Some Interesting Quaker Roots Threads  
Some Interesting Quaker Roots Threads
Presidential Quaker Connections

W. David Samuelsen wrote:

Beside Nixon, Ford, Humphrey, two other Presidents with known Quaker connections: William Howard Taft (Taft-Aldrich) and Herbert Hoover (overwhelming Quaker).

Who are other Presidents with Quaker lines?

Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 19:52:43 EST
Subject: Re: President's Ancestry

In a family story that has been going around for years, it states that my 4th gr grandmother Mary Adams was "the sister to John Adams, 2nd Pres of U.S."

Is there anything in your book that would confirm or deny this? In all the checking I have done I have not been able to prove the relationship to John Adams.

Mary was born Jun 30, 1758 and d. abt 1853 either Granger Co, TN or Vermilion Co, IL. 

Mary Adams mar 1 - Jacob Golden abt 1775 prob in Henry Co Va (where his will is found) They had 3 children.

After his death she mar 2 - James Whitlock (between 1780-87) they had 6 children. when James died, she mar 3 - Peter Harris 19 May 1808 Grainger Co TN (no children) Any help will be appreciated!!

Thank, Marilyn Haworth Cummings

Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 21:08:56 EST
Subject: Re: President's Ancestry

Marilyn, the book Ancestors of American Presidents lists John Adams' birthdate as 19 Oct. 1735 and he was born in Braintree, Mass.

Joan Myers Young

From: Thomas Hamm [email protected]
Subject: Re: President's Ancestry

I checked THE WORKS OF JOHN ADAMS, comp. by Charles Francis Adams and published in 1856. It includes a genealogy compiled by John's son, John Quincy. It shows that John Adams, Sr., born 1691, married Susanna Boylston in 1734. They had three sons: John, Peter, and Elihu. Neither Peter nor Elihu had a daughter Mary who moved to Virginia or Tennessee. Thus if there is a relationship, it's more distant.

From: [email protected]
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 00:35:25 EST

>From the Book "Presidents, Soldiers, and Statesmen"

Second President of the United States was born Oct. 19, 1735 (old style), and died July 4th 1826.

A quaint inscription on a tombstone in Quincy churchyard, Massachusetts, records how one Henry Adams "took flight from the Dragon Persecution in Devonshire, England, alighted with eight sons, near Mount Hollaston." John Adams, a grandson of one of these "eight sons" was born in Quincy, Massachusetts colony. He was directly descended from John Alden, of Mayflower fame, the sectary of the doughty Miles Standish and the husband of "Priscilla", the Puritan maiden. 

His boyish studies were prosecuted in Braintree, and he was admitted to Harvard in 1751.

Jim Worthington

Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 23:11:10 -0500
From: "William A. Collins" <[email protected]
Subject: Re: President's Ancestry

The father of President John Adams was also named John, of the fourth generation in descent from Henry Adams, who emigrated from Devonshire, Eng., to Mass. about 1636; his mother was Susanna Boylston Adams.

If the parents are the same, I guess you might have found a sister :-)


Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 20:03:00 -0800
From: Bill Blackburn <[email protected]
Subject: Re: President's Ancestry

I am trying to track down the connection of my distant relation, Hannah Milhous born about 1850 married Elwood Carson, to Richard Milhous Nixon's mother Hannah Milhous born 1885 Indiana. 

Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 21:58:48 -0500 (EST)
From: Jeff Palmer <[email protected]
Subject: Re: President Lincoln's Quaker 

Abraham Lincoln is supposedly the great-grandchild of Quakers Richard and Francis Barnard. (See the September 7, 1989 issue of Kennett Square, PA's "The Kennett Paper", Page B1 and the September 4, 1989 issue of "The Philadelphia Inquirer", Page 2-B.)

On Sat, 14 Feb 1998, Dan Treadway wrote: <SNIPPED>

> Lincoln's ancestry is for the most part very foggy, but it is possible
> that some of his Lincoln, Hanks and Flowers relatives were Quaker.

