Isaac VanBibber

M, ( - September 1705)
     Isaac VanBibber married Hester Op Den Graeff, daughter of Herman Op Den Graeff and Grietjen Pletjes, circa 1627. Isaac VanBibber died in September 1705.
     From Gary R. Hawpe, ed. and Josephine Nell Letts, comp., 'The VanBibber Family,' Van Bibber Pioneers E-Newsletter, Vol. 5 No. 6 (April 2002), pp. 2 - 12.

By Josephine Nell Letts

The Van Bebbers, also spelled Vanbebber, and Van Bibber, were originally from Holland. The name tBebberA is derived from the village of that name in the Dutchy of tClevesA, or the village taken its name from the family. The prefix of tVanA also indicates high respectability. In Vol. 7, Pennsylvania Historical Magazine of January 1880, there is an article by Judge Samuel Pennypacker, who at that time was Governor of Pennsylvania.

At the invitation of William Penn a number of persons emigrated from Holland and Palatinate and settled in Germantown, Pa. In 1683. On the 11th of June, 1683, William Penn conveyed to Govert Remke, Lenarts Arets, and Jacob Isaacs Van Bibber, a baker, all of Crefeld, one thousand acres of land each, and they, together with Telmer, Streypers and Sipman, constituted the original purchasers of land in Germantown. It is evident that their purpose was colonization and not speculation. These were the people who, some as Mennonites, and others, perhaps as recently converted Quakers, after being unresistingly driven up and down the Rhine for a century and a half, were ready to come to the wilds of America. Of the six original purchasers Jacob Telmer and Jacob Isaacs Van Bibber are known to have been members of the Mennonite Church; Govert Remke, Jan 14th, 1868 sold his land to Dirck Sipman, and had little to do with the emigration; Sipman selected as his attorneys here at various times Herman op den Graeff, Hendrick Selen and Van Bebber, all of whom were Mennonites.

Thus the Van Bebbers are frequently referred to in contemporaneous records as Jacob Isaacs, Isaac Jacobs and Matthias Jacobs. Isaac Jacobs Van Bebber of Crefeld, was in Germantown November 8, 1684. Van Bebber was a son of Jacob Isaacs Van Bebber and was followed here a few years later, 1687, by his father, and brother Matthias.

In 1702 began the settlement of the Skipeck. This first outgrowth of Germantown also had its origin at Crefeld, and the history of the Crefeld purchase would not be complete without some reference to it. As we have seen, of the 1000 acres bought by Govert Remke, 161 acres were laid out at Germantown. The balance he sold in 1686 to Dirck Sipman. Of Sipman s own purchase of 5000 acres, 588 acres were laid out at Germantown, and all that remained of the 6000 acres he sold in 1698 to Matthias Van Bebber, who, getting in addition 500 and 415 acres by purchase, had the whole tract of 6166 acres located by patent February 22, 1702, on the Skipeck, It was in the present Berkioman Township, Montgomery County, and adjoined Edward Land and William Harmer, near what is now the village of Evansburg. For the next half century, at least, it was known as Bebber s Township, or Bebber s Town, and the name being often met with in the Germantown records has been a source of apparently hopeless confusion to our local historians. Van Bebber immediately began to colonize it, the most of the settlers being Mennonites. Matthias gave 100 acres for the church which was built in 1725. In 1714 Matthias purchased from Ephriam Agustus Herman the large estates known as Bohemia Manor in Cecil County, Maryland where the family continually resided for years.

The Van Bebbers were undoubtedly men of standing, ability, enterprise and means. The father, Jacob Isaac, moved into Philadelphia before 1698, being described as a merchant on High Street. He died there in 1711.

Note: Records of St. Stephens Parish, Cecil County, Maryland, Jacob Isaac Vanbebber, buried Sept. 1705, Christinia (his wife) buried Sept 4, 1711.

Matthias, who is frequently mentioned by James Logan, made a trip to Holland in 1701 on business, returning to Philadelphia before April 1702. He remained in the city until 1704 when he and his elder brother, Isaac Jacobs Van Bebber, Refner Hermans Bucklow, and perhaps others, removed to Bohemia Manor, Cecil Co., Maryland. There he was Justice of the Peace, and is described in the deeds as a merchant and gentleman. Maryland Archives, Vol. 25 gives him as Chief Justice of Cecil County.

