Descendants of James Blunden (Blundon)


James is said to have come from Waterford, County Kilkenny, Ireland with his brother John and first settled in Bay de Verde, Nfld. according to family anecdotes. Other family anecdotes say that another brother emigrated to the U.S. and one to France. Other researchers say that the Irish Blundons who were Catholics went to St Johns. Nfld. and are unrelated to the

Blundens of Bay de Verde who may have come from the south of England.

The list below is assembled mainly from published parish records in an effort to make some sense of the many Blundons / Blundens listed. Some of the links between the various families listed prior to about 1850 are assumed not proven and should be taken as a guide for further research as most generations had similar first names and some moved about the area quite freely. Note the change in the spelling of the surname around the mid 1800s, various listings show the name as Blundon, Blunden or Blundell. Some lines may have reverted to the original spelling and the listings shown here may not reflect the current spelling of the family name. The Blundellís appear, in most cases, to be misspelling by the minister of the day and are shown as Blundon in this list!

Anyone having more information, corrections or links to this family from Bay de Verde / Caplin Cove area of Newfoundland may contact me by EMail†††††††††††

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This listing was updated with additions and corrections from Karen Jenkins (Blundon) and additions from Florence Blundons family history however I must take responsibility for any errors contained herein as this is a blend of information from several sources.



Descendants of James Blunden (4 generations 174 individuals)

Updated 18 Jan 2011


1. James Blunden (b.Abt 1760;d.1843-Bay de Verde)

†††††††††† sp: Mary Stephens (c.24 Aug 1770-Bay de Verde;m.Abt 1787;d.12 Jan 1857-Bay de Verde)

----2. Mary Blunden (b.Abt 1788-Bay de Verde,Nfld.)

†††††††††† sp: Thomas Vincent (b.1785;m.Abt 1808;d.1852-Bay de Verde)

------3. Martha Vincent (b.6 Jun 1809)

------3. Joanna Vincent (b.18 Apr 1816)

------3. John Vincent (b.4 Sep 1818)

------3. Anna Vincent (b.11 Feb 1822)

----2. Ann Blunden (b.1790;d.bfr 1800)

----2. William Blunden (b.Abt 1792-Bay de Verde,Nfld.;d.24 Mar 1858-Bay de Verde)

†††††††††† sp: Mary Hyde (b.1798;d.1871-Bay de Verde)

------3. Tamsey Blunden (b.1818)

††††† †††††sp: Joseph Emberley (b.26 Oct 1820;m.26 Nov 1847)

------3. John Blundon (c.3 Mar 1819-Bay de Verde;d.31 Aug 1902-Ladel Cove)

†††††††††† sp: Ann?(d.Abt 1864)

--------4. William Blundon (b.30 Aug 1846;d.1 Jul 1908)

†††††††††† sp: Rebecca Jane Ginn (m.21 Oct 1879)

--------4. Eliza Jane Blundon (b.14 Mar 1850;d.1937)

†††††††††† sp: George Carnell (m.22 Jun 1870)

--------4. Mary Ann Blundon (b.Abt Dec 1853;d.1930)

†††††††††† sp: Tobias Pinsent (m.Abt 1880)

††††††† (3)†† sp: Jane Morey (b.Abt 1827;d.Abt 1891)

--------4. Catherine (Kate) Blundon (b.1861-Blundons Island;d.1951)

†††††††††††††† sp: Levi Sheppard (m.1886)

--------4. Stephen Blundon (b.Abt 1868;d.Abt 1942)

†††††††††† sp: Esther Coish of IndianIsland (b.1872;m.Abt 1890;d.2 Jan 1900-Carmanville)

†††††††††† sp: Polly Goodyear of Carmanville

--------4. Samuel Edward Blundon (b.11 Jan 1869)

--------4. Caroline Blundon (b.3 Jun 1871-Blundons Island)

------3. Mary Blundon (c.1 Mar 1822-Bay de Verde)

------3. William Blunden (c.19 Jul 1824-Bay de Verde;d.7 Nov 1862-St John's)

†††††††††† sp: Honora Looney (b.19 May 1822;m.27 Nov 1847)

--------4. Moses Blunden (b.3 Apr 1850;d.5 Oct 1918)

†††††††††† sp: Charity Moores (b.1846;m.22 May 1873;d.29 Dec 1928)

