Descendants of Thomas Blunden

I have done very little research on this line, this is presented for informational purposes only and should not be taken as proven.

It appears Thomasís father owned property in B de V prior to 1770.

He may have been named John and may have also been the father of James and John but at this point that is all speculation!


1. Thomas Blunden

†† sp: Elizabeth(d.1803)

--2. John Blunden (c.1788)

--2. Tamesey Blunden (c.1788)

--2. Elizabeth Blunden (b.1790)

--2. Mary Blunden (b.1793)

--2. Susanna Blunden (b.1794)

†† sp: Julia

--2. Stephen Blunden (b.1818)

--2. Charles Blunden (b.1824;d.1884)

†††††† sp: Ann Duffet (b.1820;m.1847;d.1903)

----3. Mary Ann Blunden (b.1848;d.1895)

†††††††† sp: Joseph Coish (m.1867)

----3. James Blunden (b.1850)

----3. Catherine Blunden (b.1852;d.1855)

----3. Julia Blunden (b.1854)

†††††††† sp: Willis Shano (m.1882)

----3. Elizabeth Blunden (b.1856;d.1912)

----3. Thomas Blunden (b.1859;d.1940)

†††††††† sp: Selina Crane (m.1883)

------4. Charles Blunden (b.1884;d.1887)

†††††††† sp: Jane Tilley (m.1893)

------4. Stephen Blunden (b.1894;d.1911)

------4. Roberta Blunden (b.1900;d.1900)

------4. Aaron Blunden (b.1903;d.1921)

----3. George Blunden (b.1862;d.1868)

----3. Stephen Blunden (b.1865;d.1936)

††††††††† sp: Lydia Pretty (m.1894)

------4. Charles Blunden (b.1895;d.1962)

†††††††††††† sp: Violet Bendell (b.1903;m.1929;d.1967)

--------5. Gladys Louise Blunden (b.1932;d.1994)

††††††††††††††† sp: Russel Clayton Rowe (m.1955)

--------5. Betty Mae Blunden (b.1935)

††††††† ††††††††sp: Thomas Saito (m.1955)

--------5. Lydia Marie Blunden (b.1942)

††††††††††††††† sp: Ian McDougall (m.1960)

††††††††††††††† sp: James Booth

†††††††† sp: Isabella Way (m.1899)

------4. Anna Julia Blunden (b.1900;d.1902)

------4. Reginald Blunden (b.1901;d.1901)

------4. Harvey John Blunden (b.1902;d.1990)

†††††††††††† sp: Susie Lockyer (m.1927)

--------5. Charles Blunden (b.1927;d.1927)

--------5. Dorothy Edith Blunden (b.1930;d.1931)

--------5. Thomas Blunden (b.1931)

††††††††††††††† sp: Marion Ann Noonan

----------6. Leanna Marrion Blunden (b.1979)

----------6. Deborah Joy Blunden (b.1980)

----------6. Thomas Richard Blunden (b.1987)

--------5. Mary Isabel Blunden (b.1932)

††††††††††††††† sp: Kevin McDonald

--------5. Violet Blunden (b.1935;d.1962)

††††††††††††††† sp: Lloyd Bowring

††††††††††††††† sp: Stan Peddle

--------5. Nellie Blanche Blunden (b.1937)

--------5. Stephen Joseph Blunden (b.1939)

--------5. Charles Blunden (b.1941)

††††††††††††††† sp: Victoria Reid

----------6. Perry Blunden (b.1963)

†††††††††††††††††† sp: Patsy Norris

----------6. Darren Blunden (b.1965)

----------6. Maxine Blunden (b.1967)

--------5. Joyce Blunden (b.1942)

†††††††††††††† sp: Ernest Fowler

------4. Eva Blanch Blunden (b.1905)

------4. Lydia Blunden (b.1907;d.1966)

†††††††††††† sp: William Coish (m.1929)

------4. Dorcas Blunden (b.1909)

†††††††††††† sp: Arthur Bursly (m.1926)

------4. Gladys Blunden (b.1912;d.1912)

------4. Thomas Goodland Blunden (b.1913;d.1913)

------4. Gladys Elizabeth Blunden (b.1916)

†††† ††††††††sp: Cyril Barrett (m.1935)