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Some Quaker Mailing Lists

  • FRIENDS-CHURCH: Evangelical. Send a message saying "subscribe Friends-Church".
  • FRIENDS-THEOLOGY: This conference was designed for evangelical, Christ centered Friends to discuss theology and biblical interpretation with each other. Those interested in a discussion focusing more on the practical side of ministriy as well as current topics in the Friends church might wish to subscribe to [email protected] For further questions, please contact Bill Kelley at [email protected].
  • QUAKER-B: British Yearly Meeting. Send a message saying "subscribe Quaker-B Bill Smith" (if your name is Bill Smith)
  • QUAKER-L: Moderated, online discussion of all aspects of Quakerism/the Religious Society of Friends. Such discussion may include (but is not limited to) Quaker worship, decision-making, publications, etc. Social and activist Quaker issues such as peace, justice, ecology, etc. are discussed on QUAKER-P. Mailing address for postings is [email protected]. You must be subscribed to post to Quaker-L. To subscribe, send the following to [email protected]: SUBSCRIBE QUAKER-L firstname lastname
  • QUAKER-ROOTS: Very helpful discussion group for anyone with an interest in their Quaker heritage. Quakers kept excellent records and documented their migration into new areas. If you find one Quaker family on your family tree, you probably have many more! As of February 1998, this list has approximately 850 members. It is suggested that you subscribe to the list in DIGEST mode if you find the volume of e-mail overwhelming.
Some Quaker News Groups

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