--------4. Mary Ann Blunden (b.24 May 1857)

†††††††† ††sp: John Noonan (b.22 Oct 1854;m.6 Jan 1874)

------3. James Blunden (c.16 Oct 1826-Bay de Verde;d.15 Jun 1858)

†††††††††† sp: Elizabeth Blake (b.Abt 1830;m.27 Nov 1852)

--------4. James Blunden (b.5 Apr 1853;d.1932)

†††††††††† sp: Elizabeth Balsom (m.31 Dec 1881)

--------4. Elizabeth Ellen Blunden (b.29 May 1854;d.13 Oct 1872)

------3. Henry Blundon (c.5 Mar 1829-Bay de Verde;d.12 Jul 1913)

†††††††††† sp: Ellen Blake (b.Abt 1830;m.15 Oct 1849;d.24 Jan 1871)

--------4. Caroline Blundon (b.25 Mar 1850;d.1902)

†††††††††† sp: William Lockyer (b.1837;m.21 Nov 1865;d.13 Jan 1907)

--------4. Mary Blundon (b.23 Jun 1851;d.1852)

--------4. Jessie Louise Blundon (b.3 Jul 1854;d.1919)

†††††††††† sp: Stephen Eady (b.25 Aug 1841;m.16 Dec 1874)

--------4. Mary Jane Blundon (b.26 Oct 1856;d.1897)

†††††††††† sp: William Henry Rigs (b.19 Sep 1852;m.31 Dec 1873)

--------4. William Blundon (b.6 Jun 1858;d.22 Mar 1879)

--------4. John Blundon (b.25 Dec 1860;d.26 Jul 1861)

--------4. Stephen Blundon (b.3 Jan 1864;d.1867)

--------4. Moses Blundon (b.13 May 1866;d.27 Mar 1949)

†††††††††† sp: Anne Barrett (b.29 May 1871;m.1896;d.7 Jun 1923)

†††††† (3)†††† sp: Adelaide Elizabeth Campbell (b.1840;m.7 Jan 1872)

--------4. Stephen Edward Blundon (b.26 Nov 1872;d.11 Jan 1891)

--------4. George Duncan Blundon (b.5 Jul 1874;d.5 May 1958)

†††††††††† sp: Catherine Lockyer (b.27 Dec 1883;d.7 Feb 1950)

--------4. Mary Ellen Blundon (b.28 Mar 1877;d.11 Oct 1959)

†††††††††† sp: Stephen Blundon (b.24 Dec 1875;m.16 Nov 1898;d.1 May 1957)

--------4. Henry Harvey Charles Blundon (b.31 Aug 1878;d.1944-Vancoover,BC.)

--------4. William John Hoyles Blundon (b.3 Oct 1880;d.1959-St John's)

--------4. Frederick Thomas Blundon (b.1882;d.1969-Vancoover,BC.)

------3. Thomas Blundon (c.29 Sep 1831-Bay de Verde;d.20 Mar 1898)

†††††††††† sp: Margaret Hyde (b.17 Aug 1835;m.16 Dec 1856)

--------4. Catherine Blundon (b.11 Mar 1860)

†††††††††† sp: Edward Moore (b.3 Nov 1858;m.5 Oct 1884)

--------4. Mary Blundon (b.13 Aug 1862)

†††††††††† sp: Daniel Moore (b.18 Nov 1859;m.20 Nov 1886;d.6 Aug 1912)

--------4. William Blundon (b.31 Jan 1864;d.5 Nov 1933)

†††††††††† sp: Louisa Jacobs (b.18 Nov 1871;m.24 Nov 1890;d.1 Oct 1952)

--------4. Henry Blundon (b.21 Jan 1866;d.25 Oct 1876)

--------4. John Blundon (b.15 Nov 1868;d.1922-Boston,USA)

--------4. Henry Thomas Blundon (b.18 Aug 1872;d.7 May 1902)

--------4. Stephen Blundon (b.24 Dec 1875;d.1 May 1957)

†††††††††† sp: Mary Ellen Blundon (b.28 Mar 1877;m.16 Nov 1898;d.11 Nov 1959)

------3. Stephen Blunden (c.Abt 1836;d.1872)

------3. Caroline Blunden (b.10 Aug 1840;d.27 Aug 1855-Bay de Verde)

----2. James Blunden (b.Abt 1793;d.Abt 1872)

----2. Henry Blunden (b.Abt 1798-Bay de Verde,Nfld.)

