, 1859. After coming to America he was assigned to various churches until 1878 when he took charge of St. Mary's Catholic church at Keyesville.
    Rev. Father H. Grosse, buried not far from Father Koenig and Father Duren, was one of the early day priests at the Germantown church. He was born in 1842 and passed on in 1900. He was the fourth to have charge of this church. The first mass for the church was held at the home of Jacob Marto by Father Gaertner, of Sauk City; the first resident priest was Father Bernerd. In 1859 they erected a church building and about 1884 the present brick structure was built. We noticed that three bells hung in the church steeple and these ring out, the chimes being heard for miles around.
    There are a few markers that have been worn by the elements, a few broken. But upon many, in addition to those given at the beginning of this brief history of this cemetery, we notice markers for Fisher, Keller, Luxton, Dietelhoff, Dooley, O'Brien, LeSage, Riedel, Clary, Canaan, Havlik, Herlihy, Hess, Bruha, McCarthy, Justen and Jax.
    John M. Jax was but three years old when his parents came to Richland county from Fond du Lac in 1855 and settled in Westford. He was married to Annie Timlin in 1875. He engaged in the hooppole trade for many years and also made hand shaved hoops.

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