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Tyo Hotel, Dundee, QC

Early 20th Century photograph of Half-Way House (aka. International Hotel), Dundee, QC/FT Covington, NY. Courtesy of  Bruce Tyo, Rochester, NY





The links listed below are intended to either provide information related to local research or serve as the starting point for new researchers. For an extensive list of genealogy, history and other websites related to Quebec, please see Quebec GenWeb Project/ Projet GenWeb Quebec

Huntingdon & Area

I. Huntingdon County and Châteauguay Valley Resources
 Huntingdon, Beauharnois & Châteauguay Protestant Parish Registers
On-line searchable database of 33,000 records.

Hemmingford, Quebec Cemetery Records
Hemmingford, Quebec cemetery records are now online at:
Over 6,000 records from 20 area cemeteries may be searched or browsed.

The Wampum Chronicles: A Website of Mohawk History  Provides history and genealogy query board related to the area's Mohawk community.

Huntingdon Virtual War Memorial
Provides background information on members of the Canadian Armed Forces who were from Huntingdon and area.

II. Historical Societies and Archives
The Châteauguay Valley Historical Society
An active historical society serves the area. Called The Châteauguay Valley Historical Society, it holds monthly meetings, mounts exhibits at local fairs, and publishes an annual journal with excellent articles. The society financed a 1995 reprint of Sellar's "History of the County of Huntingdon and of the Seigniories of Châteauguay and Beauharnois"(1888).  Copies of the book can be obtained from them or the Quebec Family History Society. The society  does not have a web site or e-mail address, but you can write to them at:
The Châteauguay Valley Historical Society
P.O. Box 61
Howick, QC
J0S 1G0

Hemmingford Archives Society:
The Hemmingford Archives
505 Frontier St.
Hemmingford, QC  J0L 1H0
Also See

III. Family History Centres and Genealogy Societies
For most local genealogists, the Quebec Family History Society  serves as the  Family History Centre. There is no family history or genealogy society in the area. For genealogy research, most local people  turn to the Quebec Family History Society in Pointe Claire (Montreal) or the Family History Center in the Mormon Church in LaSalle (also a Montreal suburb). QFHS, P.O. Box 1026, Pointe Claire, QC, H9S 4M5, Canada. (514) 695-1502
Quebec Family History Society

IV. Local Newspapers
The local bilingual newspaper is called "The Gleaner/La Source". The Gleaner, an English language newspaper, was first established in 1863.


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