Mary [—?—]

     Mary [—?—] married Isaac Updegraff, son of Abraham Isaacs Op Den Graeff and Trijntje Jansen, on Friday, 29 April 1712.
     There has been much speculation as to Isaac's wife name, but we know that his wife's first name was in fact Mary as per a deed recorded in Philadelphia, PA Book C, #2, Vol. III, Page 95: 27 Mar 1731 Isaac Updegraf of Philadelphia Co., weaver, and wife Mary sold 132 1/2 acres of land being 1/4 of the 530 acres orginally laid out for Isaac's father Abraham. Surname has been listed as Basilher, but may not be correct. Mary's surname has also been spelled as Basilher. Mary [—?—] was also known as Maria.
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