Henry Barner

M, (1770 - 25 December 1822)
     Henry Barner was born in 1770 at Robeson Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Adam Barner and Maria Euphronica Conrad. Henry Barner married Susanna Bunce, daughter of Thomas Buntz, in 1791 at Saint Michael's Church, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Henry Barner died on 25 December 1822 at Sugar Valley, Centre County, Pennsylvania, at age 52 years. He was killed in bed with a shotgun, possibly by his son Israel. He was buried in the Mount Union Cemetery, located in Centre County, Pennsylvania.
     He was a carpenter and sawmill owner between 1795 and 1822. In the 1800 census Henry Barner can be found with his wife and family of five sons in Greenwood Township, Mifflin County, now Perry County. In 1807 John Henry Barner was living on new land in what is now Green Twp., Clinton Co., according to an item by Annie Gamby on page 52 of the 'Collections' which states that 'Henry Barner, the older son of Adam Barner entered upon his land in April of 1807.' However, a copy of his land patent dated Dec. 24, 1817, states that his tract of 430 acres was surveyed on May 18, 1815 in pursuance of a warrant dated Nov. 22, 1814, located in Miles Twp., Center Co., now Green Twp., Clinton Co.

The first documentation we have is the assessment record for Miles Twp., Center Co. when in 1812 he was assessed for 400 acres, 1 cow and 1 horse. From 1814 on, besides the 400 odd acres and animals, he is assessed for an occupation, as carpenter. In 1822 he is first assessed for a sawmill, and from that year on the estate is assessed for the sawmill.

This tract of 430 acres lies about one mile north of the town of Loganton, PA. This beautiful tract includes a portion of Mill Creek, then called Summer Creek, at the eastern end and which was used to power a sawmill. The mill pond was still in existence just prior to the building of I-80. Also another stream, Pepper Run, cut across the western end. Other small intermittent streams and springs are found on this tract as well as a large spring which can be found near the old log house and barn, which to this day supplies the present owner, Charles Florus (1979), with water.

A description of Henry Barner's tract as taken from the 'Whig' on July 26, 1848 when it was put up for public sale on Aug. 25, 1848: A tract of land in Green Twp., Clinton Co., containing 430 acres and allowance, of which 40 acres are cleared, wth two dwelling houses, a barn, a sawmill, an orchard and with good water, and with having the best white pine timber on said land-being known as the Barner Farm, in Sugar Valley, and to be sold as the estate of Henry Barner, deceased.

After the death of Susanna Bunce Barner, the land was sold according to the terms of Henry Barner, Sr.'s will, by his executor and son, Henry Barner, Jr. The tract of 430 acres was sold to George Achenbaugh, who in turn on the same day sold 133 acres, 110 perches to Christian Barner and the remaining 300 odd acres to George Spyker, Henry Spyker and George Sharp a few months later. Located on the acreage of his father's estate that Christian Barner purchased are a fine log house, now covered with siding outside and paneling inside; and a fine log barn, also covered with siding, but the logs are openly exposed and can be seen from inside the barn. The log barn with its long, huge oak logs which must have come from his own farm and been sawed at his own mill and their wooden pegged jointuress are ample testimonial to its builder, who we think is John Henry Barner, a carpenter, according to the assessment records. Although there are two other houses located on other parts of the tract, both are made of planks indicating a later construction date than a house and/or barn made of logs. Today I-80 cuts through the longitudinal middle of the Henry Barner tract, and the Loganton interchange is partially imposed on its eastern end.

Children of Henry Barner and Susanna Bunce

  • Samuel Barner (c 1792 - )
  • Christopher Barner (c 1793 - )
  • Benjamin Barner (8 May 1794 - 24 Jun 1844)
  • John B. Barner (3 Sep 1796 - 20 Aug 1845)
  • Adam Barner (10 Dec 1797 - 1865)
  • Henry Barner+ (1 Jun 1799 - 3 Oct 1876)
  • George Barner (1 Nov 1801 - 5 Oct 1872)
  • Michael Barner (17 Feb 1802 - 1827)
  • Catharine Barner1 (18 Jun 1803 - 24 Dec 1878)
  • Mary Barner (3 Sep 1804 - 10 Jan 1865)
  • Israel Barner (9 Oct 1805 - )
  • David Barner (14 Apr 1807 - 10 Mar 1871)
  • Daniel Barner (1 Sep 1809 - 6 Dec 1836)
  • Veronica Frances Barner1 (1 Mar 1811 - 1 Oct 1888)
  • Elizabeth Barner2 (25 Sep 1812 - 21 Mar 1896)
  • Herman Barner (13 Oct 1813 - 20 Nov 1878)
  • Lydia Barner1 (5 Sep 1815 - 14 Nov 1891)
  • Christian Barner (19 Dec 1816 - 26 Mar 1884)
  • Jacob Barner (23 May 1818 - 1830)
  • Franklin Barner (c 1820 - )
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