Robert E. Dennis Family History Page

The Robert E. Dennis Family History Page

Hello, I am Robert E. Dennis of Covington, KY. Welcome to my Family Page.

I am not a professional Genealogist. But like a professional, I like to document every fact. This is where you can help. By sending me documentation where needed.

The format I am using is called a Outline Descendant Chart. If the individual is highlighted then I have a Family page for that individual. Just click on the name to go the Family Page.

You'll notice that a lot of names are not highlighted. Yes, I am Lazy ! But also because I think it is wiser to give you a link to another researcher who has the source documents for that part of the chart.. But the biggest reason is that I must place limits on the number of Family pages. Once the Charts have been finished you will see how massive they are. Thousands of names.

once I get better at creating sub directories. I can make the site bigger

At the top of each Family Page is a code. When contacting me about facts on a page, you must mention the page code and or the source code. These codes are the only way I will be able to keep track of all these files.

Due to DNA testing. some time before 1800 the Dennis surname change from Tennis and possibly it was Tennison before Tennis

There the chart below shows my connection to Jesse but because I believe that I have three of his brothers, I also have their data.
SurnamesStart atConnects at
AntrobusWilliam Antrobus bn abt 1732Mary Elizebeth bn abt 1875 in KY
Boggsnot researchedAmanda Boggs
Bushnot reserached
CaldwellAlexander Calwell bn abt 1735Lulu Belle bn 1881
Coleman James Coleman, Sr. bn abt 1750 Mary Jane bn 1816
DayRueben Day bn abt 1770Sydney Day bn abt 1805
Dennisunknown Dennis Jesse Dennis bn 1803, in KY
DraperNot ResearchedFrances Draper
GosneyNot Researched
KarrickHugh Karrick bn 1710Mary Elizebeth Karrick bn 1905
LemmonsNot ResearchedMary Jane Lemmons
Marshall not researchedEliza Jane Marshall bn abt 1825
PendletonThacker PendletonClarissia Pendleton bn 1846
RehmetJoseph Rehmet bn prior to1830 in PrussiaAnna Marie Rehmet bn private
RobertsLayfette Roberts b 1835Mary Roberts bn 1864
RoundtreeJohn Roundtree Clark Co., KYPolly Roundtree
Rusk John Rusk bn abt 1790 Mary Jane Rusk bn 1848
StephensThomas Stephens bn abt 1820Jesse Ruby Stephens bn 1905 in KY
SwannGeorge Swann b ? Childsburg, VA Pearl Swann b 1882 in Kelat, Harrison Co., KY
WilsonJesse Wilson b 1807 in SCMalinda Wilson b 1836

Updated 5 Jan 2010

Descendants of ..............Samuel G. Dennis, Sr I'll keep this page up untill I can break it up to the four brothers and redo the page

Jesse Dennis bn 1803 d abt 1869
Samuel Y Dennis
Mathias Dennis
John Y Dennis
I was co-owner of the Dennis Mailing List. This is a mailing list for anyone researching the DENNIS surname. The mailing list is sponsored by Rootsweb, and is part of the World Genealogical Web. To suscribe: Click on the link. Dennis Mailing List Put suscribe in the subject. Put suscribe in the body. Remove signatures or endtags. And send. If you have any trouble I'll know and will help.

New Prodject
I have started a Dennis Master Census List.
Starting with the first Ky census of 1795 and to include all the Dennis Families. Eventually, I'll have every Dennis that lived in KY.
If you are related to any Dennis that left KY, please let me know.
The Kentucky Dennis Cenus Indexes

The county pages inclndex cenus results and other data
The Dennis County Pages
Butler CoJessemine CoMuhlenberg

web page started in 1999, research started in 1978
Updated 17 July 2004
Decendants of ................Hugh Karrick
From 1710 to 1843, I don't have documentation, which is why there are very few family pages untill Walter Karrick bn 1843.

I am owner of the KARRICK mailing list. This is a mailing list for anyone researching the Karrick Surname, any place and any time. To suscribe email to Karrick List. In the subject heading put subscribe. Put subscribe in the body. Remove anything else such as signature and endtags. Then send.

I have started The Karrick's of Kentucky Census Index 1795 thru 1840

The Kentucky Karrick Census Indexes

Descendants of ...........William Antrobus.
On this chart the documentation starts with Mary Elizabeth Antrobus b 1865.

I am the owner of the ANTROBUS mailing list. This mailing list is for anyone reseraching the Antrobus surname, any place and any time. To subscibe email to Antrobus List . Put suscribe in the subject heading. Put subscribe in the body. Remove any thing else such as signatures and endtags. Then send.

I have started "The Antrobus of Kentucky Census Index 1795 thru 1840.
The Kentucky Antrobus Census Indexes

Descendants of August Herman Rehmet
August was born in 1846 in Prussia

A lot of the research for the August Rehmet genealogy was completed by my late Uncle William Rehmet. He worked very hard on it prior to his death.
Thank you Uncle Bill.

the mailing list for Rehmet. Rehmet Mailing List

Descendants of ............Thomas Stephens

The Descendants of Jesse Ruby Stephens

updated 2 FEB 2010

The descendants of Lynchwood Swan
The descendants of Layfette Roberts
Descendants of.........Alexander Caldwell.
My doucmentation starts with Lulu Bell Caldwell.

Descendants of James Coleman, Sr.

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Send your comments, addtions, source documents (or location of source) toBob Dennis

I am using a regular html program call HippiePro instead of a Genealogy Html program because I can't find one that will allow me to add links to other researchers.

So far this has the main page, six outline pages and 32 family pages

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