Jacob Isaac had three grandson named, Jacob, one of whom was doubtless Judge Jacob Van Bebber of the Supreme Court of Delaware November 27, 1764. Jacob Isaacs Van Bebber, directed to be one of the first Committeemen.

After the town had become populous enough to warrant its having control of its own affairs, a charter of incorporation dated May 31, 1691 was issued to Francis Daniel Pastorius, baliff, Jacob Telmer, Dirck op den Fraeff, Herman op den Graeff, and Thones Kunders, burgesses; Abraham op den Graeff, Jacob Isaacs Van Bebber, Johannes Kassell, Heifert Papen, Herman Bon and Dirck Van Kolk, Committeemen, with power to hold a court and a market, to admit citizens, to impose fines and to make ordinances. The Bailiff and the first two burgesses were constituted justices of the peace. 1691 Recorder -- Jacob Isaacs Van Bebber; 1692 Burgess, Van Bebber.

Librarian, Penna. State Library, Harrisburg, Jacob Isaac was from Crefield. A daughter of Jacob married Herman op den Graef. Autiobiography of a Pennsylvanian, by Pennypacker, Page 17, Van Bebber was one of the three Patrons of Pennsylvania.

Jacob Isaac and his wife Christina were in Penna. As early as 1687. They had three sons, Isaac Jacob (probably the eldest, he was born in 1661), Matthias, and Henry (or Hendrick).

Isaac Jacob was in Pennsylvania before 1683. His wife s name was Fronkia (or Veronica). His will in Cecil County, Md., 1723, gives the names of his children: Jacob, Hester, Christina, Veronica, Peter and Isaac.

Matthias Vanbebber came to Penna in 1687. Will of Mathias, 1733, Cecil County Maryland lists: wife, Hermana; children Jacob, Adam, Matthias, Henry, Sarah, Rebecca, Christiana, and Hester.

Henry (or Hendrick) Vanbebber will 1725 Cecil County, Maryland lists children Mary, Matthias, Hester (17 years old), Catherine (wife of Hoefnagel) Haybert, and Jacobus.

Baldwin s Calendar of wills, Cecil County Md lists Henry Vanbebber 1733; Matthias testified.

St. Stephens Parish gives an additional son James who married Anna Larson, 1730.

Henry s wife was Catherine Bougard and they came to America in 1720 from Utracht, Holland.

Govenor s Register of Delaware, 1674 x 1857 lists: P. 13 Jacob Vanbebber Justice of Peace; P. 14 Jacob Van bebber, 4th Judge of the Supreme Court, New Castle, Del; P. 18 Judge Jacob Vanbebber, 1764; P. 534 Jacob Vanbebber settled in Delaware about 1730.

Conrad s History of Delaware: Judge Jacob Vanbeber was the son of Matthias, (this would be Matthias, Chief Judge of Cecil County, Md). Note: Jacob Isaac and Fronkia has a son Jacob who lived and died in Delaware and he had a son Joacob, and it is more likely this Jacob was the one who was Chief Judge instead of being the son of Matthias.

Delaware Records, New Castle County, Delaware: Administration of the estate of Jacob Vanbebber 1733 at St. George Head -- wife Mary was names executrix, son Jacob and daughter Mary Ashton. Grandson Joseph Hart, only son of daughter Grace Hart (deceased). His wife Mary as Executor of estate gives this information; Peter Van Bibber, brother of my deceased husband Jacob, sisters of my deceased husband Jacob Van Bibber to wit: Hester Gooding and Veronica Birmingham. Children of my brother Nathaniel Fitzrandolph, New Jersey, and my sister Experience Moor (wife of Samuel). Note: this proves that Jacob who died in 1733 was the son of Isaac Jacob and wife Fronkia.

