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Quarantine at the Port of New York, Article VI

§ 80. Quarantine commissioners; organization.

There shall continue to be a board of commissioners of quarantine at the port of New York consisting of three members appointed by the governor by and with the advice and consent of the senate. Each shall be a resident of the county of New York, Kings and Richmond, and shall hold office for three years and receive an annual salary of twenty-five hundred dollars. The board shall elect one of their number president, who shall hold office during the pleasure of the board, but not after he shall cease to be commissioner. The president shall appoint a secretary of the board who shall hold office during the pleasure of the president and receive an annual salary of eighteen hundred dollars to be paid by the State. (As amended by chap. 268 of 1900.)

§ 81. Other officers and employes.

The board shall appoint the following officers who shall receive the following annual salaries to be paid by the state.

  • A superintendent of the Swinburne hospital, twenty-five hundred dollars.
  • A superintendent of the Hoffman hospital, fifteen hundred dollars.
  • An engineer at Swinburne, eleven hundred and fifty dollars.
  • An engineer at Hoffman island, ten hundred and fifty dollars.
  • A carpenter at Swinburne island, nine hundred dollars.
  • Two laborers at Swinburne island, sixty dollars per month.
  • Two laborers at Hoffman island, sixty dollars per month, and such other employes as emergency may require. (As amended by chap. 265 of 1900.)

§ 82. Meetings; report

The commissioners shall hold daily meetings, Sundays and holidays excepted, from May first until November first in each year, and as often in the other months as they may deem necessary. They shall annually report to the legislature at its opening a report of their proceedings and the condition of the quarantine establishment. (As amended by chap. 268 of 1900.)

§ 83. Custody of quarantine establishment

The commissioners of quarantine shall be the custodians of the quarantine establishment to be held by them in trust for the people of the state in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. They may make such rules and regulations not inconsistent with law as they shall deem necessary for the care and protection of each portion of the quarantine establishment; for the government of the employes therein; for the regulation of the conduct of all quarantinable persons, provided the same do not interfere with the duties of the health officer. They shall pay all salaries of persons appointed by them from moneys appropriated by the State. They shall collect from the owners, agents or consignees of vessels all bills for the care and maintenance of persons detained in quarantine; and shall have power to enforce such payment by process of law against the vessel upon which such detained persons have arrived, or against the agents, owners or consignees of such vessels, and, in case of an emergency arising, the quarantine commissioners shall, upon the certificate of the health officer that such emergency really exists, use all means conducive to the protection of the public health, except, when such emergency calls for the expenditure of money beyond such amount as may be in the hands of the commissioners, when such expenditure may be made only by and with the approval of the attorney general and controller. (As amended by chap. 268 of 1900.)

§ 84. Quarantine establishment

Quarantine for the protection of public health shall be maintained in and for the ports of New York, for all vessels arriving thereat from other ports, and for the crews, passengers, equipage, cargoes and other property on board the same. The quarantine establishment at such port shall consist of:

  1. Docks and wharves.
  2. Anchorage for vessels.
  3. Stationary hospital.
  4. Boarding station.
  5. Crematory.
  6. Residence for officers and men.
  7. Such other places and structures as have been or may be authorized by law for quarantine purposes (As amended by chap. 268 of 1900.)

§ 85. Docks and wharves.

The existing docks and wharves with their appurtenances shall be maintained, and if any such additional structures are required, they shall be constructed at such expense and in such place in the lower bay of New York, as the quarantine commissioners and health officer may determine, with the approval of the commissioners of the land office. (As amended by chap. 268 of 1900.)

§ 86. Anchorage.

The anchorage for vessels under quarantine shall be within the waters of New York harbor at such place as may be designated by the health officer and commissioners of quarantine. (As amended by chap. 268 of 1900.)

§ 87. Boarding Station.

The boarding station for vessels from any place where disease subject to quarantine existed at the time of their departure, or which shall have stopped at any such place during their voyage, or on board of which during the voyage any case of such disease shall have occurred, arriving between the first day of April and the first day of November, shall be at such place as the health officer and quarantine commissioners may designate. And all such vessels immediately on their arrival shall anchor where directed and there remain with all persons arriving thereon until discharged by the health officer. (As amended by chap. 268 of 1900.)

§ 88. The Swinburne island hospital.

The Swinburne island hospital in the lower bay of New York, with its docks, wharves and appurtenances shall be kept in the best possible condition by the commissioners of quarantine and be in constant readiness for use as a hospital for the reception of persons sick with infectious diseases, arriving in quarantinable vessels, and shall be provided with all necessary furniture, fixtures and other facilities for the care of the sick, and for the prompt and efficient discharge of the duties of the health officer. The expense of the care and the support of every person received into such hospital shall be fixed and determined by the commissioners of quarantine, and shall be paid to the commissioners of quarantine by the master, owner or consignee of the vessel in which such person shall have arrived, and the payment thereof may be enforced by the same remedies as the payment of other quarantine charges. The structures on Hoffman Island now used for that purpose shall continue to be used for the reception and temporary detention of person under quarantine who have been exposed to infectious diseases and who may be sent there by the health officer pursuant to law. And the commissioners of quarantine shall use every effort to maintain this island and the building thereon in the best possible condition for the safe and comfortable occupancy of detained persons, and shall provide such appliances for the cleansing and disinfection of persons, baggage, and other goods as the health officer may require. (As amended by chap. 268 of 1900.)

§ 89. Crematory.

The board of commissioners of quarantine shall maintain upon Swinburne island, in the harbor of New York, a crematory of such form and construction as they may deem advisable. The health officer shall cause to be incinerated therein the bodies of persons dying at the quarantine hospital form infectious diseases, except of person whose religious views as communicated by them while living, or by their friends with twenty-four hours after their decease, are opposed to cremation. (As amended by chap. 268 of 1900.)

§ 90. Remains of persons cremated.

The remains of persons cremated upon Swinburne island shall be placed in receptacles provided by the commissioners of quarantine for this purpose, and the same shall be properly labelled for identification, and the said commissioners shall deliver such receptacles to the proper claimants, when such appear, and when no such claimant is known, shall place the receptacle in a proper place to be provided for this purpose. (As amended by chap. 268 of 1900.)

§ 91. Burying ground.

The commissioners of quarantine may make use of such parts of Swinburne island in the harbor of New York, as they may find necessary for the interment of the bodies of persons dying at the quarantine hospital from infectious disease, which are not authorized to be cremated or which may not be designated for cremation. (As amended by chap. 268 of 1900, and renumbered from § 90.)

Source: General Laws of New York 'Containing all Amendments to the Close of the Session of 1900. Compiled and edited by Edwrd L. Heydecker, of the New York Bar. Vol. II of Four Volumes. {Albany, N.Y.: Matthew Bender, 1900], pages 2029-2032

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