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74. Simeon Glidden

Original Entry from The Descendants of Charles Glidden of Portsmouth and Exeter , New Hampshire , Compiled by George Walter Chamberlain, Edited by Lucia Glidden Strong, Published 1925: (My comments are at the end)

74. Simeon Glidden (Dea. John, Richard, Capt. Richard, Charles) was probably born in New Durham Gore (now Alton ). He received a yoke of oxen by the terms of his father’s will dated, 23 Dec. 1806 . The name of his first wife is unknown. He married (2) Rachel Osgood, daughter of John and Rachel (Lindsay) Osgood of Billerica, Mass. And Stanstead , Can. She was born in 1782 and died in 1860. (Osgood Genealogy, 268)

Noah Glidden of Compton , Province of Quebec , wrote 20 Nov 1898 , as follows:

“My grandfather (Simeon) moved from Wheelock , VT. when my father was twelve years old. Grandfather had five children. My grandmother was dead at that time. After he came to Canada , he married again and raised eight children. I suppose it is not necessary to give you the details of the whole family. He moved to the town of Hatley .

My father [Noah Sr.] had one brother and three sisters and he [his brother] went to the state of Pennsylvania and married and raised five children and died there. His family I know but little about….

I came near forgetting my grandfather’s name. It was Simeon. My father’s name was Noah; uncle’s name was John. My father had two half brothers Simeon and Schuyler.”

i. Noah Sr.

ii. John

iii. James, perhaps a son, is called of Stanstead , Can. When he m. at Newport , VT. 15 June 1803 , Didama Ball.



Children, eight by second wife, born in Canada

vi. Simeon

vii. Schuyler

viii. Elmira

ix. Caroline

x. Philanda

xi. Ruth

xii. Seraph

xiii. Maria

xiv. Rachel

My Comments

Simeon was enumerated as a head of household in the 1800 Census in Wheelock, Caledonia County, Vermont with 1 male <10, 1 male 16-26, 2 females <10, 1 female 16-26. Based upon this Census Simeon was most likely born between 1774 and 1784, and with 3 children more likely towards 1774. James listed as his child above is contrary to the evidence supplied by grandson Noah Glidden in 1898, and as Simeon would at most be 29 in 1803, the likelihood of his having a son of age to marry is almost impossible. There are several other female Glidden’s listed in the History of Stanstead, Canada , which are marrying around this time. Therefore, I don’t believe that James belongs as a son of Simeon, it is more likely that he belongs with these older siblings (I have been unable to match them to anyone though). Assuming our John is one and the same with above and he was born in 1802, then the male would be Noah and two of the sisters were born prior to 1800. John is therefore the fourth or fifth child. In the History of Stanstead, Canada there is mention on page 183 of an Asenath Glidden who was born 20 Jan 1800 and married John Lyford. They have several children listed including a son, Simeon G.. Therefore, it is likely that Asenath is one of the three sisters from the first marriage and that she is one of the two females <10 in the 1800 Census. There is also mention on page 183 in the History of Stanstead , Canada a Mary Glidden who marries Nathaniel Lyford in 1819. It is likely, that she is one of the other two sisters. Also Simeon Glidden is not found in the 1810 Census, which therefore means that he probably removed to Stanstead , Canada prior to that time, which would mean that if Noah was 12 when they moved, Noah was born in or prior to 1798. The assumption that our John is one and the same with the son of Simeon Glidden, is largely based upon the fact that he moved to Pennsylvania, had five children and lived and died there. This matches completely with our John and if you examine the 1830 and 1840 census for Pennsylvania, you will not find any other John Glidden’s. In fact, there are almost no Glidden’s in Pennsylvania at all.

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