History of Cecil County, Md by George Johnston 1881

Prominent among the early settlers of Bohemia Manor were two brothers, Isaac and Matthias Van Bibber. Their father, Jacob Isaac Van Bibber, was a Hollander, and was one of the first settlers of Germantown, Pa. His sons, the two brothers before mentioned, were natives of Holland, and were naturalized in Maryland in 1702. Previous to coming to Maryland they had been engaged in merchandising in Philadelphia. In 1702 Matthias bought part of John Moll Jr s land which the reader will recollect was the Eastern most of the four necks which comprised the Labadie Tract. Two years afterward he bought another portion of it, which he and his wife Froncia sold to Matthias, it 1711 for 150 pounds which, it is stated in the deed, had been expended in the erection of a mill then occupied by the said Isaac. This mill was located upon a branch of the Bohemia, called Mill Creek, on the site of what was formerly known as Sluyter s Mill, every vestige of which has long since disappeared, even the land once covered by the dam now being cultivated. This is the first mill mentioned in the history of that part of the country.

Matthias Van Bibber appears to have been fond of the acquisition of land, for in 1714 he purchased St. Augustine Manor of Ephriam Augustine Herman for 300 pounds. This manor was directly east of Bohemia Manor and was separated from it by an old cart road which was known then and for many years afterward as the told Choptank RoadA. Matthias Van Bibber also became the proprietor of Van Bibber s Forest, which was patented to him in 1720, and contained 850 acres. In addition to this he owned another tract which is described in his will as his plantation at the head of the Elk. Matthias Van Bibber was for a long time Justice of the County.

Isaac Van Bibber s will was proved in 1723 in Cecil County, Md. He left three sons, Jacob, Peter, and Isaac, and three daughters, Hester, Christina and Veronica. Matthias Van bibber s will was proved in 1733. He left four sons: Jacob, Adam, Matthias, and Henry. Four daughter: Sarah, Rebecca, Christina, and Hester.

Henry Van Bibber, brother of Isaac and Matthias, came to Cecil County about 1720. His will, which was written in Utracht, is to be found among the records of the Orphans Court and being a literal translation from the original Dutch is probably the most curious document in the archives of the County. Mathias Van Bibber was made Vestryman of St. Stephens Parish in 1705.

General Records Committee Maryland D.A.R. 1949

The Van Bibber Family, Page 91: One of the earliest among the prominent families of Cecil County, Md. Was that of Van Bebber or Van Bibber as it was later called. Settling on the Bohemia Manor, coming to Md. from Germantown, Pa., two sons of Jacob Isaac Van bebber, of Holland, Isaac and Matthias Van Bibber were naturalized in Maryland in 1702. These brothers acquired large estates in Cecil County, not only on Bohemia Manor but near Elkton and above this town, the latter tract was called tVan Bibber s ForestA and it is near what is now known as the village of Leeds. Henry Van Bibber, brother of Isaac and Matthias came to Cecil County from Holland in 1720. March 8, 1704 Matthias Van Bibber was made a Vestryman of St. Stephens Parish, Cecil Co. The Van Bibber family has descendants in many states. Several went to West Virginia where they made a great record. Harford County, Maryland had today a number of the family, all of which are noted in various professions.

The word tBoodleA is commonly accepted as the American slang for money, but we see by this will of Henry Van Bibber, it is a good Dutch word and is of ancient usage.

Maryland Archives, Vol 24, Assembly 1701: Naturalization of Isaac and Matthias, Gentleman and Merchants, both of Dutch parents.

Scharfs History of Maryland gives the same article. tPersons naturalized by Special Act of the Provincial Legislature between 1666 x 1750.

Scharfs History of Western Maryland: Capt. Isaac Vanbebber, a native of Amsterdam who came to America in command of a vessel belonging to Lord Baltimore s fleet. The first record of Peter Van Bibber is that of his birth which is recorded at DAR library, Washington, D.C.

St. Stephens Parish, Cecil Co., Maryland: Jacob, son of Isaac and Fronica his wife, Oct 26, 1691; Peter, son of Isaac and Fronica his wife, May 25, 1695; Christinia, daughter of Isaac and Fronica, his wife, Aug 15, 1698, Isaac son of Isaac and Fronica, his wife, July 15, 1701; Isaac of Isaac Jacob, as he was sometimes referred to in earlier records was the son of Jacob Isaac and his wife Christina.

St. Stephens Parish Records: Jacob Isaac Vanbebber of Bohemia River, buried Sept. 1705. Christina, wife of Jacob Isaac buried Sept. 4, 1711.

Baldwins Calendar of Wills of Maryland, Vol 5, P. 150: Will of Isaac Vanbebber, age 62, Sept. 14, 1723, November 25, 1723. Sons Jacob, Peter, and Isaac. Daughters Christina and Veronica. James Vanbebber testified to the will. Note: Isaac Vanbebber age 62 in 1723, born 1661.

