Wesley-Knox United Church Cemetery - Hemmingford Township

Wesley-Knox United Church Cemetery - Hemmingford Township

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Wesley-Knox United Church Cemetery is located in Hemmingford Township on Covey Hill Road. 
The inscription list provided below is prepared from digital photographs taken in October 2008. The
cemetery list originally prepared in 1993 by Garry and Jeannie Bickes has been used as a reference when preparing this transcription.




Headstone Given Names Surname Birth Death Notes
BARR ELIZABETH CLELAND 1848 1894-08-19 Wife of J.G. Barr
BARR MARGARET MAY BARR 1889 1939-12-05 Daughter of J.G. Barr and Elizabeth Cleland
BARR FLORENCE M. CHURCHILL 1877-09 1906-03-26 Wife of J.G. Barr
BARR JOHN G (LT. COL.) BARR 1851 1921-01-25  
Cleland monument 1 
CLELAND JAMES CLELAND 1811 1904-03-08 Husband of Elizabeth Stewart
CLELAND ELIZABETH STEWART 1814 1887-07-19 Wife of James Cleland
CLELAND CORNELIA CLELAND 1869-02 1879-03-16 Daughter of Thomas and Ellen Cleland
Cleland monument 2
CLELAND THOMAS CLELAND 1844 1887-11-17 Husband of Ellen M. Barr
CLELAND ROBERT MCKAY CLELAND 1898 1975 Husband of Vera I. Dunn
CLELAND VERA J DUNN 1899 1990 Wife of Robert McKay Cleland
CLELAND ELLEN M BARR 1843 1909-03-06 Wife of Thomas Cleland
CLELAND THOMAS EMMETT CLELAND 1880 1970 Husband of Ruth Lillian Robson
CLELAND RUTH LILLIAN ROBSON 1890 1968 Wife of Thomas Emmett Cleland
CLELAND THOMAS ROBSON CLELAND 1922 2007 Husband of Diana Edith Jones
CLELAND DIANA EDITH JONES 1922 2005 Wife of Thomas Robson Cleland
GRAY JULIUS H GRAY 1856 1932 Husband of Lucinda D. Cleland
GRAY LUCINDA D CLELAND 1856 1931 Wife of Julius H. Gray
GRAY SAMUEL J GRAY 1882 1968 Husband of Mildred E. Osmond
GRAY MILDRED E OSMOND 1895 1986 Wife of Samuel J. Gray
SIMPSON GEORGE W SIMPSON 1882 1969 Husband of Bessie Gray
SIMPSON BESSIE GRAY 1880 1957 Wife of George W. Simpson
JACKSON ROBERT J JACKSON 1893 1966 Husband of Dhraxy E.A. Rowe
JACKSON DHRAXY E.A. ROWE 1899 1993 Wife of Robert J. Jackson
JACKSON MURRAY FRED JOSEPH JACKSON 1919-09-10 1920-02-13 Son of Robert J. Jackson and Dhraxy E.A. Rowe
DOUCETTE NORMAN L DOUCETTE 1910 1985 Husband of Almira J. Rowe
DOUCETTE ALMIRA J ROWE 1910 1965 Wife of Norman L. Doucette
STANFORD FRED STANFORD 1923 1994 Husband of Kathleen Rumbolt
STANFORD KATHLEEN RUMBOLT 1920 1998 Wife of Fred Stanford
SWEET FRED A SWEET 1868 1954 Husband of Nellie E. Curran
SWEET NELLIE E CURRAN 1873 1951 Wife of Fred Sweet
DUDKA KYRYLO DUDKA 1896-03-15 1980-10-25 Husband of Dudka Epystyna
DUDKA EPYSTYNA DUDKA 1897-03-30 1972-04-20 Wife of Kyrylo Dudka
CURRAN JAMES WILMER CURRAN 1916 1988 Husband of Jean Elizabeth Gowdey
CURRAN JEAN ELIZABETH GOWDEY 1923   Wife of James Wilmer Curran
GOWDEY THOMAS M GOWDEY 1894 1981 Husband of M. Evelyn Harkness
GOWDEY M EVELYN HARKNESS 1893 1949 Wife of Thomas M. Gowdey
BROWN ETTIE TALLMAN 1866-12-26 1897-12-10 Wife of Fred Brown
BROWN FREDERICK W BROWN 1853 1940-03-27 Husband of Ettie Tallman
ROBSON JOHN L ROBSON 1854 1920 Husband of Margaret F. Peat
ROBSON MARGARET F PEAT 1859 1942 Wife of John L. Robson
CURRAN WILLIAM D CURRAN 1841 1920 Husband of Elison S. Stewart
CURRAN ELISON S STEWART 1839 1917 Wife of William D. Curran
