Dons Rant


I am a Canadian by choice not chance.

                                                     I am a country boy not a city slicker.


I have a dog not a doorbell, a collie not a rottweiler, a friend not a pet.


I walk in the woods not the streets.

                  I have a truck not a car, a barn not a garage, a septic system not a sewer.


          I live on a gravel road not a paved road.

                  I have dial up not high speed, a mailbox not a letterbox, a yard light not a street light.


I shoot photo’s not trophies.

                  I am old not young, married not single, poor not rich, over taxed not over sexed.


I heat with wood not gas

                  I respect my neighbors  not  numb-sculls, police not politicians , hikers not hunters.


I am a RURAL Canadian.

                                                                                                                                                                             Don Rawls July 2002


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