From: [email protected]
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 13:03:38 EST
Subject: Re: President's Ancestry

I could use a generation-by-generation account of Gerald Ford's ancestry back to Stephen Bachiler (Batchelder, Bachellor, etc.). Bachiler was not himself a Quaker but was an ancestor of the Hussey family, many of whose members were Friends, and for all I know the connection goes through them. I know Ford is related but the question is precisely how.

Thanks much. David Boles

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 19:43:19 -0800
From: "The Budda's" <[email protected]
Subject: Re: President's Ancestry

I believe part of the Quaker connection comes from the Beeson family that married into Richard Nixon's mother's line. In my Beeson database I show a Jane Milhouse who m. Harold Clement Beeson.

Harold was b. 1888. I am not certain if this is Nixon's mother's line.

Perhaps someone else has the line from the Beeson's. 
Gail Budda, in the soggy Santa Cruz, CA mountains [email protected]

Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 07:28:43 -0500
From: Sioux Prifogle [email protected]
Subject: Re: President's Ancestry

The Budda's wrote:

> Dear Bill - I believe part of the Quaker connection comes from the
> Beeson family that married into Richard Nixon's mother's line. In my
> Beeson database I show a Jane Milhouse who m. Harold Clement Beeson.
> Harold was b. 1888. I am not certain if this is Nixon's mother's line.

> Perhaps someone else has the line from the Beeson's.

> Gail Budda, in the soggy Santa Cruz, CA mountains

Nixon also descends from the Mendenhall family who were, of course, Quakers... I toyed around with this Nixon & Gerald Ford (descended through the Chase family & related to me) stuff a few years back...

Here's the Milhouses:
Thomas Milhous 1699-1770 m. Sarah Miller William Milhous 1738-1826 m. Hannah Baldwin William Jr 1783-1874 m. Martha Vickers

Joshua Milhous 1820-1893 m. Elizabeth Griffith Franklin Milhous 1848-1919 m. Almira Burdg (?) Hannah Milhous

The above Martha Vickers descends from Joshua & Lydia Mendenhall Mendenhall thus:

Joshua 1727-1816 & Lydia Mendenhall Mendenhall Jemima Mendenhall 1757-1851 m. Thomas Vickers Martha Vickers m. William Milhous Jr

Lydia was the daughter of Aaron & Rose Pierson Mendenhall and granddaughter of John & Elizabeth Maris Mendenhall.

Joshua was the son of Benjamin & Lydia Roberts Mendenhall and grandson of Benjamin & Ann Pennell Mendenhall.

Hope this helps someone!

Anyone need Gerald Ford?? I mean, his Quaker lineage?

Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 20:15:30 -0600
From: Dan Treadway <[email protected]> Reply-To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Presidential lines

John Wayne (Marion Morrison?) spent part of his childhood in the Quaker community of Earlham, Iowa. Anybody know if he had Quaker ancestry?

From: "DeMarco" <[email protected]
Subject: Re: Presidental lines
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 18:05:57 -0500

When you discover a famous cousin, think about the gift-giving opportunities you have. The year before last I discovered my father was John Wayne's cousin. That Christmas I thrilled my Dad (who turned 88 that year and is a big John Wayne fan) by giving him a decorative chart showing how he was related to John Wayne, a video cassette of one of John Wayne's movies, and a biography of John Wayne. He was simply flabbergasted -- had no idea he was John Wayne's cousin. 

Regards, Margaret
[email protected]

Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 16:48:23 -0600
From: "Fredrick W. Armstrong" <[email protected]
Subject: Re: Presidental lines

I agree with Gretchen Kohl about famous lines, particularly Presidental ones, being a great hook to get people interested in genealogy. When I was a small child, I heard that I was related to Daniel Boone; unfortunately no one in the family could tell me how. When I grew up, I decided to trace this out. Since then, I have not only found my Boone line, but links to various Presidents, Kings, famous actors, explorers, etc. Finding this information is always nice.

