Appendix A, The Descendants of Barnard Hutchinson, by Perley Derby

The Hutchinson Family: or the Descendants of Barnard Hutchinson, of Cowlam, England, compiled by Perley Derby, Essex Institute Press, 1870, Salem, Massachusetts

Appendix A

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b. 1602, Arnold, Nottinghamshire, England
d. 26 Sep 1682, Salem, Essex, Massachusetts

[p. 99] The following is a copy of the WILL of RICHARD HUTCHINSON, as found recorded in the Probate Office, in Salem, Mass.

In the name of God Amen, I Richard Hutchinson, of the towne of Salem bein of pfect (perfect) memorye, & vnderstanding & Thought weake in body by Reason of age, doe make this my last will & testament.

1. First I doe bequeath my soule into the hands of the Lord whoe gave it when it shall please him to call for it, and my body to be decently buried by my exectutor with assured hopes of a resurection.

2. In relation to my deare & loueing wife, my will is that shee shall be & remaine at my son Joseph Hutchinson house during her natural life if shee see cause there to be prouided for with convenient house roome meat drink & lodging & all other things whatsoeuer that may be comfortable & suitable for one of her age, during her life, and ten shillings yearly to be at her dispose to be paid by him in money or butter, or if shee see cause to remoue from thence & to live in any other place then shee shall haue all that estate, which was in her hands, when I marryed her excepting that pcell (parcel) of land which Samuel Leach of Manchester had, which was for the paiment of her debt, the sd estate to be at her dispose to whome soeeuer shee pleaseth, But if shee remaine at my son Hutchensons house during her life, then the said estate shalbe in the hands of my executor & be fully at his dispose only her wearing apparrell shalbe at her liberty to dispose of at her decease.

2ly. In respect of my lands my will is

1. That my sonn in law Anthony Ashby & my daughter Abigaile his wife, shall have twenty Acres of land lying by the hill, called Hathorne's Hill & lying the whole length of my land, this land being free to them theire heirs & assignes.

2. I giue to my sonn in law Daniell Bordman & my daughter Hanah his wife theire heirs or assignes, twenty acres of land, lying by and adjoyning to the land aboue expressed & lying the whole length of my land.

3. I giue to my Grand children Bethiah Hutchenson & Sarah Hadlock & each of them ten acres free to them & their assignes, lying by & adjoining to the land, aboue expressed & lying the whole length of the land.

4. I giue vnto black Peter my seruant, four acres of land lying by & adjoyning to the land aboue expressed to him & his heires, or if he [p. 100] haue noe heires then it shall returne to my exectuor his heires & assignes.

5. I give unto my son in law nathaniell Putnam & my son in law Thomas Hale & my son in law James Hadlock, each of them forty shillings to be paide by my executor within two years after my decease.

6. Alsoe I give to my son in law Daniell Bordman & Anthony Asby each of them forty shillings, to be pd. by my exector within two years after my decease, all ye sd. aboue written sums to be pd. in comon pay at price currant.

7. Lastly I make my son Joseph Hutchenson sole exector to this my last will & testament enjoyning him his heirs & assignes to pay all my debts and leagacies & I doe freely give vnto him his heirs or assignes peeter my seruant & all the rest of my estate both moueable & Imoueable. This is my last will & testament made by me this 19 January in ye yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred seaventy nine.

This clause (twenty acres of land betweene the 28 & 29 line) interlined before the signing thereof.

James Baily
Joseph mazury.
Richard H Hutchenson [seal]

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