Property Deed For Samuel Hutchinson, dated May 30, 1709

Property Deed for Samuel Hutchinson and William Allen, Windham, Connecicut, dated May 30, 1709

To all people to whom this deed of sale will come Greetings [torn]...[t]hat I Samll Whiting of Windham In the County of Hartford & Colony of Conecticut In new England for & In Consideration of one a hundred & twenty pound Currant mony of new England to me In hand before the Ensealment & delivery of these presents by William Allen & Samll hutchinson both of Salem In the County of Essex In the provinc of the masachuset bay In new England after Sd well & truly payed the recept wherof I do hereby acknowledg and my self therwith fully satisfied & ther of do acquit Exonerat & discharg the Sd William Allen & Samll Hutchinson ther heirs Exectuors admistrators and assignes for Ever have given granted bargained sold alien [align] Enffee[?] of[?] Conveyed & Confirmed unto the Sd William Allen and Samll Hutchinson and by these presents do fully freely and absolutely & absolutely give grant bargain sel alien Enfee of Convey and Confirme unto the Sd William Allen and Samll Hutchinson ther heirs Executors administrators and assignes for Ever a hundred & fifty acres of Land Lying on the Line between Lebanon & Windham bounded as followeth begining at John west's meadow the line runs north westerly by mr Wadsworth land a hundred and sixty rod then the line runs South westerly by land formerly belonging to mr Whiting and Mr Clark to a white oak tree marked B from henc the line runs South Easterly to pigen Swomp a hundred & sixty rod to a whit oak tree marked from whenc the line runs north East two hundred & twenty rod to the first mentioned boundary by John west meadow to have & to hold the Sd Land together with all the housing fences trees timber Stone watter water Courses profits priviledges Comodityes & appurtinances ther upon or ther unto belonging With all my whol right title & Intrest In & unto the Same unto the Sd William allen and Samll Hutchinson ther heirs and assignes and to the onely proper use benefit & behoof[?] of the Sd William Hutchinson ther heirs and assignes for Euer [ever] and that the Sd William Allen & Samll Hutchinson their heirs and assignes Shall & may by force[?] and virtue of there presents from time to time and at all times for Euer here after lawfully peaceably and quietly have hold use occupie possess and Enjoy the above granted premises and the appurtenances of a good perfit and absolute Estate of Inheritance In ffee Simple without any Condition reseruation or limitation what So Euer So as to alter Chaing defeat or make vow the Same freely acquitted from all former Sales leases morgagy doures Executions Intailes titles troubles or Incumberants had made Comitted done or Suffered to be done by me the Sd Samll Whiting at any time before the Ensealment here of and that the Sd Samll Whiting and my heirs shall & will warrant & defend this deed of Sale against a[?] [torn] Claimes witness my hand & Seal may 30:1709 Samll Whiting

Windham may 30 1709 the reund[Revd?] Mr Samll Whiting personally appeared & freely acknowledged this Instrument to be his act & deed before me: Jos [torn]

Intred here may 30 1709 by John Fitch (Riply [torn]

Signed Sealed & delivered in the presence of [torn] Riply[?] [torn]

(from Town of Windham, Conn., Deeds, Vol. DD, 1705-1718, p. 90, LDS Film #0005907.)

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