Family Photo Page

Welcome to the Family Photo page.

1761 Dwinell house. Photo by Joan Giampoli

John's Father October 1996 in the Nursing Home in Virginia. He passed away in January 1997.

Here is a photo taken in 1919 of the KY side of the family From left to right Susan Richards Vincent, Eliza and John Adams, Belle Bays and W.O. Vincent

Yvonne's family in VirginiaWinnie Kazee with her 3 sons and Bertha Bays and Alice Vincent.

Alice Richards Granddaughter Nellie Tolliver

John's Grandfather Dan O'Rourke at Breezy Point late 1930s Dan and Dorothy and we believe Edward, John's Uncle.

The Bays' from Bakersfield CA Kinner and Edna sometime in the 1930's

Eva, Lurline, Jewel and Alice Harlingen 1940's

Evelyn Belle Reese Baby picture

Eva Vincent, Ruby Catherine Isgrig and Evelyn Reese Spofford 3 Apr 1930

Spofford Sunday School Class Picnic 1920's S. L. and other are in this one, see if you can tell who they are. Yvonne wasn't sure who all of them were.

Alice, Gertrude and Bennie Isgrig with Lurline Wright Hayden AZ

Bill and Laverne Vincent 1951 with Kenny Ray

Here is one from Round Rock when Yvonne was teaching there Gertrude Isgrig in front of Yvonne's house.

Here is another of Gertrude at 15 Years old

Here is Gertrude and Bennie 1930 graduation photo

This next is a series of letters Dogs for Defense. Gertrude has volunteered her dog. Working on it. Then Sandy was called up shipping order.

Sandy is received to training.

Sandy is not trainable and is shipped home.

Here is Bennie Isgrig in Uniform WW II was looming.

Here is Ssgt. Bennie Isgrig with some of the men he served with.

Horace Howard Navy Bennie Isgrig Army and Ada Isgrig.

A lovely young woman in 1918 Lurline Vincent

Here is a photo in front of the Columbus Home Ada Belle, Lurline and Ruby Catherine

Nathan Powderly Isgrig and Ada Vincent Isgrig

Nathan at 18 years old Brackettville in 1904

Nathan and Ada In Columbus another view.

Virginia and Barbara Vincent Barbara Raye at 1 yr 7 months and Virginia Lucille 3 years 6 months.

Virginia Lucille Vincent Baby picture.

Eva and Alice Vincent, Kinner and Eva Bays Spofford 1930's

Here is a young man working for the Rail Road Bill Vincent

Another photo from the Bakersfield CA Bays Family Tarvin Bays at Bakersfield

Kinner Bays

Yvonne with a Navy Guy H. O. Vincent

Alice, Edna Bays, Lurline and Eva

Aunt Ada with David Howard

Elsie Sauer with Lurline Vincent

P. J. Jernigan with David Howard An early Easter photo.

David Howard at Christmas Linda and Brenda in the background.

Here is a mystery Who are they?

Linda and Brenda Howard Baby picture

Linda and Brenda in 1949

Edna Bays with Alice Vincent October 1947

Bill Vincent in Spofford 1920 before graduation.

John's genetic Grandfather on his mother's side Percy Jones WW I

Another WW I Photo of Percy Jones This is a series of 3 photos at the end of WW I in France.

Percy the showman in his civilian clothes

S. L. Thelma and Eva Vincent

Thelma Scarborough at Kerrville 1930

S. L. and Thelma 1933 at Christmas

Here is one of S. L. and Alice around the turn of the century.

Here is one of the Vincent Clan The Old Home Place in Spofford. Front L - R Lurline Vincent, Ada Isgrig and Eva Vincent. Back L - R Bill, Logan and Raymond Vincent taken 3 April 1970

Another one of the Vincent Clan

Lurline and Ruby

A young man at leisure B. T. Scarborough

B. T. with Marie and the girls Christmas 1933

B. T. swimming with his girl in 1930 Marie of course.

B. T. with Marie and Betty at the York Tank in 1932, Spofford.

Betty at Christmas 1933

Here's the whole Scarborough Family at Christmas 1933.

Lonnie Scarborough 14 years old 1930

Here is Lonnie with Grace 1931

Here is one of Aunt Lib Christmas 1933

This is a picture of John's father in October of 1996 Midlothian Virginia.

John's Mother and Father in 1944 Jack and Jane wedding.

Phillips women with John's ggrandfather Curtis Left to right - Iva, ggrandmother Myrtle, Daisy, Yula, Curtis, and grandmother Dorothy.

Dorothy Phillips John's grandmother in 1964 in Wisconsin. The woman with her is Irma Hellerstedt.

John's mother as a young child with Dorothy don't know the man with them although it might be one of John's uncles. It could also be Percy his genetic grandfather.

John at Three years old with Daniel about 10 months old, younger brother.

This is John's grandmother and ggrandmother with John, Daniel and David. The photo was taken in the back yard of 282 Targee St. in Staten Island, NY in 1950.