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Welcome to Our Joyce Family Tree

Our Joyce's originated in County Carlow, Ireland. Some of the family of James Joyce emigrated to Boston and New York.  Others left Ireland and settled in Australia.

{Under Construction: This family tree is an exercise to learn about Microsoft’s Front Page and to prepare information about the Joyce Family. Material has been collected and compiled by Bob Joyce and Rob Joyce.}

Original research by John A. Joyce of, of Whitehall House, Graignamanagh, County Carlow, Ireland.

How the Central New York Joyce's came to be:

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The children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of Edward Joyce and Mary Doyle   will be presented here. Edward and Mary emigrated from Ireland and settled in the Central New York area about 1911. (Picture of Joyce homestead in Borris, County Carlow, Ireland)

On a trip to Ireland February 2-4, 1990, my wife Judy and I had the pleasure of visiting with my Grandfather Ed's nephew, Jim Joyce. He provided me with 11 pages of handwritten notes on the Joyce Family history. John Joyce, of Whitehall House, Graignamanagh, County Carlow, Ireland signs it. (See revision by daughter above.) The date given as August 4, 1989. Rob Joyce has since this time collected documents and information about our forefathers from the National Archives in Washington, DC. (See Edward Joyce)

One verbal story passed on to me by Jim Joyce went as follows:

Long ago when Kings ruled Ireland, one King Seamus wrote to the King of Spain asking for 500 pairs of brogues (boots) to be sent to Ireland. The King of Spain misread the note and sent 500 pairs of rogues. They, of course, became the Joyces.

Some history on the name JOYCE.

Joyce Coat of Arms   

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The descendents of John Joyce and Bridget Fenlon are documented here. They are the ancestors that all of the following names have been linked. John was born in 1759 in Kilmison, County Carlow, Ireland. Here are listed their immediate offspring:

      Henry Joyce, Number 1 Son

      Pierce Joyce, Number 2 Son

      John Joyce, Number 3 Son

      Edmund Joyce, Number 4 Son

      Thomas Joyce, Number 5 Son

      Margaret Joyce, Number 1 Daughter


Created by Bob Joyce with help from his son Rob:

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