Huntingdon County 1901 Census

 Huntingdon County 1901 Census

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Last edit: 2019-12-29

Also see, Automated Genealogy - Index to the 1901 Census of Canada for an alternative transcription, as well as transcriptions for the portions of the census divisions not found here.

Transcriptions for most divisions of the Huntingdon County 1901 Census have been kindly provided by Norman Valentine and Ed Stark. The census is available on National Archives of Canada microfilms T-6523 and T-6524. Images of the census pages are also available on-line at the National Archives of Canada web site. The image quality on the microfilms used by Norm Valentine and Ed Stark for this transcription was not as high as the quality found in the on-line images and for this reason you may wish to check the on-line images to check spellings and collect further information recorded in the census. 
(1) In order to make the transcription more readable, codes have been used to make the information consistent. You may wish to print out this page as a reference.
(2) In the Profession/Occupation Column, "Ton" and "Son" will be found. This information was added to the census page after the page was submitted by the Census Taker and appears to have been part of a tally for potential soldiers.

Codes used in the Transcription

See table below for census divisions included or to go directly to the census for a specific township.

1901 Census Divisions

Dundee Township A-1 Hemmingford Village G-1
Elgin Township B-1 Hinchinbrooke Township H-1
Elgin Township B-2 Hinchinbrooke Township H-2
Franklin Township  C-1 Hinchinbrooke Township H-3
Franklin Township C-2 Hinchinbrooke Township H-4
Godmanchester Township D-1 Huntingdon Village I-1
Godmanchester Township D-2 Huntingdon Village I-2 
Godmanchester Township D-3
Saint - Anicet  Parish  J-1
(Not Transcribed)
Havelock Township E-1
Saint-Anicet Parish J-2
(Not Transcribed)
Havelock Township E-2
Saint-Anicet Parish J-3
(Not Transcribed)
Hemmingford Township F-1
Saint-Anicet Parish J-4
(Not Transcribed)
Hemmingford Township F-2
Sainte-Barbe Parish K-1
(Not Transcribed)
Hemmingford Township F-3
Sainte-Barbe Parish K-2
(Not Transcribed)

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