Place names are spelled out in full detail. All places are also based on the timeframe in which they occur. An example would be the village of Degerloch in the present day state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Degerloch has always been under the control of Württemberg, between circa 1495 to 1807 Württemberg was a Duchy, then in 1807 it was elevated to a Kingdom. So for dates before 1807 you will see it listed as: Degerloch, Oberampt Stuttgart, Neckarkreis, Duchy of Württemberg and dates after 1807 would be Degerloch, Oberampt Stuttgart, Neckarkreis, Kingdom of Württemberg or some other variation based on the timeframe of the event. This gives the reader a better view of the historical and political changes that certain places have gone through over a span of time. Hopefully you will find this method interesting and helpful.

There is also a Place Index that can be referred to in order to learn more about a specific location. By clicking on the icon you can see the additional information about that location including pictures or maps. (To learn more about the icons used on this site go here.) There you will find historical and background information on a particular place. If you have questions please contact me.