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    The Tetley Genealogy Page     

updated: 30 October 2017

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The Tetley family Historians



The Tetley One Name Study  - Discover your Tetley ancestry
(Updated October 2017.)

Joshua Tetley and the Tetley brewery - A brief history

Tetley Tea origins - A brief history

Photo Gallery - Some old photos of Tetley folk and places with historical significance to Tetleys.

Tetleys in England

Birstall,  Yorkshire, England

Bradford, Yorkshire, England

Leeds, Yorkshire, England

London, England

Nottingham, England

Newcastle, England

Sheffield, Yorkshire, England






Tetleys in New Zealand

Tetleys in Canada

Tetleys in the USA

Tetleys in South Africa

Tetleys in Australia

Coats of Arms

Roll of Honour

Tetley name variants

Tetley newslist


Tetley statistics



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