John Olen

M, (between 1790 and 1800 - before 1892)
     John Olen was born between 1790 and 1800. He was the son of John Olen and Sarah [—?—]. John Olen married Annie Sands circa 1815. John Olen died before 1892 at Larrys Creek, Piatt Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.
     From 'History of Lycoming County,' by D. J. Stewart ed., (Philadelphia, PA: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1876), page 81.

     There were two hunters residing here in 1826, who devoted their time exclusively to the chase, John Olen and Joseph Robinson. These men had families and resided in the vicinity of where Salladasburg is now located. Their homes were of the most primitive character, devoid of everything that today would be called comfort. They existed here something after the manner of the Indians, and perhaps but a little more civilized.

From 'History of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania,' by John F. Meginness ed., (1990 edition, prepared by Lycoming County Historical Society; Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, Inc., 1892), page 662.

     About 1825 John Olen and Joseph Robinson settled in the vicinity of Salladasburg. They were genuine pioneers. Their cabins were primitive structures. Much of their time was devoted to hunting which was their principal means of subsistence.

Meginness might have used "gentle" language in his book because he and a William Meginness married into the families of King and Marshall who were related to Olen descendants. John Olen married Annie Sands, believed to have been from New York state. According to the Lovell sisters (Zella and Inez) notes, Charles and Martin Olen, brothers of John, are reported to have lived in New York State. The 1820 Census lists a John Olen and a Joseph Robinson in Allegheny County [Pittsburgh]. Meginness then writes on page 1079 "Mr. King (William) was married in 1867 to Mary J., daughter of J. B. Robinson of Salladasburg." If John had brothers in New York State, he could have come to Lycoming County via New York.

     John and Annie (Sands) Olen had seven children: Alexander Olen who married Elizabeth Post; Catherine Olen who married Lewis Maurer; Sarah Olen who married Abraham Harrinton; William Olen who died at the age of 21 years in Jersey Shore; Robert H. Olen who married Elizabeth Carpenter Marshall, both of who are buried in Emery Cemetery, now Woodward Township Cemetery; Henry Olen who married Mary Hill; and John Olen who left home.

     One can speculate that astonished relatives and friends of Annie Sands could be heard saying, "Oh, she married a half-breed," or "She lives like and Indian," but if you look at pictures of Grandfather Warren and some of the other aunts and uncles you see American Indian! Who were the parents of Annie Sands and John Olen?
He was short and almost dwarf-like in size. He and Annie Sands appeared on the census of 1830 at Mifflin Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.

Children of John Olen and Annie Sands

  • Alexander Olen (c 1820 - )
  • Catherine Olen (c 1822 - )
  • Sarah Olen (c 1824 - )
  • William Olen (c 1826 - c 1847)
  • Robert H. Olen+ (29 May 1828 - 17 Jan 1905)
  • Henry Olen (c 1830 - )
  • John Olen (c 1832 - )
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