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CALENDARS The Quaker Calendar from the Britain Yearly Meeting

CALENDARS Quaker Dates

CALENDARS Calendar Conversion Utility by Scott Lee

CALENDARS Cyndi's List of Calendars & Dates

CENSUS Soundex Converter from RootsWeb

CUSTOMS Quaker Marriages by Jerry Richmond

CUSTOMS Quaker Customs & Beliefs by Jerry Richmond

CUSTOMS & BELIEFS An Introduction to Quaker Beliefs & Practices

FAQs soc.religion.quaker Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

GETTING STARTED Finding Your Quaker Roots by Cheska Wheatley

HANDWRITING Deciphering Old Handwriting From S. Murray's course

HISTORY Quakers in the U.S. during the Mid-18th Century

HISTORY Negro Membership in the Society of Friends) from Journal of Negro History, 1936

MEETINGS Meeting Organization Local-Monthly-Quarterly-Yearly

NAMES Naming Traditions

RESEARCH Land Record Reference from Direct Line Software

RESEARCH Sources of Genealogical Information Hit a Deadend? Check Here!

RESEARCH Twenty Ways to Avoid Genealogical Grief by M. Sharon

RESEARCH Genealogical Resources from the Britain Yearly Meeting

TERMINOLOGY Glossary of Quaker Terms

TERMINOLOGY Quaker Terms, Glossary, Abbreviations, Meetings from Everton's

TERMINOLOGY Cyndi's List of Terms, Phrases, Glossaries, etc.

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