Record at Courthouse, Baltimore: AA, Page 153 Stephens parish, Cecil County: Jacob, son of Isaac Vanbebber, and Jacob Goodwin, son-in-law, appointed executors of Isaac Vanbebber s estate.

Cecil County, Maryland, records: Peter Vanbebber appointed appraiser of the estate of Isaac Vanbebber s 1723.

Baldwins Calendar of Maryland, Vol. 5, page 21: Peter Vanbebber testified to a will in 1720.

Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. 24, 549: Peter Vanbebber, 100 acres, Feb 25th, 1733. Warrantees of land, County of Lancaster.

Peter Van Bibber of Virginia

Peter, son of Isaac Jacob and Fronica was born May 25, 1695 and the record is given, St. Stephens Parish, Cecil Co., and also D.A.R. Library, Washington D.C. He was born in Pennsylvania. His father did not live in Maryland until later. The earliest record of Peter in Virginia is in Lunenburg Co. where he and his son Isaac are given Titheables in 1748. Even though reference is given to them later in Pittsylvania and Halifax Counties, they were probably in the same location from 1748 to about 1769 when his sons Peter, Jr. and John moved to Botetourt County. Halifax County taken from Luenburg Co. 1752. Pittsylvania County formed from Halifax 1767. Note also that Greenbrier County was formed from Botetourt in 1777 and that Kanawha County, W. Va. Was formed from Greenbrier in 1789.

The last reference to Peter, Sr., born in 1695 is in a deed made April 6, 1769 in Pittsylvania county. He is not given in any of the records of Botetourt County and he probably died soon after 1769. Peter had three sons, Isaac, Peter Jr., and John. His only daughter was Brigetta who married Isaac Robinson. His eldest son was Isaac, the second Peter, and the youngest, John. The best account of the Van Bibber family in Virginia was written by Mrs. M.W. Donally (a descendant of John) and is given in W. Va. Historical Magazine, No. 3-1903, Page 213.

Records of Lunenburg Co., Virginia

tSunlight on the South SideA by Landon Bell: P. 84: List of titheables from the mouth of Falling River unwards for the year 1748 were Peter Vanbebber, 2 tithes; Isaac Vanbebber; Taken by John Phelps (This location now Bedford and Campbell Counties. Page 96: Tithes taken by Nicholas Hale, 1749: Peter Vanbebber, Isaac Vanbebber 3 thithes, Peter Vanbebber, Jr. (this is the first record of Peter, Jr.) Page 151: Tithables 1750 Peter Vanbebber, Peter Vanbebber, Jr. (this is the Peter who married Margery Bounds, and who died 1797), Isaac Vanbebber. Lueneburg County was taken from Brunswich 1746,a nd Brunswich from Prince George and Isle of Wight 1720-30.

Virginia Land Office, Pages 34-263

Peter Vanbebber, grant of land 130 acres, sum of 15 shillings, May 12, 1759.

Halifax County, Virginia

Hennings Stature, Vol. 8, Page 130, 1758 Peter Van Bibber, Peter Van Bibber, Jr. for hauling provisions. County Clerk s records: 1765 grant of land to Peter Vanbebber, 1759 grant of land to Isaac Vanbebber. Note the Pension of James Van bibber (son of Peter 2nd), born in Halifax County, May 8, 1766.

Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Pittsylvania County was formed from Halifax County 1767. History of Pittsylvania County, Va.: John Van Bibber lived in the western part of the state. Justice of the Peace, John Van Bibber, 1767. Camden Parish, 1768, Van Bibber (no first name).

Virginia Historical Magazine Vol. 24, p 271, 272 Titheables 1767: John Van Bibber, Peter Van Bibber, Jr., Isaac Van Bibber.

Court Records: Isaac Vanbebber, wife Sarah, made a deed 1767. Peter Vanbebber witnessed the deed. John Vanbebber in deed, 1767 (first reference to John). Peter Van Bibber, Sr. of Pittsylvania Co., made a deed in 1769, April 6th. John Van Bibber of Botetourt County, recorded in deed, 1770 (This is last reference I have to Peter, Sr.)

