The Blundon, Blunden & Blundellís


Bay de Verde, Caplin Cove, Newfoundland

& surrounding areas


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As well as investigating my direct ancestors I am also researching my cousins line who are Blundons from Newfoundland and later Nova Scotia. There is an enormous amount of information contained within the Newfoundland Gen Web andthe Grand Banks site, but I have not yet come across an online attempt to produce a family tree from the hundreds of Blundon/Blundenrecords shown. Florance Cowan (Blundon) from BDV has provided most of the transcriptions on these sites and has assembled much about this family, her original hand written family tree can be seen in the PDF file included on this page..

These pages first created Jan 2003 will attempt to post specific Blundon / Blunden information, particularly family trees, in an effort to make sense of the hundreds of B.M.D. records listed. Since that time several researchers have kindly shared their family information so that as of Dec 2008 my main data base has over 850 individuals descended from or related to the original Blundens of B de V.

Throughout the 18th & 19th Centurys the spellings gradually changed from Blunden to Blundon and were often used interchangeably depending upon who entered the information. It appears from the 1935 Census that by that time the majority of families were using the latter spelling, these list may not reflect those changes. Corrections and additions are always welcome.

Here is what I have so far, if you can add to it or require more information you may contact me by EMail

I will be pleased to post any information provided so that we can expand this family tree.

The extractions from Parish records are not all inclusive, more will be extracted and posted as time permits.

The Blundens from B de V & Caplin Cove(This is the line we am mostly interested in!)

The Blundens from B de V & Lower Island Cove(Not our primary line of research, but related?)


Descendants of Thomas Blunden (The other early Blunden line from B de V.)

Blundon/Blunden/Blundell Baptismals, BDV (Extracted from Florence Cowans Transcripts)


Blunden Family GroupsA listing of the early BdV births by parents as per early baptismals.

Blundon/Blunden/Blundell Marriages, BDV (Extracted from Florence Cowans Transcripts)

Blundon/Blunden/Blundell Burials, BDV†††† (Extracted from Florence Cowans Transcripts)

Blundon/Blunden/Blundell Ocupations & lists†††††††† (Extracted from McAlpineís & Lovellís Directories)


The Rouse Journal 1846 -1850 a daily look at the lives of the inhabitants of Bay de Verde by the Anglican Missionary


The Early Settlers ††Did the Blundens come from England or elsewhere?


The Blundon House in B de V††† Now a Heritage House containing information about early families.


The Blundon Family Treeas hand written by Florence Blundon / Cowan and displayed at the Blundon House (560k PDF)