James Marion Robinson VanBibber

M, (7 February 1831 - 19 September 1908)
     James Marion Robinson VanBibber was born on 7 February 1831 at Nicholas County, Virginia. He was the son of David Campbell Robinson VanBibber and Jane Ann Williams. James Marion Robinson VanBibber married Emma Jane Nellis at Blue Grass, Scott County, Iowa. James Marion Robinson VanBibber died on 19 September 1908 at Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa, at age 77 years, 7 months and 12 days.
By Linda Watson

My mother's father's name was John Donnelly Van Bibber - he was born in Bluegrass, Iowa and he died in 1945. His father was James Robinson Van Bibber and was born in (West) Virginia, possibly Kanawha County. He fought for the South in the Civl War - was captured by the North and put in jail in Gallipolis, Ohio across the river from Wheeling, WV. He alerted people during a fire in the jail and was given the opportunity to be freed (for his heroism) if he'd fight for the North. After the war, his family wouldn't take him back, so he took off towards the west. (this is all taken straight from my mother's stories, so I'm not sure where history has been embellished)

He took a barge loaded with whiskey up the Ohio River then up the Missouri and just outside Omaha it was shipwrecked. He started walking back home (east) working as a tile-ditcher along the way. He got as far as Moscow, Iowa where he met Emma Jane Nellis, got married and went to Bluegrass, Iowa (Scott County). Apparently he was cited for helping to drain all of that county. Being a veteran, he and his wife later moved to Marshalltown, Iowa to the 'old soldier's home' and that's where they are buried.

Linda Watson, 1686 Las Piedras Court, Los Gatos, CA, 95030.

Children of James Marion Robinson VanBibber and Emma Jane Nellis

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