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Guidelines for List Members

Don't feel like you have to "lurk" in the background... you're sure to find very helpful and "friendly" folks that are more than willing to help you find out more about your Quaker ancestors. If you're a beginner, don't be shy. We have all been there and may be able to help you get started. Just ask!

No genealogy-related question is inappropriate on this list.

The only purpose of the group is to promote the genealogical research of our common Quaker ancestors.

This is a "CLOSED" list. Only current "subscribers" are permitted to post messages to the group.

Remember to "unsubscribe" from Quaker-Roots before changing your e-mail address.

If you stop getting Quaker-Roots mail suddenly, it could be that your mail has bounced 8 times and you were automatically "unsubscribed".... Don't fret about it, just resubscribe.

If you're getting Quaker-Roots in digest mode and it is getting cut-off, be sure your software is set up to allow for messages of unlimited length.

NEVER send an "attached" file to the list address.

Please don't send e-mail that has been "formatted or stylized". Many people have trouble reading this.

Past Quaker-Roots messages are archived by RootsWeb. You can visit https://mailinglists.rootsweb.com/listindexes/ to search the archives.

You should never get any error messages back when you post a message to the group address. If you do, forward the entire error message to the list owner [email protected].

Never post off-topic or commercial messages to the list.

Flame Wars will not be tolerated. Offenders will be warned in a private message. If they choose to continue posting offensive messages to the group, they will be permanently "unsubscribed" from the list.

Messages of a personal nature should NEVER be sent to the List address ([email protected])

Quaker-Roots is not a moderated mail list. Messages are not scanned for appropriateness before they are sent to the entire list of subscribers.

Please feel free to contact Cheska if you have any problems or concerns: [email protected].

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