Catherine Hutchinson Atwood

Catherine Hutchinson Atwood

[On the back of the photo]:

"Catherine Hutchinson Atwood
daughter of Solomon and Catherine Flynn Hutchinson
sister of Harriette Peters"

[The photo was wrapped in paper with this writing]:

" *My Aunt Kate
Catherine Hutchinson Atwood
who was Aunt Addie's mother
(*Mothers Sister) "

"Sister of Harriet E. (Hutchinson) Peters
Aunt to Emma Peters Chase Connors (San Antonio, Tex)
Nashua, NH"

(Photo by: J.C. Batchelder, Photographer, 91 Main Street, Nashua, N.H.)

[Notes written on the back of the photograph and on the paper wrapping were probably written by Emma Lorette Peters, Catherine's niece. The photo was provided by Bob Trenoweth, Salem, Mass. Go to the Bob's Web site.]

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