Family Pictures

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              Also see Grannys Table Cloth





                     Grandma Gertrude Rawls                                              (Mary)     Molly Rawls

                               In 1950s                                                                        In late1960s





                        William & Gertrude Rawls                                                  Molly Rawls

                               Date Unknown                                                            Abt  1935





                                                           Gertrude Rawls & Mrs Hobbs

                                               Dressed as the Pearly King & Queen for the local fair.





                                    “Grandmas House”  3 Little Anglesey Rd, Gosport.   Circa 1949    







                                   Grandpa Leander Gole                                                       Isaac  Gole

                                            In 1980s                                                                    In late1970s


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