Descendants of Henry Rawles


Updated 6-Jun-12


This Family Tree has been assembled from various sources and is an overview of more detailed information available elsewhere on this website, as in most research it contains some assumptions based upon the best available information. Some links have not been fully proven and are based upon dates, ages & birthplace.

I have much more on the descendants of some of these families


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1. Henry Rawles

sp: Mary Cooper (m.27 Sep 1664)

--2. William Rawles (b.12 Jul 1674-Coombe Keynes,Dorset;d.30 Apr 1721-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

sp: Elizabeth (d.3 Jul 1715-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

----3. Jane or Jone Rawles (c.16 Jun 1695-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

sp: Philip Bailey (m.12 May 1718)

----3. Mary Rawles (c.1696-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

----3. Richard Rawles (c.6 Aug 1699-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;b.4 Dec 1766-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

sp: Elizabeth Steel (m.18 Feb 1724;d.Abt 1774)

------4. William Rawles (c.27 Jul 1725-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

sp: Hannah (d.Nov 1777)

--------5. Hannah Rawls (c.28 Feb 1749-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

--------5. Mary Rawls (c.5 Nov 1747-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset) *

--------5. Betty Rawls (c.18 Mar 1752-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

--------5. Sarah Rawls (c.5 Nov 1754-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

--------5. Richard Rawls (c.10 Apr 1758-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;b.10 Feb 1808-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

sp: Jane

----------6. Mary Pitman Rawles (c.Abt 27 Mar 1796)

----------6. Maria Rawles (c.11 May 1800;d.22 Nov 1802)

----------6. George Rawles (c.2 May 1805)

----------6. Priscilla Rawles (c.16 Aug 1807)

------------7. Sarah Annn (c.24 Feb 1833)

------------7. George (c.8 May 1836)

------------7. Jane (c.4 Apr 1828)

------------7. Amelia (b.Abt 1840)

------4. Mary (Rolls) Rawles (c.24 Nov 1727-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;b.31 Mar 1754-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

------4. John (Ralls) Rawles (c.1 Feb 1729-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

sp: Sarah Stacey (m.16 Jul 1756)

--------5. Sarah Rawles (b.Abt 1755)

sp: Nathaniel Gregory

------4. Elizabeth Rawles (c.19 Sep 1732-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

------4. Ann Rawles (c.12 Mar 1734-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

------4. Judith Rawles (c.24 Nov 1737-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

sp: Benjamin Stevens (m.8 May 1764)

------4. Richard Rawles (c.4 May 1740-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

sp: Elizabeth Vie (m.13 May 1766;d.Abt 1792)

--------5. Christopher Rawles (c.19 Jun 1768-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;b.12 May 1829-Mapperton,Netherbury,Dorset)

sp: Margret (b.Abt 1766;d.22 Mar 1844-Mapperton,Netherbury,Dorset)

----------6. Judith Rawles (c.11 Jun 1794-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;d.Abt 1794)

----------6. Elizabeth Rawles (c.22 Mar 1795-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

----------6. John Rawles (c.8 Mar 1797-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;d.Abt 1798)

----------6. John Rawles (c.29 Nov 1798-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

sp: Harriett (b.Abt 1800-Marshwood,Dorset)

------------7. Christopher Rawles (b.Abt 1833-Marshwood,Dorset)

------------7. Hannah Rawles (b.Abt 1836-Marshwood,Dorset)

------------7. George Rawles (b.Abt 1839-Marshwood,Dorset)

----------6. Martha Rawles (c.22 Feb 1801-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;b.10 Aug 1821-Mapperton,Netherbury,Dorset)

----------6. Rachel Rawles (c.7 Nov 1804-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

----------6. Mary Rawles (c.1 Aug 1808-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

----------6. Henry Rawles (c.14 Nov 1802-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;d.7 May 1882-Netherbury,Dorset)

sp: Hannah (Anna) Read (b.Abt 1805-Milton;m.23 Dec 1827;d.15 Feb 1879-Netherbury,Dorset)

------------7. Richard Rawles (c.22 Feb 1829-Netherbury,Dorset;d.Mar 1908-Beaminister)

sp: Sarah Ann Brown (b.Abt 1843;m.May 2 1875)

--------------8. Mary A. W. Rawles (b.Abt 1871-Netherbury,Dorset)

--------------8. Mary Elizabeth Rawles (c.4 Jun 1876-Melplash,Netherbury,Dorset)

--------------8. Henry R. Rawles (b.Abt 1878-Netherbury,Dorset)

--------------8. George James Rawles (b.Abt 1880-Netherbury,Dorset)