Fred Armstrong
[email protected]

From: "Randy Pennell" <[email protected]
Subject: Presidential lineages
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 14:28:42 -0500

Here are 3 websites I discovered which contain genealogies of U.S. presidents. I found these after I discovered Richard Nixon was apparently descended from the LESTER - BALL - GRIFFITH - HEWLINGS families of Richland, Bucks Co., PA. I send out a group letter to people researching these families and included the sites on my last letter.

I have no idea how valid the information is that these sites contain; I'm just passing them on to anyone interested.

Elaine Pennell

From: [email protected]
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 16:53:29 EST
Subject: re: Presidential lines

In discussing the lines of the Presidents, someone was pondering why they kept info on distantly related lines. I have one idea as to why it is good.

It can be a great "hook" to get people interested in genealogy. So far I don't have anyone in my direct line that was particularly interesting in a "WOW" sort of way. But, I can grab a collateral cousin or two and weave some great stories that keep my kids really fascinated - helps when I want time for my fun instead of their fun.

My 10 yr old had to do a George Washington essay this week. I promptly made a simple chart showing 4 lines starting with RevWar ancestors and ending with his name. I introduced them as people who "helped George Washington start America." I then added a sentence or two telling what the ancestors had done.

I've got folks who where captured and held by the Indians, an old time Texas Ranger who was in a Louis L'Amour story, etc. etc. I've got someone with a presumed birthdate of 1492 that I "tied" to Columbus [or at least that era] despite the fact my ancestor was in England. Stretching it a bit but keeping them interested and they sure remember history better this way.

Still checking on my family's Presidential rumors....

Gretchen Kohl [Alameda,CA] - [email protected]

Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 18:07:45 -0500
From: JOE [email protected]
Subject: Re: Presidential lines

Great idea ! I am writing my book on my pedigree and I am going to use the Presidents as sort of a time line gimmick. If I say 1863 people may not understand how long go that was, but if I say "When Lincoln was doing the Gettysburg Address, Uncle Elmo was buying his first land in Utah, this may be easier to follow.

I have several relatives who have bumped into famous people (documented) and I use that as a "hook".

Example: "My grandfather, Myron Strosnil was the Liar's Club awards chairman at the banquet when Richard Nixon said "I am not a cheat"

Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 17:42:57 EST
Subject: Re: Presidential lines

Gretchen, there is a far better reason than that one to keep information on allied lines. The allied families were part of the community into which our ancestors intermarried and with whom they traveled to new locations. Many a dead-end has been resolved as a result of following allied families.

Joan Myers Young

Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 19:30:40 -0500
From: Sioux Prifogle [email protected]
Subject: Presidential Quaker Roots

Okay, now I'm up to US Grant... He descends from Philip Delano/deLannoy as did FDR...

I think SOME Delanos became or were Quakers... anyone know for sure?

Also, he has these names - Warren, Hatch & Allen -- in his lineage which, I believe, were some early Puritan names in Massachusetts (Mayflower ancestors)... if these are the same bunch... They're all side by side in the lineage: Nathaniel Warren @1624 m. Sarah Walker, Jonathan Hatch @1625 m. Sarah Rowley, & James Allen @1637 m. Elizabeth Parker -- those are birth dates, not marriage dates...

I guess that doesn't make these people Quakers, but at least in my family, some of these Mayflower descendants married into Quaker families...

Sue, still reading -- nuthin' else to do on a Saturday nite :)

Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 16:50:28 -0500 (EST)
From: Jeff Palmer <[email protected]
Subject: Re: President Lincoln's Quaker Ancestry 

You're right - the newspaper quote appears to have excluded a couple of "greats".

Does Burkes give any further information on Richard & Frances Barnard or their ancestors? ("Lambe" is new information for me.) Do you have a more complete reference citation for "Burkes"?

Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 22:07:35 -0800 (PST)
From: "Prentice Stanley" [email protected]
Subject: Re: Presidential Update

This reminds me of something I've been curious about for some time. 

My grandfather, Arthur Garfield STANLEY, was born in 1880, (Carmel, IN) during the 1880 presidential campaign. There were neither Arthurs nor Garfields in the family, so I have always assumed that he was named for the Republican presidential and vice-presidential candidates, James A. Garfield and Chester A. Arthur.

