Descendants of John Blunden (Blundon)


John is said to have come from Waterford, County Kilkenny, Ireland with his brother James and first settled in Bay de Verde, Nfld. according to family anecdotes. Other family anecdotes say that another brother emigrated to the U.S. and one to France. Some researchers say that the Irish Blundons who were Catholics went to St Johns. Nfld. and are unrelated to the Blundens of Bay de Verde who may have come from the south of England.

The list below is assembled mainly from some family records provided by some of their descendants in an effort to make some sense of the many Blundons / Blundens from BdV. Some of the early links early are tentative and not proven and should be taken as a guide for further research. Florence Blundon of B de V has assembled a history for much of this family which is available at some Newfoundland Library’s and Genealogical societies.

Anyone having more information, corrections or links to this family from Bay de Verde / Notre Dame Bay area of Newfoundland may contact me by EMail           

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Descendants of John Blunden


1. John Blunden (b.Abt 1755;d.3 Mar 1844-Lower Island Cove)

   sp: Priscilla  (d.Abt 1832-Catalina)

----2. Stephen Blunden (b.Abt 1796;d.8 Sep 1873-Hickmans Harbour)

          sp: Elizabeth  (d.29 Nov 1831-Catalina)

------3. John Blunden (b.Abt 1816;d.28 Nov 1858-Lower Island Cove)

             sp: Martha Willer (m.6 Nov 1840;d.9 Jan 1860-Lower Island Cove)

------3. William Blunden (ell) (b.Abt 1822;d.15 Feb 1884)

             sp: Anne Robbins (b.Abt 1820;m.23 Dec 1850;d.29 Jul 1894-Hatchet Cove)

--------4. John Blunden (b.Abt 1851;d.25 Jul 1931-Hatchet Cove)

                sp: Henrietta Benson (b.Abt 1856;m.Abt 1873;d.Mar 1924)

--------4. Stephan Addy Blundell (b.28 May 1855-Lower Island Cove,New Foundland;d.26 May 1888)

                sp: Emmaline Vey (b.22 Aug 1853-Grates Cove,New Foundland;d.1886)

----------5. James Blundell (b.21 Aug 1884-Hatchet Cove,Newofundland;d.30 May 1944-Chelsea,MA)

                   sp: Ida May MacMillan (b.9 Jan 1889-Westville,Nova Scotia;d.20 Sep 1970-Saugus,MA)

                   sp: Anna D. Marshall (c.30 Jan 1918-Massachusetts)

------------6. James Blundell (b.7 Jun 1928-Medford,MA;d.1 Mar 1993-Oxnard,CA)

                     sp: Shirley Emilie Hancock (b.16 Nov 1928-Saugus,MA)

                     sp: UNKNOWN

--------4. Elizabeth Ann Blunden (b.1854;d.1854)

                sp: Jane Snelgrove (b.Abt 1807;m.1832;d.Abt 1838-Catalina)

------3. Hezekiah Blunden (b.Abt 1833;d.Abt 1923)

             sp: Ann Blundon? (m.26 Oct 1856;d.Aug 1839)

             sp: Sarah Penny (b.Abt 1848;m.3 May 1894;d.13 Aug 1915)

------3. Alfred Blunden (b.Abt 1835;d.10 Jul 1886)

             sp: Sarah Martin (m.9 Sep 1860)

             sp: Elizabeth Gouldie (b.Abt 1807;m.Abt 1839;d.13 Jun 1891-Hickmans Harbour)

------3. Priscilla Blunden (c.26 Jul 1841-Lower Island Cove)

             sp: George Green (m.11 Oct 1860)

------3. Harriet Newell Blunden (c.1 Jan 1843-Lower Island Cove)

             sp: Joseph Pelly (m.6 Dec 1876)

------3. Emily Blunden (c.11 Dec 1845-Lower Island Cove)

             sp: Charles Bryant  (m.bfr 4 jan 1875)


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