GOWDEY WILLIAM GOWDEY 1847-05-14 1910-07-05 Husband of Mary Gordon
GOWDEY MARY GORDON 1862 1928 Wife of William Gowdey
CLAYLAND LYDIA BUSTARD 1871 1905 Wife of Albert A. Clayland
CLAYLAND ALBERT A CLAYLAND 1872 1943 Husband of Sarah M. Watt
CLAYLAND SARAH M WATT 1879 1964 Wife of Albert A. Clayland
ROWE DARCY FREDERICK ROWE 1907-12 1908-04-02 Son of Fred and Emily J. Rowe
ROWE FREDERICK L ROWE 1877 1922 Husband of Emily J. Rowe
ROWE EMILY J CLELAND 1878 1950 Wife of Frederick L. Rowe
CLELAND ROBERT CLELAND 1844 1916-12-20 Husband of Almira A. Scriver
CLELAND ALMIRA M SCRIVER 1856-05-16 1928-12-25 Wife of Robert Cleland
CLELAND JAMES CLELAND 1852-06-21 1917-11-06 Husband of Mary J. Gray
CLELAND MARY J GRAY 1852-01-01 1926-02-01 Wife of James Cleland
CLELAND ALBERT S CLELAND 1873 1943 Husband of Helena M. Robson
CLELAND HELENA M ROBSON 1858 1938 Wife of Albert S. Cleland
CLELAND ELLA NORAH CLELAND 1896-05 1896-07-19 Daughter of A.S. & M.H. Cleland
TEAL FREDDIE W TEAL 1863 1871-10-02  
BARR MARY ELIZA (MAMIE) BARR 1891-09-14 1892-09-20  
BARR ANN ELIZA BARR 1841-01-09 1906-04-05  
BARR PERCY T BARR 1900 1959 Husband of Florence E. Keddy
BARR FLORENCE E KEDDY 1906 1987 Wife of Percy T. Barr
  Milne Monument        
MILNE ANN MILNE 1826-05 1876-10-16 Native of Aberdeenshire Scotland. Wife of Charles Brisbin
MILNE GEORGE MILNE 1801 1853-04-27 Native of Aberdeenshire Scotland. Husband of Christian Horn.
MILNE CHRISTIAN HORN 1794 1860-07-08 Native of Aberdeenshire Scotland. Wife of George Milne.
MILNE CHRISTIAN MILNE 1844-02 1864-01-08  
MILNE ALEXANDER MILNE 1830-05-22 1911-11-26 Native of Aberdeenshire Scotland. Husband of Mary Elizabeth Waller.
MILNE MARY ELIZABETH WALLER 1841-10-23 1916-12-02 Of Rockburn QUE. Wife of Alexander Milne.
Clayland Monument
CLAYLAND JOHN CLAYLAND 1837 1887-10-26 Husband of Eppie T. Robson
CLAYLAND EPPIE T ROBSON 1839 1901-07-17 Wife of John Clayland
CLAYLAND JOHN C CLAYLAND 1868 1868-09-08 Son of J. & E. Clayland
TURNBULL THOMAS A TURNBULL 1793 1857-12-29 Native of Roxboroughshire Scotland.
ROBSON WILLIAM ROBSON 1762 1851-05-12  
Robson monument
ROBSON LIONEL ROBSON 1799-10- 1873-11-24 Native of Northumberland England. Husband of Anne Peat
ROBSON ANNE PEAT 1807 1879-02-23 Native of Soctland. Wife of Lionel Robson..Husband of Elizabeth Robson
ROBSON WILLIAM C ROBSON 1832 1921-01-08 Wife of William C. Robson.
ROBSON ELIZABETH S ROBSON 1837-04- 1918-07-09  
PEAT JOHN NICOLSON PEAT 1823-07 1892-11-05  
PEAT FLORA MCB AIRD 1827 1888-02-19 Wife of John N. Peat.
HORNE WILLIAM M HORNE 1869 1942 Husband of Ella C. Perry
HORNE ELLA C PERRY 1871 1941 Wife of William M. Horne
HORNE WILLIAM HORNE 1829 1901-04-23 Husband of Susan B. Gowdey
HORNE SUSAN B GOWDEY 1831 1896-07-07 Native of Dromore Ireland. Wife of William Horne
GOWDEY GEORGE GOWDEY 1821 1897 No. 1 US Navy
BEATTIE GEORGE R BEATTIE 1855-08-24 1900-04-05 Husband of Elizabeth Ferns
BEATTIE ELIZABETH FERNS 1859 1940 Wife of George R. Beattie
GORDON JOHN C GORDON 1864 1948 Husband of Isabella McCanse
GORDON ISABELLA MCCANSE 1862 1948 Wife of John C. Gordon
GORDON HENRY GORDON 1836 1908-09-29 Husband of Eliza Lucas
GORDON ELIZA LUCAS 1830 1906-04-14 Native of County Cavan Ireland. Wife of Henry Gordon.