My question is this: Did Quakers of these times tend to belong to one particular party? Since Quakers had been anti-slavery, would they have been likely to vote Republican? I've never heard anything about this.

Prentice Stanley

Sun, 15 Feb 1998 15:13:49 -0800

Hi, Seekers: there are a couple very good presidents genealogy sites on-line. One is:

the other sites I have somehow 'lost' - but if you have search engines, try plugging in Presidents Genealogy - you should get the other sites to surf through.

As for U.S. GRANT - I do believe he was of just plain old German descent. GRANT was originally GREUND/GRUND. Believe one of my great-greats (aunt by marriage) was his blood aunt ...although I am not related to the GRANT family.

John Adam GRANT (GRUND) was a Rev. War soldier, emigrant, took up land in Sharpsburg, MD - thence to Baltimore in 1784 - then to Ohio in 1808. 

He married Catherine HOFFMAN. They were parents of Catherine GRANT CLOSE and Jesse GRANT, the father of President Ulysses S. GRANT. U.S.

GRANT's real (given) first name was Hiram: Hiram Ulysses GRANT, but his parents always called him Ulysses or 'Lyss. 

U.S. GRANT was the first child of Jesse and Hannah SIMPSON GRANT. U.S.

GRANT was born on 27 April 1822, in Point Pleasant, Ohio, a village on the Ohio River about 20 miles south east of Cincinnati. His birthplace is now an Ohio State Memorial at Port Pleasant, Ohio.

U.S. GRANT bio lists his ancestry as English-Scot. I do not believe that is absolutely correct. GRUND sounds/looks very Germanic to me.


Abraham LINCOLN:

Birth: Sinking Spring Farm, Hardin County, KY, and February 12, 1809.

Died: Petersen Home (house), 516 10th Street NW, Washington, DC, 7:22 A.M. on April 15, 1865.

Burial Site: Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, IL. 

Mary TODD LINCOLN, and all their children, with the except of Robert (he is buried at Arlington National Cemetery) are buried within the spaces within the wall facing the actual tomb of Lincoln. The children were re-interred in the crypt upon its completion. 

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Springfield, IL, don't miss going to Oak Ridge to view the tombsite. The cemetery is located right in the end of Monument Avenue. It is a very imposing monument and inside the crypt area, there is such a church-like atmosphere - it is simplistic yet, so very awesome. I can't quite find the right words to explain the feeling - restful is one - that came to mind when I visited the crypt area. One is hard-pressed to equate all of it with a simple country boy born in a log cabin.

The inner crypt area is so built with an alarm system that can be activated in case of major disasters - like an atom bomb attack. 

father: Thomas LINCOLN, b. 6 Jan 1778, Rockingham Co., VA. Died Coles Co., IL, 15 Jan 1851.

mother: Nancy HANKS, b. 5 Feb 1784, Campbell Co., VA. Died 5 Oct 1818, Spencer Co., IN.

The grave of Nancy HANKS LINCOLN is located south of Lincoln City, Indiana (considered Lincoln's boyhood home), on Ind. 162. There is a large name sign:


This wooded knoll served as a community cemetery until the end of the Nineteenth
Century. Many friends and neighbors of the Lincoln family are buried here. Several of them, like Nancy Hanks Lincoln, died of the dreaded "Milk Sickness". 

stepmother: Sarah BUSH JOHNSON, b. 12 Dec 1788, Hardin Co., KY. Died 10 Apr 1869, in Charleston, IL.

Good hunting - good luck! Shirley: [email protected]

Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 20:11:41 -0600
From: Dan Treadway <[email protected]
Subject: Re: Presidents with Quaker connections 

John Tyler is descended from Dr. Robert Ellyson of Saint Mary's County, Maryland, through the Arimistead family. I do not know if any of Tyler's ancestors were Quakers, but many of Dr. Ellyson's other descendants were.

