Zion Church Dundee Subscription Lists 1895 & 1916



Zion Church, Dundee Quebec

Subcription Lists for 1895 & 1916

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Until it amalgated with the United Church of Canada in 1925, Zion Church of Dundee was a Scottish Presbyterian Church founded by local settlers. The subscription lists are essentially a list of the head of households whose families were members of the congregation. Each family promised a financial contribution towards the cost of maintaining the church and toward the salary of the minister's salary. Members also collected and contributed twoards specific projects and missions that the Church deemed worthy.

If you would like to know the amount contributed by a subcriber, please email me at:

Ken Steffenson

1895 Subscriptions

Named missions included: Aiding the Armenians, T. Galloway, Woman's Foreign Missions,  and Box Missions.

Ministers were Rev. Dr. McDonald and Rev. J.C. Martin.


Mrs. N. Farlinger, Thomas Farlinger, William Fleming, Donald Fraser, William Steven, H. Fraser, A. McLean, Robert McGibbon, A. Colquhoun, William A. Fraser, J.D. McMillan, N. McPhee, C.A. Cameron, A. McGillis, D. McPherson, John Walkinshaw, Mrs. D. Stewart, J.J. McGibbon, D. McLean, William McIntosh, Tomas Wood, Captain John Rankin, Allan McNicholl, John McNicholl, William A. Cameron, James McGibbon, D.J. Stewart, Perter Ferguson, James Ferguson, Miss M. Campbell, Miss.H. Stewart, D. Fraser, D.McRae, William Irwin, J.W. Fraser, Alex Vass, J.J. Fraser, Joseph Smallman, A. McMillan, James Arnold, S.M.Millar, Miss A. McMillan, James Gage, F. McLennan, John Gordon, Fred Armstrong, M. Millar, Mrs. P. Aubrey, D.B. Simpson, William Millar, James Vass, William Vass, James Davidson, D. McGregor Moody, N.Smith, R.W. McGibbon, James McCord, William Long, William D. Fraser, John Platt, E.A. McMaster, William Stowell, James A. Arnold, Tina Currie, John Clark, junr, Robert Bruce, John Clark, senior, Joseph Alseph, D.M. Walker, W.C.McArthur, D. Sutherland, A. McArthur, William Napier, William Cameron, Alex. Cameron, F. Napier, Noel Reynolds, Mrs. D. Cameron, Alex. Rennie, Mrs. D. Long, Mrs. D. Sutherland, Mrs. H. McMaster, William Arnold, Miss M. Moody, Miss M. McRae, Miss P. Campbell, Miss A. McGibbon, Rev. D. McDOnald, Mrs. McDonald, Paul McDonald, Miss Edna McDonald, Miss Lila McDonald, Miss Nellie McDonald.


1916 Subcriptions

D. Sutherland, Hugh Cameron, J.A. Ferguson, Alex Vass, William McNichol, Albon McArthur, Stirrat Cameron, Dan. Cameron, Noel Reynolds, J.K. Dunlop, James Watterson, J.C. McMaster, Gordon Davidson, A.W.Vass, The Late James Vass, John Cruickshanks, D.A. Moody, William D. Fraser(St. Agnes), Thomas Stowell, James W. Arnold, W.J.McGibbon, Floyd Parker, Josephe Clarke, George Ewart, John Clarke, William Napier, G.A. McMaster, Allan McNichol, Thomas Woods, Alex McMillan, R.G.Steven, W.D.Fraser, Jr., The Late D.J.Fraser, Mrs. John Fraser, A. McBean, W.J.Steven, George W. Fraser, James Grant, D.S.Smellie, John R. Cameron, John Gordon, Doug. Stewart, G.W. Wilson, H.A. Cameron, John T. Arnold, P. Ferguson, Jr., Perter Ferguson, Sr., William Campbell, The Late J.J. Fraser, A.F.McLennan, Angus McNichol, The Late Moses Miller, J.D. Currue, The Late H.A. Watson, A.F. Armstrong, William A. Cameron, L.S. McPhee, Arthuir Millar, Ed. Bruce, S.M. Miller, Francis Napier, H.A. Miller, C.R. Grant, J.H. Carr, Mrs. F. McLennan, D.D. Fraser, W.J.Farser, J & A Colquhoun, Mrs. William Fleming, James McGibbon, J.D. McMillan, Murray Rennie, Wallie McMaster, Mrs. J. Platt, A.J. McCord, W.C. McArthur, H.B. Gardiner, McGibbon Bros., Peter McGibbon, Charles Smallman, Wesley Thomson, Hugh McNichol, Thompson Arnold, Archie McMillan, Hernam Miller, Angus Stewart, John Cameron (Island), A.J.Fraser, James McPherson, Vass Bros., Norman McPhee, Stewart McGibbon, Hugh McPherson, D. Murchison, McNichol Bros., J.James Fraser, J.J.McMillan.


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