†††††††††† sp: Joanna

------3. Mary Blunden (b.24 Feb 1827-Bay de Verde,Nfld.)

----2. Ann Blunden (b.Abt 1800-Bay de Verde,Nfld.)

†††††††††† sp: John Brady (b.1800-Waterford,Ireland;m.1 Jun 1829;d.bfr 1848)

----2. Letitia Blunden (b.Abt 1802-Bay de Verde,Nfld.)

†††††††††† sp: Michael Flemming (m.8 Sep 1820)

------3. Ellen Flemming (b.10 Jan 1843)

------3. James Flemming (b.21 Jan 1845)

----2. Tamar(a) Blunden (b.1804/1805-Bay de Verde;d.1890)

†††††††††† sp: Joseph Emberley (m.1847)

----2. John Blunden (b.Abt Jan 1808-Bay de Verde,Nfld.;d.1886-Carbonear,Nfld)

†††††††††† sp: Sarah(b.1812;m.Abt 1834;d.10 apr 1874 (1879?)-Carbonear,Nfld)

------3. Henry Blunden (b.30 Aug 1835-Newfoundland)

†††††††††† sp: Fanny Dagwell (b.9 Dec 1843-Trinity Bay;m.9 Sep 1865)

--------4. William Henry Blundon (b.18 Nov 1866-Caplin Cove;d.7 Sep 1939-Anglican Church Caplin Cove)

†††††††††† sp: Susanna Reynolds Steel (b.1869-Caplin Cove;m.1901;d.15 Dec 1928-Caplin Cove)

--------4. Fanny Blundon (b.1870-Bay-de-Verde Nfld)

--------4. Stephen Blundon (b.29 Oct 1871-Broom Cove Nfld;d.1880-Caplin Cove)

--------4. Thomas Blundon (b.18 Mar 1874-Caplin Cove;b.1874-Caplin Cove)

†††††††††† sp: Elizabeth Toop (b.1838;m.26 Oct 1858;d.15 Oct 1861-Caplin Cove)

--------4. John Blundon (b.17 Jul 1859-Caplin Cove;d.12 Oct 1859-Caplin Cove)

--------4. James Arthur Blundon (b.29 Sep 1861-Caplin Cove;d.10 Nov 1861-Caplin Cove)

------3. James Blundon (b.1837;d.13 Sep 1913)

†††††††††† sp: Theresa Lockyer (b.1846;m.25 Nov 1866;d.27 Sep 1911)

--------4. John Blundon (b.25 Aug 1867)

--------4. Josiah Blundon (b.6 Dec 1868;d.1939)

†††††††††† sp: Sarah Margaret Laite (b.12 May 1883;m.1904;d.6 Apr 1960)

--------4. William Blundon (b.27 Nov 1870;d.1952)

--------4. Saran Ann Blundon (b.5 Nov 1872)

††††† †††††sp: Archibald(m.1903)

--------4. James Blundon (b.3 Apr 1875;d.1927)

†††††††††† sp: Eliza Riggs (m.1903)

--------4. Keziah Blundon (b.23 Apr 1877-Bay de Verde;d.Abt 1951)

†††††††††† sp: William Joseph Stephens (b.22 Jul 1877-Bay de Verde;m.1900;d.Abt 1953)

--------4. Frederick Harold Blundon (b.10 Jan 1880)

--------4. George Blundon (b.18 Jun 1882;d.1929)

†††††††††† sp: Mary Jane Pryor (b.28 Aug 1884;m.1905)

------3. Stephen Blunden (b.1 Dec 1839;d.6 Nov 1872)

†††††††††† sp: Catherine Stephens (b.1840;m.22 Dec 1859;d.17 Jul 1861)

--------4. William Blunden (b.Jul 1861)

†††††††††† sp: Mary Ann Riggs (b.Abt 1861;m.21 May 1887)

††††††† (3)††† sp: Caroline Barret (b.1842;m.21 Nov 1865;d.18 Jun 1871)

------3. Cristiana Blundon (b.22 May 1842-Anglican Church,Bay de Verde)

------3. William Blunden (b.22 Jun 1844-Bay de Verde)