Lincoln's ancestry is for the most part very foggy, but it is possible that some of his Lincoln, Hanks and Flowers relatives were Quaker.

Coolidge has a line from Peter Coffin, whose son Tristram was among the founders of the Nantucket settlement. I do not believe Coolidge's ancestors were Quaker, but many of Tristram's descendants were. Gerald Ford has two lines from Tristram Coffin.

Harding and Ford are both descendants of Adam and Elizabeth (Creel) Mott of Portsmouth, RI. Adam and Elizabeth may have died too soon to become Quakers, but I believe letter generations of both these lines were Quaker.

FDR is descended from the Howland family of Plymouth Colony. I don't think any of FDR's line became Quaker, but several of their cousins did.

Ford also has Howland ancestry.

LBJ comes from the Johns(t)on family of Isle of Wight County VA, at least some of whom were Quaker, and possibly also from the Bunting family of Chester County, Pennsylvania.

I believe Jimmy Carter had some ancestors who lived among Quakers at Wrightsboro, Georgia, but perhaps they were not Quaker themselves.

Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 21:01:29 +0000
From: Edward Sinker <[email protected]
Subject: Re: Presidents with Quaker 

What started this off was my message about HARRY S. TRUMAN being descended from the Greggs who were Quakers from Pennsylvania but so far it would appear that no one knows the complete line. 

Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 13:17:10 -0800 (PST) 
From: "Prentice Stanley" [email protected]
Subject: Re: Presidents with Quaker connections 

Yes, Hoover was in fact, himself a Quaker. He grew up in West Liberty, Iowa just a few steps from the West Liberty Meeting House. 

His father was Jesse Hoover, a German Immigrant (I think the name was originally Huber), who owned a blacksmith shop in West Liberty. It's all there today, next to the Hoover presidential library in that town.


Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 21:11:41 EST
Subject: Re: Presidents' lineages

In a message dated 98-02-14 20:49:16 EST, [email protected] writes:

<< I have a dilemma on Presidents lineages My gggg Great Grandmother was Elizabeth Mullens who is to be a daughter of Martha Washington who married a Mullens either a niece cousin or some relation to George Washington, I really don't care if he is related. It would be nice , but I would really Like to figure just who she was....Any Ideas? I am also the one that Descends from the Pusey-Worley- Penn-Connection... >>

Dear V,

I don't have anything on George or his relations, but I know there's someone on the list that has information on the Pusey line. Maybe he'll see your request and help you out.


Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 18:22:50 EST
Subject: Re: Presidents' lineages

In a message dated 98-02-14 18:06:18 EST, [email protected] writes:

> Here are some of Bill's family names in his lineage:
> Blythe, Baum, Hines, Lockhart, Ayers, Cassidy (with a ?), Snelgrove,
> Howard, Russell, Spradley, Malone, Grisham/Grissom, Slate (with a ?),
> Adams, Wilson, May, McBride, Hayes, Mitchell

Off the top of my head I think he is fairly closely related to the author John Grisham. And isn't Jimmy Carter related to Elvis Presley through the Pressler/Bressler line? 

Joan Myers Young

From: [email protected]
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 20:38:51 EST

In a message dated 98-02-14 20:22:33 EST, Booboopies writes:

> For the record, the King spelled his name with 1 "S": Presley.

Oops! I stand corrected--I KNEW something looked wrong there. I think his ancestors spelled it with 2 but I should have remembered that he did not. It think it originally was spelled with a B and not a P too.


Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 18:40:59 0500
From: Sioux Prifogle [email protected]
Subject: Re: Presidents' lineages

I'm sittin' here in a Library with Burke's Presidential Families book....
until 5 pm today... Who needs what?

There's a Pressley in Carter's lineage... I dunno about John Grisham & Elvis, though... it doesn't say... Maybe someone out there knows... :)

This here book (grin) that I've been woman handling all day just doesn't mention any Mullens with the Washingtons... On the other hand, it doesn't have complete lineages of Washington's ancestors' siblings, etc... So do not despair... You'll find it... I know you will!