Botetourt County, Virginia

Annals of Southwest Virginia: Member of the jury, Peter Van bebber, 1773. John Vanbebber (near Muddy Creek) 1771.

Surveyors Book: 1774 x 1808: Surveyed for Peter Vanbebber 298 acres in Botetourt County (he was the son of Peter 2nd and Margery Bounds). Note: Botetourt not formed until 1769 so he was born in Lunenburg County.

John Vanbebber of Botetourt County in a deed, 1770 in Pittsylvania County. John had five law suits in Pittsylvania County 1767 x 1778. John moved from Pittsylvania County to Botetourt County between 1767 x 1770. Peter Vanbebber of Botetourt in a deed Pittsylvania County, 1773. This shows that Peter and his brother John were living in Botetourt County as early as 1770. In the pension of James (son of Peter 2nd) born 1766, he said they moved to a settlement on the Greenbrier before he could recollect, and lived there many years. Note: lived there until about 1783 and moved to Greenbrier County. Will Book A, Page 63: 1776, Inventory of the estate of Isaac Vanbebber.

Vanbibber Family by Mrs. M.W. Donnally, W. Va. Historical Magazine, No. 3, 1903: The battle of Point Pleasant was fought October 10, 1774. General Andrew Lewis commanding. John Van Bibber, his brothers Isaac, Peter 2nd, and the latter s son Jesse (5 years old?) fought on this memorable occasion. Isaac, a Baptist minister had come from the Carolinas on a visit to this brother in Botetourt County. He fell mortally wounded. Peter 2nd fought with such bravery that he was promoted and commended on the battlefield. Isaac married a Miss Davis (probably Sarah) and lived in North Carolina. Note: Court Records of Pittsylvania Co. 1767, deed of Isaac, wife Sarah. D.A.R. papers of Mrs. Mable Holiday Moody, Na. No. 37222. Rev Isaac Vanbebber, born in Maryland, Died at Point Pleasant October 10, 1774. He had a daughter Margaret born 1754; married 1778 George Yoakum. Another account gives, Isaac, Captain of Militia, and that he left a widow and four children: John, Peter, Rebecca, and Isaac, Jr.

Mrs. Spracker s book on Daniel Boone: Isaac, Jr. born 1771, married Elizabeth Hayes and that he died in Montgomery County, Missouri 1840.

Greenbrier County, Virginia (now W. Va.)

Greenbrier County was formed 1777 x 78 from Botetourt County. The pension of James (son of Peter 2nd) says they moved from a settlement on the Greenbrier River to the mouth of the Great Kanawha (Greenbrier County) about 1783. Mrs. Donnally s article on the Van Bibber family says Peter 2nd lived in Greenbrier County and built a house on Wolf Creek. Court Records: 1781, June 29, Vanbibber, Peter married Elinor Vanbibber. July 22, 1785 Peter Vanbibber married Sarah Yokecome. Census, 1790: Names taken from the Tax Lists 1783 x 1786 Vanbebber, John, Peter, Peter, Jr.

Peter Van bebber (2nd) and his family in Kanawha County, W. Va.

Peter Van Bibber 2nd was born about 1728 x 30, and his brothers were Isaac, and John and his sister Brigetta who married Isaac Robinson. Their father was Peter Van Bibber, who came to Lunenburg County, Va. from Cecil County, Maryland as early as 1748. Peter 2nd died in Kanawha County, W.Va. in 1797.

Reference D.A.R. papers of Mrs. Agnes Barlow Roe, Portsmouth, O. National Number 82059 and also of Mrs. A.E. Kiefer, Glencoe Hotel, Cincinnati, O. National Number 132596 and also letters from her written in 1928.

Peter Van Bibber was married in Botetourt Co., Va. in 1756 to Margery Bounds who was born in 1740. Note: this would be Lunenburg County instead of Botetourt which was formed from Augusta Co. 1769. Peter s and Margery s children: Jess, Peter, Matthias, Jacob, Olive, James, Nancy, Sophronia, Ellen, and Joseph.

From the County Clerk of Kanawha County, W. Va.: James Van bibber and Jess Van Bibber were made administrators of the estate of Peter Van Bibber 2nd, July 3, 1797.

