Huntingdon County Cemeteries

          Cemetery Lists For Huntingdon County

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Last edit: 2019-12-29

Cemetery Lists  found on the Huntingdon GenWeb:
Abbott Farm Cemetery - Franklin
Athelstan Cemetery - Munro Hall
Athelstan Presbyterian Cemetery
Atkinson Cemetery - Hemmingford
Aubrey Cemetery
Bethel Cemetery - Havelock
Brown Family Burying Ground
Calvin Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Christ Church Cemetery -Franklin
Clark Cemetery
Dunn Cemetery - Franklin
Elgin Presbyterian Cemetery
Franklin Centre Cemetery
Gentle-Welch Cemetery - Franklin
Gore Cemetery
Hillside Cemetery
Huntingdon Protestant Cemetery
Isle of Skye Cemetery
James Fisher Family Burial Ground
John Manning Family Cemetery - Franklin
Kensington United Church Cemetery
Marlin-Merlin-Kyle Cemetery - Hemmingford
Marshall Family Cemetery
McClatchie Family Cemetery
McCrea-Kingsbury Cemetery - Hemmingford
O'Dell-McKay Cemetery - Hemmingford
Old Manning Burial Ground - Franklin
Powerscourt United Church Cemetery List
Rankin Cemetery
Ruston Family Cemetery
Smellie Family Cemetery

Smith-Moody Cemetery
Sparrow Douglass Cemetery
St. Anicet Catholic Cemetery
St. Antoine Abbe Catholic Cemetery
Ste. Barbe Catholic Cemetery
St. John's Anglican Church Cemetery & Memorial List
St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery
St. Patrice de Hinchinbrooke Catholic Cemetery
St. Paul's Anglican Cemetery - Hemmingford
St. Paul's Anglican Cemetery (Herdman's Corner)
Ste. Agnes de Dundee Catholic Cemetery
Tallen Family Burial Ground - Hemmingford
Towns Private Cemetery - Franklin
Trinity Anglican Cemetery - Havelock
Union Church Cemetery - Havelock
Wesley-Knox United Church Cemetery - Hemmingford
Wesley United Church Cemetery - Havelock Township
Wilson Family Cemetery - Franklin
Zion United Church New Cemetery, Dundee

Zion United Church Old Cemetery, Dundee
Cemeteries that have disappeared:
Huntingdon Presbyterian Cemetery
Trout River Cemetery
St. Regis Old Burial Ground
Other Huntingdon County Cemetery Lists on line:
Hemmingford Cemetery Records

Saint-Anicet Catholic Cemetery

Neighboring Counties:
Beauharnoius County Cemeteries
Châteauguay County Cemeteries

Glengarry County, Ontario
Franklin County, New York, Tombstone Transcription Project

Many of the older gravestones in the area have eroded
 and I've received several requests about who can make
 repairs and/or refurbish the headstones. The following
 company has received recommendations. The staff
 are fluent in both English and French.

B. Brunet Monuments Since 1876
82 Roy St.,
Ormstown, QC
J0S 1K0
Tel: (450)829-2386
Fax: (450)829-1126
Months of operation are April to December


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