Okay, okay... You've convinced me... I'm gonna take this Burke's Presidential Families book home with me... By God, I'm the Director and if I wanna do that, I CAN!

Anyway, I'm only up to James Buchanan as far as inspecting each lineage... So, I can finish that at home, and still answer any presidential questions any of you may have... :)

> Can you tell me if George Bush is descended from
> a Jonathan Sheldon who lived in RI in the late 1700s 
> after coming from Wales as an indentured servant?

Hmmmm... it doesn't go back that far...

I see a Michael Sheldon, no more info, father of Thomas Sheldon (1818-1854) who m. Martha Uncles (1824-1912)... 

Eeeeesh! George descends from a Maria Margareth Fout/Fought/Fauth (1732-95) who m. John Shellman/Schellman... If this is who I think it is -- add George to my Republican presidential list! *sigh*

> Can you tell me if Geo Washingtons siblings are listed ...
> I need a Col .Wm Washington...with a dau Martha
> Washington who married a Mullens/Mullins Martha
> Should have been born about 1740...

Here's what I see:

>From George's dad's first marriage, the following children: Butler, Lawrence, Augustine & Jane.

>From George's dad's second marriage, the following children: George, Betty, Samuel, John Augustine, Charles, Mildred.

Your Col. William must be from another generation back... 

Your wish is my command... *grin*

1) William Holliday @1755-1811/12 m. Martha Patton (?) 
2) Joseph Holliday 1789-1870 m. Nancy R. McCune 1799-1834
3) John Holliday 1819-81 m. Lucretia Force @1824-
4) Nannie E. Holliday @1848-1942 m. James Wear II 1838-93
5) Lucretia Wear 1874-1961 m. George Herbert Walker 1875-1953
6) Dorothy Walker 1901-92 m. Prescott Sheldon Bush 1895-1972
7) George Bush

Here are some of Bill's family names in his lineage: Blythe, Baum, Hines, Lockhart, Ayers, Cassidy (with a ?), Snelgrove, Howard, Russell, Spradley, Malone, Grisham/Grissom, Slate (with a ?), Adams, Wilson, May, McBride, Hayes, Mitchell

From: Sioux Prifogle [email protected]
To: Quaker Roots List [email protected]
Subject: Presidential 

Hadley is a big Quaker name...

Chester Arthur not only has the Hadley name on his maternal side, but there's lotsa intermarriage (in true Quaker tradition)... If someone out there is a Hadley descendant, do you recognize the following names?

Samuel Hadley Jr b.1747 m. Dorothy Colby

This couple had a son, Samuel Hadley III b.1707 whose two daughters Hepzibah b.1744 and Sarah b.1736 were Chester's great grandmothers on his mother's side...

Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 11:44:25 -0500
From: Sioux Prifogle [email protected]
Subject: Re: President Lincoln's Quaker Ancestry References

According to the lineage here in Burkes, his great-great grandmother was Rebecca Barnard, daughter of Richard (d.@1698) & Frances Lambe Barnard... I can't hook this Richard up with the Nantucket Barnards...can anyone out there?

Lincoln didn't have a great-grandfather Barnard... but he DID have a great-great-great grandfather Barnard (Richard, above)...


Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 17:08:56 -0500
From: Sioux Prifogle <[email protected]>

No more on the Barnards or Lambes from what I wrote....

The title of the book is American Presidential Families with Political Essays by Hugh Brogan and Family Essays by Charles Mosley, MacMillan Publishing Co, NY, 1993


Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 08:49:14 -0600
From: "John E. COLE" <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: Presidential Quaker Roots

I have Volume I of Hinshaw's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN QUAKER GENEALOGY, until tomorrow. It has the following listing in CANE CREEK MONTHLY MEETING, Orange (now Alamance) County, NC: On page 345 of CANE CREEK MM 

Page 66.
John Allen, s. John & Phebe, b. 3-22-1749 in Chester Co., PA Rachel Allen, dt. Peter & Margaret Stout, b. 2-23-1761, York Co., PA Ch:

John b. 5-28-1780, Orange Co.
Peter b. 8- 1-1781, Orange Co.
Joseph b. 6- 9-1783, Orange Co.
Samuel b. 9-24-1785, Orange Co.
Nathan b. 6- 4-1787, Orange Co.
Phebe b. 11-29-1789, Orange Co.
Harmon b. 12-12-1791, Orange Co.
Rachel b. 3-10-1794, Orange Co.

