Elisha Hutchinson Home & Family

The Home & Family of Elisha Hutchinson

The Home of Elisha Hutchinson in Milford, New Hampshire, completed about 1785. Photo taken in 1938 by Elizabeth Hayward Hutchinson Patterson, great great granddaughter of Elisha.

According to Elizabeth Patterson:

"Home of Elisha Hutchinson---my great, great grandfather--through David. Elisha was one of the 'Minute Men of Lexington'. He was granted by his father's will 74 acres of wild land located in the northwest part of Amherst (now Milford) New Hampshire. He moved thither in 1779, one of the first settlers.

"For a time he lived in a rude structure until he could build this larger house--a 12 room house with two attics. He was a carpenter and master builder. The house still stands in good condition [as of 1938]. The rooms are built around a central chimney. All rooms have large fireplaces. The only hall is a short hallway across the front of the house, only large enough to permit of stairway to the second floor. The original barn still shelters a dairy herd. There are fine apple orchards on this farm, and from the orchard at the back of the house a wide, sweeping view of the White Mountains is seen. Later Jesse, son of Elisha, lived in this house. (The farm was divided between Elisha's sons Andrew and Jesse upon his death, Jesse receiving the house.) Here were born 14 of the 16 children of Jesse and Mary (Polly) Leavitt Hutchinson. When the house became too small for the growing family, Jesse bought another home and he, his wife, and younger children moved into the new home in 1822, leaving the older children to keep house in the first home.

"Elisha represents the sixth generation in this country. He was born December 6, 1751 in Middelton (or Salem), married November 10, 1772 to Sarah Buxton, moved to the valley of the Souhegan River near the present Milford, New Hampshire (town then called Amherst) in 1779. One of 19 original members of the Congregational Church in Milford, organized November 17, 1788, and first Clerk of the Church.

"Volunteered as a Private in Captain Jeremiah Page's Militia Company, at Danvers, and fought the British at Lexington 19th of April 1775. Moved to Milford and built the large house in which fourteen of the TRIBE OF JESSE, SONS OF MARY, were born.

"Died October 12, 1800 (aged 49).

From the History of Milford:

"Elisha, who being granted by his father's will a lot of 74 acres of wild lands in the northeast part of Amherst. (Now Milford NH) moved thither in 1779, one of the first settlers (History of Hillsboro County).

"For a time he lived in a rude structure in northeasterly part of what is now the territory of Milford, about three miles from what is usually called the Hutchinson homestead, on the northerly bank of the Souhegan River. He afterwards built a large house, still standing, in which fourteen of the tribe of Jesse, sons of Mary, were Born (See Map in History of Milford).

"He was a carpenter and master builder. This house is well worth a visit from the descendents of Elisha, one of our Revolutionary ancestors."

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