Mrs. Spracker s Book on Daniel Boone: Says that after the death of Peter Van Bibber, his widow went to live with one of her sons in Ohio, on the Ohio River opposite the mouth of the Big Sandy. Nathan Boone, who married in 1799 Olive Van Bibber, daughter of Peter 2nd, went to claim his bride at the mouth of the Little Sandy where Mr. Van Bibber then lived. Note: This Peter was the son of Peter 2nd and in his pension papers it states that he was born in 1757. He was evidently the eldest of Peter 2nd and Margery Bounds children.

Chalkey s, Vol. 2 page 556: Andrew, Thomas and William Lewis laid off a town at Pt. Pleasant, Kanawha County (now Mason County) W. Va. Copy of the agreement by Andrew Lewis, vis: John, Peter Sr., Peter Jr., James and Jacob Van Bibber. Dates November 20, 1874.

County Clerk of Augusta County, Virginia: Same account as above. Pension of James Van Bibber of Calloway County, Missouri 1833, born in Halifax County, Virginia, May 8, 1766, enrolled under Captain John Van Bibber in 1781. He moved before he could recollect, with his father, to a settlement in the same state on the Greenbrier River, about 180 miles from the mouth of the Great Kanawha (Botetourt Co.) and remained there many years. About 1783 he moved to the mouth of the Kanawha. He tells of going with one of his cousins and meeting Indians and this cousin was killed. (This was Rhoda, daughter of Captain John).

In 1785 two of his brothers were fired upon by the Indians and one was left for dead and the other taken prisoner and remained in captivity eleven months and escaped. In 1787 his brother was a Lieutenant and he himself an Ensign. He lived in Kentucky a short time but left there in 1803 and has lived in Calloway Co., Mo. 15 years. Note: James was the son of Peter 2nd who was first mentioned in Lunenburg Co., Va. as Peter, Jr., in 1749 x 1750.

W. Va. Historical Magazine, Vol. 1, Page 12: First court of Kanawha County, held at Clendenin Fort, October 6, 1789. The following Gentlemen Justices were severally sworn and qualified as members of the court: James Van bibber, Militia, James Van Bibber (Note: Peter has a son James, and John also had a son James).

History of Charleston and Kanawha County by W.W. Laidley: Certificate of marriage, Jacob Van Bibber and Sarah Miller, married 1795 by James Johnston. (They later lived in Greenup County, Kentucky).

DAR Papers of Mrs. Agnes Barlow Rose of Portsmouth, Ohio National Nbr. 82059: Jacob Van Bibber, born 1775, died 1836, married 1795 Sarah Miller, born 1776 and who died 1843. Sarah Miller was the daughter of Simon Miller, who was born 1735, married 1759 and died 1780. His children were Sarah, Isabella and Susan. Also gives the information that Nancy was the daughter of Jacob and Sarah and another daughter was Elizabeth, born 1808 and died 1849, married Ezra Jeffords.

Pension of Peter Van Bibber of Ripley County, Indiana in 1833, age 76, born Aug. 5, 1757 in Botetourt Co., Va., resided in Greenbrier Co. at the time of service, moved to Ohio and stayed there many years, then moved to Indiana. Note: Botetourt was not formed until 1769 so he was born in Lunenburg Co. where his father Peter 2nd lived at that time.

History of Charleston and Kanawha Co. by W. S. Laidley, p. 308: Titheables 1792 Van Bibber, Jess, Peter, James, Isaac, Matthias, John and James.

W. Va. Historical Magazine, Vol. 1, Page 12: Kanawha County 1789, Gentlemen Justice sworn and qualified as a member of the court: James Van Bibber.

History of Charleston & Kanawha County by W.S. Laidley: Marriage records: Jacob Van Bibber and Jean Irvine, 1796 (son of Peter 2nd); James Van Bibber and Louise Reynolds, 1797 (Son of John); Matthias Van Bibber and Margaret Gardner, 1797 (Son of Peter 2nd); Matthias Van Bibber and Peggy Hutchinson, 1812 (This may have been a second marriage). Some references give one Matthias who married in 1812 as the son of John, but no mention of him is made in the settlement of John s estate. Matthias Van Bibber, son of Peter 2nd -- information in a letter of Mrs. V. L. Carpenter, 417 2nd Ave., Dixon, Illinois: Matthias, son of Peter and Margery, born 1772, married Margaret Gardner 1797. He died in Nicholas County, W Va. in 1828. He had a son David Campbell Robinson Van Bibber, born in 1799. David had a son James Robinson Van Bibber, born in 1831, in Nicholas County, W. Va. died in 1908 at Marshalltown, Iowa.