------------7. Henry Rawls (c.23 Jan 1831-Netherbury,Dorset;d.Abt Mar 1901-Melplash,Netherbury,Dorset)

sp: Jane Watts (c.18 Nov 1832-Netherbury,Dorset;m.22 Apr 1858;d.Abt Dec 1910-Beaminster)

--------------8. John Henry Rawls (b.Abt 1860-Netherbury,Dorset)

sp: Martha (m.Abt 1883)

--------------8. Thomas George Rawls (b.25 Jul 1861-Beaminster,Dorset;d.29 Apr 1946-Stump Cottage,O,N,Dorset)

sp: Mary Jane Mintern (b.1860-Beaminster,Dorset;m.24 May 1886)

--------------8. Richard William Rawls (b.Abt 1863-Melplash,Dorset)

--------------8. Elizabeth Jane Rawls (c.1 Oct 1865-Melplash,Dorset;d.Abt 1865-Beaminster)

------------7. Elizabeth Rawles (c.27 Jan 1833-Netherbury,Dorset)

------------7. Christopher Rawles (c.7 Dec 1834-Netherbury,Dorset;d.25 Aug 1894-White Cross,Netherbury,Dorset)

sp: Harriett Wrixon (c.5 Nov 1837-Netherbury,Dorset;m.18 Apr 1865;d.9 Apr 1932)

--------------8. John William Rawles (b.Abt 1866-Netherbury,Dorset)

--------------8. Emma Mary Rawles (b.Abt 1867-Netherbury,Dorset;d.12 Jun 1937)

--------------8. Henry Robert Rawles (b.24 Feb 1870-Nortons,Netherbury,Dorset;d.Abt 1952)

sp: Alice Holman (b.20 Feb 1873;m.15 Jun 1895;d.Abt 1957)

--------------8. Anne Jane Rawles (b.Abt 1874-Netherbury,Dorset;d.27 Nov 1958)

------------7. Mary Rawles (c.7 Aug 1842-Netherbury,Dorset)

------------7. Allen or Ellen Rawles (c.2 Nov 1845-Netherbury,Dorset;d.Bef 1901)

--------5. William (Ralles) Rawles (c.1 Jun 1783-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;b.8 Jan 1786-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

--------5. Elizabeth Rawles (c.17 Jun 1786-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

----3. Mary Rawles (c.2 Dec 1701-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

----3. William Rawles (c.28 Mar 1704-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;b.11 Apr 1793-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

sp: Sarah Cake (c.23 Mar 1703-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;m.25 Dec 1735;b.24 Dec 1792-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

------4. William Rawles (c.8 Sep 1742-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;d.Abt 1826)

sp: Mary Selby (c.16 Nov 1746-Church Knowle,Dorset;m.12 Apr 1769)

Important note Due to the fact that there are two William & Mary Rawles (or variant) in the area at this time, this listing may be incorrect, some evidence seems to indicate that his wife was Mary Norris who was born in Winfrith where her siblings are also shown. Some of the children shown here may also be incorrect. Research continues and listings will be updated as things become clearer! There may even be more Ralls / Rolls / Rawles / Rawls William & Mary couples in this area of Dorset at this time.

--------5. Henry Rawles (c.26 Mar 1769-Church Knowle,Dorset (See the Rolls of Knighton)

--------5. William Rawles (b.22 Feb 1767-Church Knowle,Dorset;b.14 Jan 1770-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

--------5. Mary Rawles (b.15 Mar 1771-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;d.Abt 1833)

sp: John Lock (c.27 Jun 1773-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;m.15 May 1797;b.4 Feb 1883-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

----------6. See the Lock Line

--------5. Ann Rawles (c.20 Nov 1777-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;d.Abt 1779)

--------5. Ann Rawles (c.Abt 4 Nov 1781-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

sp: John Riggs (c.22 Apr 1785-Blandford Forum,Dorset;m.23 May 1808;b.13 Dec 1849-WS,Dorset)

--------5. Richard Rawles (c.Abt 4 Nov 1781-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

--------5. John Rawles (c.20 Jan 1786-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

------4. Mary Rawles (c.18 Mar 1743-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset) *

sp: John Orchard (c.27 Dec 1744;m.19 Oct 1769;b.18 Jan 1803-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset)

----3. Susanna Rawles (c.27 Jan 1706-Winfrith Newburgh,Dorset;d.26 Jan 1707-Winfrith Newburgh,


NOTE * There has been some discussion as to the parental line of Mary Rawls (Descendant of William Rawles of Winfrith, who married John Orchard, some researchers believe that her parents were William & Hanna NOT William and Sarah. Research continues and listing will be updated as new information comes to my attention.


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