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          James Fisher Family Burying Ground
Hemmingford, Quebec

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James Fisher Family Burying Ground
James Fisher Road, Hemmingford, QC

The James Fisher Family Burying Ground is located on the north side of James Fisher Road, 2.5 miles (4.0km) east of Rte 219, near Brownlee Sideroad South (map). (45.019N/73.557W) This is on the Second Concession in the Township of Hemmingford at the eastern end of the old County of Huntingdon in Southwestern Quebec.

James Fisher and his wife Deborah Mott with their young family were the first settlers to occupy land in the Township of Hemmingford, coming in from Alburgh, Vermont in 1800. The burial ground was first used in 1801 with the death of their infant son John and was used over the years to bury Fisher family members until 1930. As part of Hemmingford's 200th anniversary in 1999, a project to identify and refurbish the local cemeteries was started. The Fisher Burying Ground was the first to be refurbished and a large field stone engraved with James and Deborah's names was installed by some of their descendants (note).

A set of pictures was taken in the summer of 2002 with some retakes in 2005 and a list of inscription names recorded. In the following list, the monument number is a link to a full photo of the stone and the «exp» or «enh» is a link to an expanded or enhanced photo of the inscription. Use your «BACK» button to return to the name list. A monument location map will help locate the monument on the ground.

Inscription Name List
Surname Given Name Alternate Name Stone #
Alger Emma Mrs Alfred Fisher 2   exp
Armstrong Elizabeth E. Note #1   12   exp
Beattie Eliza Mrs Finley Fisher 8   exp
Fisher Mrs. Alfred Emma Alger 2   exp
Fisher Finley   8   exp
Fisher Finley   10   exp
Fisher Mrs. Finley Eliza Beattie 8   exp
Fisher George   4   enh
Fisher Mrs. George Lucretia Labaree 5   exp
Fisher James Note #1   11   exp
Fisher Mrs. James Deborah Mott Note #1 11   exp
Fisher John   6   exp
Fisher John   9   exp
Fisher Richard   3   exp
Fisher Mrs. Richard Sussie McDowel 1   exp
Fisher Sarah J.   7   exp
Labaree Lucretia Mrs George Fisher 5   exp
McDowel Sussie Mrs John Fisher 1   exp
Mott Deborah Note #1 Mrs James Fisher 11   exp
Rogers John Note #1   13   exp


Note #1: As is so often the case with tombstones, the death date of James Fisher on the stone is wrong. According to a church record that was found a year after the stone was installed, James actually died June 6, 1843. Deborah's death record has not been found and the only info on her death is that it was before 1842 according to a will written that year.

Note #2: It is not known how John Armstrong is connected with the Fisher Family. He may have been a farm employee.

Note #3: John Rogers is believed to be the first husband of Mary Ann, Mrs. Richard Fisher.

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