James Van Bibber, son of Peter 2nd, State Archives & History of W. Va., Page 73. Captains commission issued to Jess Van Bibber, July 8, 1801.

Howes Historical Collection of Virginia, and History of Kanawha County W. Va. by Atkinson: There lives up Thirteen-Mile creek Mrs. Jesse Van Bibber (son of Peter 2nd) and aged pioneer in this county, whose life, like his own mountain stream, was rough and turbulent at its commencement; but as it nears the close, clam and peaceful, beautifully reflecting the Christian anecdotes and incidents illustrating the early history of this region, some of which here follow: He tells of the capture of his brother Joseph by Indians and of the death of his cousin Rhoda, age 17, who was the daughter of Captain John. Joseph, age 13, was kept in captivity two years and made his escape. In the same article he tells of his two brothers, Matthias, age 18, and Jacob, age 12, being waylaid by Indians in 1788 x 89. Matthias escaped but Jacob was taken prisoner and kept in captivity about a year. In an article by Mrs. M. W. Donnally, W. Va. Historical Magazine Nbr. 3 1903, there is also an account of Rhoda s death in 1787 and that Joseph was her brother but it seems more likely that Jess was correct. Rhoda was the daughter of Captain John.

State Archives and History of W. Va., Page 73: Captains commission issued to Jess Van Bibber of Kanawha County, W. Va., July 28, 1801. W.C. Greenlee, Box 2000, Charleston, W. Va. Gives this information about Jess: Jess married Rachel Greenlee and their daughter Elizabeth married James Smith. Their son James Smith married Ann Sayre. Their daughter Emeline married Perry Greenlee and they were the parents of the above W.C. Greenlee.

Jacob Van Bibber, son of Peter 2nd and Marjory:

Battle of Maumee with General Anthony Wayne, commanding: Jacob, Matthias, and Isaac fought in this battle. The next reference to Jacob and his wife Sarah is in Greenup County, Kentucky. John Van Bibber , son of Peter 1st, died in Kanawha County, W. Va. in 1821. Records from the clerk of the court give the following persons as receiving in the division of his estate: Col. Andrew Donnally, James Van Bibber, Hanna Slaughter, Chloe Boone, Marion Reynolds.

History of Charleston & Kanawha County, W. Va. by W. S. Laidley, p. 88 Chloe Van Bibber married Jess Boone, son of Daniel Boone, and his sister Marjory married Col. Andrew Donnally in 1802. Another sister Marion, married Col John Reynolds and Hannah married Goodrich Slaughter in 1797. John s son James married Louise (or Lois) Reynolds in 1797 and they later lived in Greenup County, Kentucky.

W. Va. Historical Magazine, Vol. 1, page 12: John Van Bibber was appointed Commissioner of Revenue, October 6, 1789.

DAR papers of Mrs. Annett Thayer Walker, Nbr. 121551: John Van Bibber born 1734 Cecil County, Maryland married Chloe Stanford. He died in 1820 in Charleston, W. Va. daughter Miraim, born 1781 died 1851, married John Reynolds. John served as a private at the battle of Point Pleasant.

War Services of Van bibbers in Virginia

Thwaites and Kellog, Documentary History of Dunmore s War s 1774: Isaac Van Bibber, Jess Van Bibber, John Van Bibber, Peter Van Bibber.

W. A. Crozier s Colonial Militia, 1651 x 1776: Battle of Point Pleasant October 10, 1774, Privates John Van Bibber, Peter Van Bibber. Peter Van Bibber, a spy or scout in 1780. Photostat records of this service obtained from Virginia State Library, Richmond, Virginia.