Morgan monument
MORGAN MARY A GORDON 1826 1913-01-21  
MORGAN JOHN MORGAN 1815 1893-09-10 Native of Co. Down Ireland. Husband of Mary A. Gordon
Thompson monument
THOMPSON ELIZA GRAHAM 1815 1881-10-10 Wife of John Thompson
THOMPSON JOHN THOMPSON 1810 1884-10-13  
THOMPSON MARY GRAHAM 1811 1857-03-17 Wife of John Thompson
THOMPSON LAVINIA THOMPSON 1857 1857-03-15 Daughter of John Thompson and Mary Graham.
Gowdey monument
GOWDEY THOMAS GOWDEY 1825 1912-11-02 Native of Ireland.
GOWDEY MARGARET J GRAHAM 1822-05 1889-02-04 Wife of Thomas Gowdey.
GOWDEY WILLIAM GOWDEY 1854-10-19 1921-11-23 Husband of Jennie Moore
GOWDEY JENNIE MOORE 1871-03-18 1933-12-20 Wife of William Gowdey
MACKIE ANN MACKIE 1783 1860-03-17 Wife of Hugh Mackie
BURKE WILLIAM BURKE 1814 1886-04-14 Native of County Antrim Ireland.
Burke monument
BURKE JAMES BURKE 1819-11 1875-03-01 Husband of Mary Bailey
BURKE MARY BAILEY 1820 1852-12-23 Wife of James Burke
BURKE CATHERINE BURKE 1839 1897-02-27 Wife of James Burke. Died in Chicago Il
ROBERT J ALBERT ROBERT 1917 1989 Husband of Mildred B. Campbell
ROBERT MILDRED B CAMPBELL 1919   Wife of J. Albert Robert
RITCHIE EUGENE RITCHIE 1873 1949 Husband of Elizabeth Richard
RITCHIE ELIZABETH RICHARD 1890 1949 Wife of Eugene Ritchie
YOUNG CATHERINE MCCOLL 1786 1852-05-12 Native of Argyllshire Scotland. Wife of Matthew Young.
HAWTHORN WILLIAM REV. HAWTHORN 1816 1885-12-09 Native of Co. Down Ireland.
STEWART MARY STEWART 1790-11-11 1855-03-20 Born in Edinburgh Scotland. Wife of ?
MCCANSE JAMES SR MCCANSE 1819 1899-08-07 Husband of Isabella McMeken
MCCANSE ISABELLA GORDON 1814 1854-11-20 Wife of James McCanse
MCCANSE ISABELLA MCMEKEN 1830-01-26 1917-07-02 Wife of James McCanse
FIGSBY JANE GORDON 1834 1870-05-01 Wife of Thomas Figsby
GORDON SAMUEL GORDON 1800 1856-07-14 Husband of Isabella Torrence
GORDON ISABELLA TORRENCE 1808 1889-09-09 Wife of Samuel Gordon
GORDON ANDREW GORDON 1845 1869-08-01 Son of Samuel Gordon and Isabella Torrence. Died in California.
GORDON JOHN SR GORDON 1800 1887-02-05 Native of Drumore County Down Ireland. Husband of Elizabeth Cody. Stone erected by sons Henry, Archie, and Hugh.
GORDON ELIZABETH CODY 1799 1862-01-05 Native of Drumore County Down Ireland. Wife of John Gordon. Stone erected by sons Henry, Archie, and Hugh.