†††††††††† sp: Theresa Cooper (b.Abt 1850;m.2 Dec 1869)

--------4. Simeon James Blunden (b.21 May 1871-Broom Cove;d.7 Sep 1880-Southern Cross)

--------4. John Nathan Blunden (b.6 Jun 1872-Broom Cove;d.21 Jun 1897-Caplin Cove)

--------4. William Henry Blunden (b.3 Aug 1874-Old Pelican;d.18 Aug 1893-Caplin Cove)

--------4. Alexander Blunden (b.Jan 1876-Caplin Cove;d.31 Dec 1897-Caplin Cove)

--------4. Benjamin Blunden (b.10 Nov 1879-Caplin Cove;d.30 Jun 1900-Caplin Cove)

--------4. George Blunden (b.18 Jun 1882-Bay de Verde;d.5 Feb 1899-Caplin Cove)

--------4. Stephen Blunden (b.1884;d.1904-Caplin Cove)

--------4. Archibald Blunden (b.6 Sep 1886-Caplin Cove;d.26 Jan 1887-Caplin Cove)

--------4. Sarah Jemima Blunden (b.22 May 1888-Caplin Cove)

†††††††††† sp: Albert Cull

------3. John Blundon (b.9 Dec 1846-Bay de Verde,Nfld.;d.25 Jan 1922)

†††††††††† sp: Ann Elizabeth Baggs (b.1849;m.9 Jan 1873;d.5 Feb 1910)

--------4. Sarah Blundon (b.30 Mar 1874;d.1893)

--------4. Julia Caroline Blundon (b.30 Apr 1877)

†††††††††† sp: Spooner

--------4. Josiah Blundon (b.20 Mar 1879;d.22 Sep 1946)

†††††††††† sp: Marion (Minnie) Brown (b.1879;m.1908;d.23 Oct 1949)

--------4. Mary Alberta Blundon (b.Nov 1880;d.1887)

--------4. Albert Blundon (b.4 Jul 1882;d.1887)

--------4. Moses Blundon (b.5 Feb 1885;d.24 Nov 1965)

†††††††††† sp: Elizabeth Janet Barrett (b.1893;m.6 Dec 1910;d.1 Mar 1934)

†††††††††† sp: Elsie(b.1894;d.7 Dec 1960)

--------4. Harriet Blundon (b.25 Feb 1887)

--------4. James Blundon (b.21 Apr 1888;d.3 Dec 1959)

†††††††††† sp: Hannah Pottle (b.1891-English Harbour?;m.1914;d.3 Oct 1928)

†††††††††† sp: Dorothy Lanning (b.1915;m.1941)

------3. Amelia Blundon (b.17 0ct 1849-Bay de Verde,Nfld.;d.1903-Caplin Cove)

†††††††††† sp: James Cull (b.1845;m.24 Nov 1870)

--------4. Chrissy Ann Cull (b.Jun 1873)

--------4. George Cull (b.Mar 1875)

--------4. John Thomas Cull (b.Mar 1877;d.Oct 1898)

--------4. Stephen Cull (b.Nov 1878;d.1976)

--------4. Sarahetta Cull (b.Jan 1881)

--------4. Harriet Cull (b.Sep 1883)

--------4. Amelia Cull (b.May 1886)

--------4. Alfreda Cull (b.Aug 1887)

------3. Eliza Ann Blundon (b.24 Feb 1853-Anglican Church,Bay de Verde)

†††††††††† sp: John Milley (b.1848;m.23 Dec 1874)

------3. Mary Blundon (b.24 Jun 1855-Bay de Verde,Nfld.)

†††††††††† sp: Josiah Cull (b.19 Mar 1853;m.12 Dec 1878)

--------4. John Charles Cull (b.1880;d.Feb 1941)

--------4. Alfred James Cull (b.Mar 1882)

--------4. Herbert George Cull (b.Jun 1885;d.Jun 1889)

--------4. Henry Thomas Cull (b.Dec 1888;d.Apr 1889)

--------4. Mary Jane Cull (b.Sep 1890)

----2. Margaret Blunden (b.1810)

†††††††††† sp: George Pippy (b.1805;m.12 Nov 1838)

----2. Catherine Blunden (b.28 Jan 1813-Bay de Verde,Nfld.)


Note: Expanding this list just one more generation more than doubles the number of individuals, contact me for further information.


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