Marriage Bonds, Greenup County, Kentucky

Children of Jacob and Sarah Van Bibber:

Peter Van Bibber to Mary Devore (son of Jacob) 5/4/1815
George Hensley to Ruth Van Bibber (daughter of Jacob) 6/20/1815
Solomon Van Bibber to Jane Bryson 1/3/1826
Moses Haney to Nancy (dtr Jacob) 1/15/1827
Jacob Van Bibber Jr. to Margaret Bryson 2/11/1829
Ezekial Van Bibber to Susan Rice (consent of Jacob) 12/13/1833
D. M. Knous to Margaret (dtr of Jacob) 5/24/1834
Jacob Van Bibber was on the marriage bond of Joseph Hensley
who married Hanna Miller. 1/14/1809
Note: Hanna was probably a sister of Jacob s wife Sarah Miller.

Mrs. Roe s DAR papers give Elizabeth Van Bibber, born 1807 as the daughter of Jacob and Sarah. She married Ezra Jeffords. She gives the date of the death of Jacob Van Bibber as 1836 and of Sarah his wife as 1843. The last reference in Greenup County to Jacob Van Bibber is on the marriage bond of his daughter Margaret in 1834, Deed Book C.

War service of Peter Van Bibber late a private soldier in Captain Benedict Bacon s Company D of the 16th Regiment, Kentucky Militia ordered out under the command of Lt. Andrew Porter, October 28, 1816. Peter was the son of Jacob and Sarah.

Greenup County, Kentucky: Jacob Van Bibber, son of Peter 2nd and Margery Bounds, born about 1776, married Sarah Miller in 1795 in Kanawha County, W. Va. The first census of Kentucky was made in 1810. Jacob and his family are given in that census in Greenup County with two sons under ten years of age, and two between ten and sixteen; also two daughters under ten years of age and one daughter between ten and sixteen. The 1810 census gives him with seven children. The 1820 census gives him with nine, and the 1830 census with three males under five years of age bringing the number of children to twelve.

Copy of Marriage Bond, Greenup County, Kentucky: I do hereby certify that I have no objection of Moses Haney obtaining marriage license for the purpose of marrying my daughter, Nancy Van Bibber. Given under my hand and seal this 14th day of January, 1827, Signed: Jacob Vanbibber. Test: - Peter Vanbibber. Prov.: by P. Vanbibber, Jno. Hockaday. (Note, Peter was a brother of Nancy).

Greenup County 1830 census gives: Moses Haney, who married Nancy Van Bibber (daughter of Jacob and Sarah) in 1827, two males under five years of age. Their son Andrew was born there in 1835. Moses Haney was not in Kentucky in 1840.

Register of Kentucky Historical Society, Vol. 6 page 106: Mentions James Van Bibber as the brother of Chloe Boone who married Jess Boone, eldest son of Daniel Boone. Chloe was the daughter of John Van Bibber. Peter s son James moved to Callaway County, Missouri according to his pension.

Botetourt County Rec. Deed Book 8, Page 297: James Van Bibber and wife Lois with James Van Mauser Reynolds and wife Lelah, John Greenlee and wife Jane, John Reynolds and wife Marian, all of Kanawha County, W. Va., 1803. This shows that James and his wife Lois were in Kanawha County, W. Va. in 1803.

This information written to Josephine Nell Letts in 1929 by R. W. Robb of Greenup, Kentucky: Records copied from tombstones in the cemetery located near the Falls of Little Sandy: James Van Bibber, born August 8, 1762, died August 5, 1841. Wife Lois (but could not read the dates on her tombstone). He also said Rhoda (daughter of James and Lois) married John P. Tanner, 1830. Hanna (daughter of James and Lois) married 1815, Joshua Rollins.

Marriage Bonds, Greenup County, Kentucky:
Joshua Rollins to Hanna, daughter of James Van Bibber 3/11/1815
John P. Tanner to Rhoda, daughter of James Van Bibber 5/11/1830

The following do not give parents names:
Cyrus Van Bibber to Mary S. Timberlake 12/26/1821
David Millison to Elizabeth Van Bibber 5/17/1834
Solomon Van Bibber to Jane Bryson 1/3/1826
George Tanner to Mary A. Van Bibber -- No data given

Tombstone Records:
Mary A. Van Bibber, married George Tanner. Mary A. was born 1827, died 1857.
James Van Bibber, born August 8, 1762, died August 5, 1841. His wife was Lois.


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The above information was compiled by Josephine Haney Letts the great granddaughter of Moses Haney and Nancy Van Bibber. Jospehine was born in 1887.

Children of Isaac VanBibber and Hester Op Den Graeff

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