GORDON HUGH GORDON 1842 1908-11-22 Husband of Martha Davidson
GORDON MARTHA DAVIDSON 1842-06-08 1907-07-25 Wife of Hugh Gordon
GORDON JOHN GORDON 1867-12-10 1889-09-10  
GORDON ANNIE GORDON 1871-01-22 1894-03-23  
BEATTIE WILLIAM F BEATTIE 1930-01-30 2003-02-10 Husband of Monique Bourdeau
BEATTIE MONIQUE BOURDEAU 1938-05-02   Wife of William F. Beattie
NICHOLS DAVID D NICHOLS 1842 1887-10-27 Husband of Jemima Robson
NICHOLS JEMIMA ROBSON 1847 1927 Wife of David D. Nichols
Barr monument
BARR WILLIAM J BARR 1829 1883-06-18 Husband of Eleanor I. Barr
BARR ELEANOR I BARR 1836 1888-11-30 Wife of William J. Barr
Barr monument
ROBSON ISABELLA DICKSON 1807 1859-02-04 Wife of Thomas Robson
ROBSON THOMAS ROBSON 1798 1884-03-03 Husband of Isabella Dickson
TURNBULL ROBERT TURNBULL 1817 1859-01-08 Husband of Silve M. Walker
TURNBULL SILVE M WALKER 1818 1865-03-01 Wife of Robert Turnbull
NICHOLS CLAYTON NICHOLS 1877-03-21 1877-04-01 Child of M.M. & D.A. Nichol
NICHOLS ELLENORA E NICHOLS 1874-06 1881-12-13 Child of M.M. & D.A. Nichol
SAMPLE WILLIAM SAMPLE 1839 1915-11-11 Husband of Margaret A. Robson
SAMPLE MARGARET A ROBSON 1843 1907-12-19 Wife of William Sample
SAMPLE WILLIAM T SAMPLE 1873-04 1879-06-06  
ROBSON WILLIAM J ROBSON 1833 1919-07-17  
Robson monument
ROBSON WALTER ROBSON 1812 1881-03-26 Husband of Helennora Turnbull
ROBSON HELENNORA TURNBULL 1813 1891-10-05 Wife of Walter Robson
ROBSON CHRISTIENIE ROBSON 1853-04 1876-12-07  
Robson monument
ROBSON JOHN ROBSON 1793 1874-09-20 Husband of Mary Smith
ROBSON MARY SMITH 1819 1877-08-30 Wife of John Robson
ROBSON WILLIAM WALTER ROBSON 1846 1861-12-19 Son of John Robson and Mary Smith
ROBSON THOMAS J ROBSON 1848 1916-06-11 Son of John Robson and Mary Smith
ROBSON RODGER ADAM ROBSON 1860 1862-04-14 Son of John Robson and Mary Smith
ROBSON ISABELLA ROBSON 1853 1853-09-02 Daughter of John Robson and Mary Smith
SCOTT EDWARD SCOTT 0 1858 Native of County Down Ireland.
SCOTT HENRY SCOTT 1839-04-02 1850  
SCOTT ROBERT SCOTT 1837-06-05 1851  
WEIR WILLIAM WEIR 1825 1901-02-12 Husband of Susanna S. Scott
WEIR SUSANNA S SCOTT 1828 1916 Wife of William Weir
GORDON ARCHIBALD GORDON 1832 1914-11-07 Husband of Susanna Kearns
GORDON SUSANNA KEARNS 1837 1917-10-24 Wife of Archibald Gordon
GORDON CATHERINE GORDON 1867 1891 Daughter of Archibald Gordon and Susanna Kearns
Brown Monument In memory of the Brown Families form 1841 to 1894
WALMSLEY ARTHUR WALMSLEY 1879 1955 Husband of Ethel Myers
WALMSLEY ETHEL MYERS 1880 1950 Wife of Arthur Walmsley
WALMSLEY EDWARD WALMSLEY 1910 1980 Son of Arthur Walmsley and Ethel Myers
KLYM JOSEPH KLYM 1904 1973 Husband of Katharyna Choodo
KLYM KATHARYNA CHOODO 1901 196 Wife of Joseph Klym
BARR WILLIAM WALTER BARR 1879 1965 Husband of Ellen Anne Beattie
BARR ELLEN ANNE BEATTIE 1890 1976 Wife of William Walter Barr
BARR GEORGE BEATTIE BARR 1923-12-04 2005-02-01 Son of Walter & Ellen Barr. Brother of Charles Agnes Jennie and Helena
BARR JENNIE ELEANOR BARR BOAST 1919-05-17 2007-03-05  
SAMPLE WILMER W. A. SAMPLE 1911   Husband of Ruby H. Tate
SAMPLE RUBY H TATE 1914 1996 Wife of Wilmer W.A. Sample
Boileau monument
SAMPLE WALTER D SAMPLE 1876 1981 Husband of Mina Rodgers
SAMPLE MINA RODGERS 1875 1959 Wife of Walter D. Sample
SAMPLE W MELBOURNE SAMPLE 1913 1941 Son of Walter D. Sample and Mina Rodgers.