Page 20-D.
Saml Allen, s. John & Rancel, d. 6-24-1787, aged 1 yr 9 mos.

Page 97.
Elizabeth Allen b. 8-1-1749, Chester Co., PA
It also contains the families of sons John, Nathan, Peter.

Geneva Cole

Subject: Re: Presidential Quaker Roots
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 98 23:36:44 -0500
From: John Schultz <[email protected]

I was interested in your comments on the ALLENs:

In my husband's Bucks Co. Quaker JANNEY family, his mother descended from James Worth JANNEY, the oldest son of Jacob JANNEY and Esther BETTS, who went from Bucks Co. to Montgomery and Cecil Counties in MD and on to Monroe Co., MI in 1845.

Their youngest son was Elwood JANNEY, who married Almeda Louisa ALLEN at the home of her sister (name not given) in Skaneateles in Onondaga Co., NY. The source from which this was taken, "An Account of the Jacob and Esther Branch of the Janney Family," compiled from the papers of Almeda May Janney, states that her parents were from Vermont but does not name them.

Does anyone know whether Almeda ALLEN and her family were also Quakers? If they were, to which MM might they have belonged in Vermont and NY?

Thank you for any help or suggestions you can give me.

Kathryn Schultz
[email protected]

From: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 01:05:06 EST

> From Pendle Hill Pamphlet 273 c1987 - "Abraham Lincoln
> and the Quakers," Daniel Bassuk p.5,6: 

"...attempts to establish Lincoln's Quaker ancestors did not bear fruit until 1955.

After fifteen years of painstaking research, David S. Keiser discovered that the maternal grandparents of the President's own grandfather, Enoch and Rebecca FLOWER, were Quakers at the time of their marriage in 1713. (10) Additionally, each pair of Enoch's and Rebecca's parents had been married in Quaker Meetings either in Pennsylvania or in England. This means that Abraham Lincoln's paternal great grandfather, John Lincoln (1716-1788), married into a family that was Quaker on both sides." (10) David S. Keiser, "Quaker Ancestors for Lincoln," Lincoln Herald 63 (1961): 134-37.

> From Ky. Pioneer Gen. & Records Vol 1 No 3 July 1979
> "Abraham Lincoln And Family," Col. Ralph E. Pearson, USA RTD p.21:

Mordecai Lincoln, Jr. (1686 MA-1736PA) m1. ca 1715? NJ Hannah B. Salter; m 2. Mary Robeson. He removed from Monmouth Co., NJ to Chester Co., PA in 1720, then to Berks Co., PA in 1727. He is buried in the Friends Meeting House Cem. at Essex. Son John LINCOLN (1716 NJ-1788 Rockingham Co., VA) m1. ca 1747?

Berks Co., PA? Rebecca FLOWERS; m2. a Morris (?). In 1744, John Lincoln was living with his family near Birsboro, (__Co.), PA; his son Abraham (1748 PA-1803 KY?) was a captain in the Rev. War - m1.____ Mary Shipley, m 2. Bathsheba HERRING (DAR Patriot Index).

p.19, 20: Robert Shipley m. Sarah Dorsey; dau. Lucey Shipley (1765 VA-1825 KY) m1. ca 1783 Mecklenburg Co NC James HANKS; m2.1790 KY Henry Sparrow, Sr.

NANCY HANKS (5 Feb 1784 VA-____ Pigeon Creek, Spencer Co., IN m.12 Jun 1806 Springfield, Washington Co., KY THOMAS LINCOLN, (1776 R'ham Co., VA-1851 IL) s/o Capt. Abraham & Bathsheba (Herring) Lincoln; parents of Pres. ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

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