Vegetarian Recipes



There are several vegetarians in our family but not all within each family is vegetarian, this can produce some unique challenges and requires tolerance and accommodations for both sides. We often have completely vegetarian meals and those who normally eat meat never go away hungry. When we have a roast or other meat then I (the vegetarian) will have an egg or cheese dish or meat substitute in its place, irregardless we always have a balanced meal with potatoes, vegetables and protein from one source or another.


Here for your interest are some of our favorite vegetarian recipes. I will add more as soon as I get them organized.

They are each in simple text on one page so that you may print or cut and paste without difficulty.

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Eggs & Cheese, dishes to go with the meal.


Cauliflower Cheese Casserole, complete meal in one dish.


Veggie Casserole, regular and quick versions.


Rissoles & Croquets,  special tasty treats


Nut Roasts, to replace that beef.


Veggie Burgers, for on the camp fire.


Campfire Stew, individual meals in foil.


Salads, Side dishes and full meals


Veggie Pasties,  Great with roast or baked spuds.


Ziploc Omelets, a really great way to prepare breakfast omelet’s.


Meat substitutes.

There are a number of canned nut and soy products on the market by several manufactures, many of them “pretend” to be an exact replacement for chicken, beef, hotdog etc. As a vegetarian all my life I do not favor these, but those choosing to change from one diet to the other may find them better. I use two products mainly Proteena or Protose and Nuteena or Nutmete by Worthington or Loma Linda, available in most health stores. I knew it as Nutolene in England years ago.

Important Update - Dec 2016

For those who have been searching for a replacement for Nuteena / Nutolene previously made by Worthington / Loma Linda then bought out by Kellogs and discontinued there is VERY good news. The rights to the original recipe has been bought out and is being produced (under licence I believe) by Cedar Lakes in Michagan. I can personally testify that their recently available product NuteeSupreem is EXACTLY the same as the Worthington / Loma Linda product so look for it in your local heath store.

For those of you in Canada it is doubtful if it will appear in your local store due to the dual language labelling importation laws, it is however available through the Aventists who have an exemption in that regard. They will take your order by phone and ship direct a very reasonable cost. Vegitarians and vegans should request their product list of the hundreds of such products, canned, dry and frozen much of which is unavailable elsewhere in Canada.

Adventist Book Center & Health Food Store
95 Clarence Biesenthal Drive
Oshawa, ON L1K 2H5
Phone number (905) 579-2311 (or see below)

 NOTE:- as of Nov 05  Nuteena and Nutmete, Protena and Protose and many other products by Loma Linda / Worthington are no longer available, Kellogg who now own both Worthington and Loma Linda have discontinued making it. I am told that Cedar Lake Foods an independent company from Michigan make similar products. April 06, For those in England, Nutolene is still available from Haldane foods, and for those in Australia from Sanitarium. Nuti-loaf from Cedar Lakes is moister, less nutty and has a strong after taste! I have found that Yves Veggie Tenders are a reasonable substitute for Protena in casseroles and veggie pasties.


(Note to Canadian readers;- Our government’s insistence on French on the label has made these products generally unavailable in Canada in recent years. The Seventh Day Adventists have however special arrangements to import this, it can be ordered from their store in Oshawa and elseware. It is available in the U.S. at Adventist and specialty stores)


In Canada Contact:-  Adventist Book Centre

                                Box 398, Oshawa, Ont. L1H 7L5

                                Tel 1 800 765 6955