Huntingdon County Land & Notary Records

Châteauguay Valley Land & Notary Records

The only available  source for Huntingdon County Land Records are the original registers that are housed in the County Building located in Huntingdon. To locate land title information, the year and lot number is required because the registers are not indexed by surname. Researchers should  be prepared for the fact that the land registers for some years are missing.

Robert Sellar's book,  The History of the County Huntingdon and of the Seigniories of Chateauguay and Beauharnois,  includes lists of  first settlers for most townships in Chateauguay Region. Readers should be careful, though, as lot numbering given in Sellar's History is not the same as the system used today. Usually, it is possible to determine an approximate local of a lot mentions in Sellar's History by consulting a detailed map of the area and location of the lots of more prominent settlers.

The following links provide information related to land titles and other legal documents rleated to the area:

Chateauguay Valley Notary Records is a list of notary records related to land transactions, wills, marriage agreements, and other legal events. Updated October 20, 2002.

Dundee Township Leases is a list of  leases of  St. Regis Indian Lands made to early settlers of Dundee Township.

Hemmingford Land Grants 1798 includes a legal description of where the land is located and a list of individuals to whom the land was granted.

Holographic Wills 1658-1875 is a list of wills that Gina Smith has made note of during the course of her own research.

Also see (at other websites):

Deeds of Concession from the Seigniory of Beauharnois drawn up by notary Louis Sarault of Beauharnois during the period 1822 - 1832. A large list contributed by Gina Smith, indexed by region and concession.

Cadastres Abrégés des Seigneuries is an official list of the land "owners" in the seigniories of Quebec in 1854 when the seigniories were abolished by law. Over 4600 entries from the Seigniories of Beauharnois and Châteauguay have been transcribed.

The English settlers of Lacolle, Quebec provides information about the settlers in the seigniory in the first half of the 19th Century.

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