Derick Isacks Op Den Graeff

M, (1640 - May 1697)
     Derick Isacks Op Den Graeff was born in 1640 at Krefeld, Duchy of Kleve, Rheinland. He was the son of Isaac Hermans Op Den Graeff and Greietjen Pieters. Derick Isacks Op Den Graeff married Nilcken Vijtten on Thursday, 20 March 1681 at Krefeld Quaker Church, Krefeld, Duchy of Kleve, Rheinland. Derick Isacks Op Den Graeff died in May 1697 at Germantown, Philadelphia County, Province of Pennsylvania, America, at age 57 years.
     He was a linen maker. Derick Isacks Op Den Graeff was also known as Dirck Isacks. Derick was a member of the Friend's meeting of Germantown and when the Keithian controversy arose, he sided with the conservative Friends, although his brothers Herman and Abraham sided with George Keith. Keith was so incensed with his activity against him that he call him (Derick) an "impudent rascal." When Keith was "disowned" by the Yearly Meeting in Burlington in 1692, Derick was one of the signers of the "certificate of disownment" and the next year he signed Philadelphia Quarterly Meetings certified statement of the case to London Yearly Meeting.

In 1689, William Penn granted a charter for the "German Towne" to "Dirk Isaacs Op de Graeff, Linen Maker" and his ten associates, while appointing him and three others to be the first burgess'. In 1692, he was one of the town's six committeemen, the next year he served as bailiff, the town's chief executive and the year after that, he was appointed to conserve the town's right of exemption (under its charter) from taxation.

Derick, the eldest, was also the first of the three brothers who came to America, to die. He left a will dated Germantown 10 Nov 1688, leaving everything to his wife Nilcken (evidently having no children). Approved May 24, 1697 - Administration Book A, page 237 Reference: page 22 Mennonite Year Book and Almanac - 1916.
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