Maria Euphronica Conrad

F, (1737 - 1825)
     Maria Euphronica Conrad was born in 1737 at Philadelphia County, Province of Pennsylvania, America. She was the daughter of Johan Peter Conradt and Anna Rosina [—?—]. Maria Euphronica Conrad was christened at New Hanover Lutheran Church, Berks County, Pennsylvania. She first married Johannes Bunn, son of Peter Bun and Gerretje Gurthen Janson, on Thursday, 18 August 1757 at Saint Augustus Evangelical Lutheran Church, Trappe, New Providence Township, Philadelphia County, Province of Pennsylvania, America. Maria Euphronica Conrad married a second time Adam Barner in 1767 at Robeson Township, Berks County, Province of Pennsylvania, America. Maria Euphronica Conrad died in 1825 at Liverpool, Perry County, Pennsylvania, at age 88 years. She was buried in the Saint Michael's Cemetery, located in Pfoutz Valley, Perry County, Pennsylvania.
     It is spring, the year 1750, April 8th, in the area known as Falckner's Swamm (Swamm meaning meadow or bottom land, later angelicised to Swamp). A young girl, age 13, after completing her instructions from Henry Melchior Muhlenburg, is one of a class of 40 who were confirmed by him in the presence of the congregation, in the New Hanover Lutheran Church, the earliest Lutheran Church in Penna. This church was a log structure, the third erected on this site at Falckner's Swamp, New Hanover Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, currently in Montgomery County.

This 13 year old girl was MARIA EUPHRONICA CONRAD, daughter of Peter Conrad, according to 'New Hanover Lutheran Church Records' by J. J. Kline, and whose name was spelled several ways, 'Euphronica', 'Veronica', 'Fronica', 'Franey' and 'Fanny.' We, her descendants, know her as Fanny Bunn Barner, wife and widow of John Bunn and later the wife of Adam Barner.

On August 18, 1757, Euphronica Conrad was married to Johannes Bunn in the Augustus Evangelical Lutheran Church at Trappe, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. This church is several miles from Skippack, home of Johannes Bunn, and about 6 miles from the New Hanover Lutheran Church, where Euphronica Conrad was confirmed, Henry Melchior Muhlenburg being the pastor of both churches.

John Bunn, who was a joiner by trade, and Fanny Conrad Bunn, his wife, left the Falckner Swamp and Trappe area sometime after the baptism of their daughter, Elizabeth, in 1760. They settled in Robeson Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, where John Bunn is taxed in 1764, and where he died in 1766, leaving Fanny with three (known to us) children: Johan Jacob Bunn, Elizabeth Bunn and John Bunn, II.

Maria Euphronica Conrad, daughter of Peter and Catharina (?) Conrad, was born in the colony of Pennsylvania (actual place of birth is speculation). She was one of nine children, three of whom moved to the Tulpehocken area, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (now in Berks County) about 1745. It was there that their mother died in 1748. A quote from the records of the Christ Lutheran Church in Tulpehocken, Berks County, Pennsylvania (Stouchburg): 'Burials; 21 April 1748 old Mrs. Peter Conrad from the Swamp, who had come to visit her children. Rev. Muhlenburg buried her, Ps 42.' By modern travel, the Tulpehocken area is not that far from Falckner's Swamp, but, in 1748, travel in the wilderness was much more difficult.

Children of Maria Euphronica Conrad and Johannes Bunn

  • Johan Jacob Bunn (14 Jul 1758 - )
  • Elizabeth Bunn (22 Nov 1760 - )
  • Johannes Bunn II (1 Dec 1765 - 5 Aug 1847)

Children of Maria Euphronica Conrad and Adam Barner

  • Henry Barner+ (1770 - 25 Dec 1822)
  • Elizabeth Barner (19 Nov 1771 - 5 Jan 1854)
  • George Barner (25 May 1780 - 9 May 1863)
  • Regina Barner (31 Mar 1785 - 26 Jun 1870)
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