Sample monument
ROBSON THOMAS ROBSON 1841 1932 Husband of Jemima Cleland
ROBSON JEMIMA CLELAND 1852 1936 Wife of Thomas Robson
BARR WILLIAM C BARR 1853 1941 Husband of Hannah M. Kenney
BARR HANNAH M KENNEY 1859 1936 Wife of William C. Barr
BEATTIE JOHN R BEATTIE 1857 1935 Husband of Alice F. Perry
BEATTIE ALICE F PERRY 1868 1938 Wife of John R. Beattie
MOORE ANDREW WILLIAM MOORE 1939-09-01 1986-01-10  
MOORE GEORGE D MOORE 1908 1976 Husband of Ella Jean Beattie
MOORE ELLA JEAN BEATTIE 1907 1993 Wife of George D. Moore
CLARK STEVEN CLARK 1864 1931 Husband of Alice Powers
CLARK ALICE POWERS 1861 1926 Wife of Steven Clark
KEARNS JOHN WHITESIDE KEARNS 1867 1942 Husband of Annie G. Dewar
KEARNS ANNIE G DEWAR 1873 1957 Wife of John Whiteside Kearns
KEARNS EDITH KEARNS 1907 1910 Daughter of John Whiteside Kearns and Annie G. Dewar
CLARK CHARLES B CLARK 1939   Husband of Margaret Patricia Simpson
CLARK MARGARET PATRICIA SIMPSON 1939 2006 Wife of Charles B. Clark
CLARK WILLIS H CLARK 1904 1981 Husband of Frances Lyall Grant
CLARK FRANCIS LYALL GRANT 1903 1970 Wife of Willis H. Clark
FRITZ WILLIAM FRITZ 1917 1952-08-26  
HOLMES WILLIAM D HOLMES 1904 1983 Brother of Ellen C. Fleet
HOLMES ELLEN C FLEET 1900 1977 Sister of William D. Holmes
BILLINGTON JANE BILLINGTON 1877 1965 Mother of Albert Billington
BILLINGTON ALBERT BILLINGTON 1901 1958 Son of Jane Billington.
REEVES SIMS REEVES 1867 1946 Buried London England. Husband of Rhoda Ann Butterworth
REEVES RHODA ANN BUTTERWORTH 1867 1960 Wife of Sims Reeves
REEVES CYRIL SIMMS REEVES 1894 1971 Son of Sims Reeves and Rhoda Ann Butterworth
BILLINGTON SYLVIA BILLINGTON 1904-12-07 1993-12-10  
JENSEN FREDERIK JENSEN 1893   Husband of Ellen McAuslan
JENSEN ELLEN MCAUSLAN 1883 1963 Wife of Frederik Jensen
STITCHMAN JOHN R STITCHMAN 1923-08-06 1985-02-19 Husband of F. Billington
STITCHMAN F BILLINGTON 1913-01-22 1994-07-25 Wife of John R. Stitchman
KNIGHT ROBERT J KNIGHT 1932 2000 Husband of Alva G. Wheeler
KNIGHT ALVA G WHEELER 1923   Wife of Robert J. Knight
KROHN EMIL KROHN 1906-04-18 1976-11-05  
HARTMANN AUGUSTE RATZ-BORAU 1903 1985 Wife of Ervin Hartman
HARTMANN ERVIN HARTMANN 1909 1994 Husband of Auguste Ratz-Borau
BORAU ALBERT BORAU 1924-11-14 1988-01-02 Husband of Hildegard Redetzky
BORAU HILDEGARD REDETZKY 1932-03-21   Wife of Albert Borau
BORAU EDWIN BORAU 1963-01-30 1999-06-03  
Illegible JOHN ?     Broken stone on back fence
Illegible ? ?     Broken stone on back fence
Illegible ? ?     Broken stone on back fence
Illegible ? ?     Broken stone on back fence
View of church  
View of church Knox Church Canada Presbyterian A.D. 1873
Sign for church  
GORDON JOHN MORGAN 1815 1893 Included in Bickes List but no headstone found.
BEATTIE FERNIE BEATTIE 1892 1969 Included in Bickes List but no headstone found.
BEATTIE ANGELINE PETTES 1902 1950 Included in Bickes List but no headstone found.
CLELAND MARGARET MAY CLELAND 1889 1939 Included in Bickes List but no headstone found.
COULTER WILLIAM COULTER 1846 1861 Included in Bickes List but no headstone found.
COULTER THOMAS J COULTER 1848 1916 Included in Bickes List but no headstone found.
COULTER RODGER ADAM COULTER 1860 1862 Included in Bickes List but no headstone found.
COULTER ISABELLA COULTER 1863 1863 Included in Bickes List but no headstone found.
ROBSON JOHN ROBSON 1822 1870 Included in Bickes List but no headstone found.

Text & photographs October 2008, Ken Steffenson

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